3 Simple Steps To Get A Killer Domain Name Right Now

Ever stuck in a situation where you had an idea for your website or blog but still find it difficult to get a good domain name for it.

Hmmm! you know it’s really hard to picking up a domain which can able to represent itself and also should be unique at the same time.

Having a good domain name is important. I’m sure you often find Google as a cool name which is really a great combination of simplicity and uniqueness.

Also there was not any such type of word until Google was discovered. Mean it’s a creativity of page (founder of Google). Who thought about this name. What a great guy (just kidding).

Direct to the point: Here we’ll try to get a perfect name for your website or blog.

Here is only one thing which require it’s creativity, which is hidden somewhere within you. So, buddies take it out.

But before we begin you should know what type of blog or website you’ll going to create, if you’re clear about it then what are you waiting for?

1. Important Keyword

It doesn’t matter what type of site you wants to create, there are always certain type of words which can clearly represent your niche or your site.

Let find them out: Here we’re trying to create an example name for our food blog. So there are the lot of keywords available to make this happen for us.

Let take foodie as our keyword for our domain. You can take any word like; techie for tech or healthy for health.

It’s good to take simple words from your niche. Which should be easy to remember which also makes your domain name easy as well.

2.Show Your Work

Your aim is to make your domain simple as possible but also try to make it self explainable. Just choosing some random words to make it look cool won’t work. Let make it speak for itself in behalf of you.

Let take our food blog domain further: Now we assume that this domain name is for a chef. So, if we want, then we can make our domain like this, foodiechef

3. Give Your Domain Its Tail

Now we are on our last step. As you might be aware about TLD (Top-Level Domains) it’s an extension of any domain extension such as .com, .org, .net . Here, You’re the only one who is going to decide it. But if you want to heard about from me then I’ll recommend you to go for .com extension because of its solid International grip.

Our Final Food Domain Name: foodiechef.com or we can also take foodiechef.net or foodiechef.org (oh! it’s looking odd)

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Yeah! It’s still difficult to get your desire domain because someone might already taken it before you. But your aim should be always to get simple name. Here I also want to share some tips which can help you in choosing a killer domain name.

1. Limit Your Domain Length: Don’t make your domain lengthy like foodiechefismybestfriend.com .Okay! I’m sure that you’re not going to do this.

But remembering this tip can help you in limiting your length. Also try to get your domain within 12 words. which is a perfect and average length.

2. Don’t Insert Numbers: Numbers are not cool and just are annoying. So, avoiding them in your name which will be good.

3. It’s important to have some keyword in your domain , which can represent your work or business.

4. If you find name is already taken by someone else. Then Try to get edit your domain and check again. E.g foodiechef.com to foodiechefs.com or foodychef.com can also good but only if you want.

If you still find difficulty in getting a perfect domain name for your site. Then you can contact me anytime and I’ll surely help you in creating your perfect name.

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