Samsung 75″ Class AU8000 Crystal UHD Smart TV (UN75AU8000FXZA)

This post reveals the complete details about Samsung 75 AU8000 crystal UHD smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA, which you need to know before buying. The Samsung 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA is very new in the Samsung 8 series.

Last updated on September 30, 2022 11:03 pm

We always enjoy streaming programs, movies, and other web content on large screens. Most often, we prefer a big-screen TV for our home theatre systems. Moreover, in the commercial spaces and offices, companies look for a good and large screen to carry out conference meetings and presentations. Also, these screens come in handy for office parties and plans like movie nights.

Basically, a large screen TV becomes an essential need for larger premises. The Samsung 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA can come as a very decent purchase option. It’s smart and stylish and is even pocket-friendly.

Here’s a detailed review of the TV to help you know why it can be a good purchase if you’re looking for a smart tv with a considerably large display.

Samsung 75 AU8000 Crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA Review

When you’re looking for a TV with a large display, the 75-inch screen comes as a good and considerable option. Also, when you’re investing in such a big screen, you’d want unlimited access to content which only makes it a wise decision to get a smart TV. The Samsung 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA is something you can really put into consideration.

Let’s help you know why we suggest it a great buying option by detailing all its features and smart functionalities in this review.


With a 75-inch display screen, it’s a reasonably good-sized TV to put up in a large room. Also, considering the larger size, it’s impressive that the pixels don’t stretch or expand. So, you never get a distorted or lower quality picture, and the visual experience is excellent on the Best 75 Inch TV Under 1500.


The TV has a very simple yet stylish design. It has an air-slim wall-mounted model that perfectly fits the wall and gives a very aesthetic look to the premises it’s placed in. However, the wall-mounted model comes separately.

Even the TV-only model is great with a solid and sturdy stand and intelligibly placed and spaced rectangular legs. The TV is also designed with an excellent cable solution so that there’s no mess around the TV set-up due to the wires.

There are 3 HDMI ports in the 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA, too designed for connecting it seamlessly with compatible devices. However, one HDMI port is to the rear-end, so it may become inaccessible if the TV is wall-mounted. But since there are other connectivity options, this doesn’t become much of a problem or hurdle.

Image Quality

When you get a TV with such a large display, you’re often concerned about the picture quality. You might expect the pixels to expand and the images to look distorted and hamper a pleasant viewing experience. However, this is not the case with this TV.

Even with a large display screen, this TV provides impressive picture and video quality. It has a crystal class display with a 4k processor and HDR view, which creates very clear and crisp images and brings vivid, vibrant, and true colors to life on the screen.

Moreover, this 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA is great for viewing fast-speed action content as well. Its Motion Xcelerator adjusts the pictures to the speed and makes sure that the images don’t get blurred or distorted when fast actions come to life on screen. This makes the TV a great catch for watching sports and playing games.

With such clear pictures and videos, the image quality is par-excellence, and you can enjoy a fantastic streaming experience on this 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA.

Sound Quality

With crisp and clear sound and amazing bass, this 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA has an amazing sound quality to it. The 75 Inch TV also comes with a soundbar; however, that’s advanced and separate from the original package.

The TV has a Q-symphony feature that makes the listening experience quality and pleasurable. The feature syncs the sound of the 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA with the soundbar so that all the speakers are in sync with each other and produce the same sound at the moment. With this feature, you can hear the dialogs and music more clearly. With the sound quality it offers, this 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA is even great to play in considerably crowded and noisy settings.

Smart Features

The 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA has highly advanced and fulfilling smart features. It has multiple voice assistants and comes with an in-built Alexa through which you can easily control the TV with your voice. There’s also a voice remote which makes it easier to switch between channels, manage volumes, and do a lot of other things on the TV.

The Samsung 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA also has a wireless connectivity feature that you can use to connect compatible devices and stream a variety of content. You can even connect the mobile applications to the TV and operate them easily with a single tap mobile view.

The 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA can also be connected with compatible PCs and laptops with a screen share feature, and you can enjoy operating the devices on a larger screen.

Another great feature is the Samsung Plus TV which offers more than 150 channels that you can stream endlessly for unlimited entertainment.

So, these are some of the major and most impressive features of the 75 AU8000 crystal UHD Smart TV UN75AU8000FXZA. The features make it very much clear that it’s a great smart TV to consider. However, before a final verdict, let’s quickly go through some pros and cons of TV as well.


  1. The screen display size is pretty great for the price at which it comes.
  2. The picture and sound quality provide more than fulfilling experiences.
  3. The smart features make the TV more useful and entertaining.


  1. The wall-mount model comes separately, and it can be challenging to manage such a large display on stands.
  2. The curve is narrow, as well as the viewing angle. So, someone watching the TV from a far corner will not have that great of a visual experience.

Final Verdict

With all the smart features and functionalities and amazing specifications in terms of size, display screen, and sound quality, the SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series is a great buying option, especially if you’re seeking to buy a TV for a large room or premise.

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