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Webcrazies.com was founded to help internet users choose the right products or find the right solutions for tech queries and improve their lives in 2016 with complete long content.

Our Work has been featured on Stackoverflow and Github for our contribution to open source software, and we are launching our own open-source tool for web hosting security which can clean the most common type issues automatically (completely free, yeah we are coming in Q1 2019)



Being a tech enthusiast, he spends the most time with his Windows. Whenever he faces some challenges, he uses the internet to find solutions. Being admired by how the internet solves queries, he decided to start his own Web/Tech blog; that's how Webcrazies was born.


He started as a tech writer years back but now holds equal contributions at Webcrazies. Anto writes content, analyzes the web for a new topic, and you might see the site loading faster than ever; all credit goes to Anto, who spends one-third of his time optimizing our group of websites with the latest updates.

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