AC Buyers Guide: 7 Factors To Consider Before Buying

Buying a new air conditioner becomes a difficult task, mainly first. So here is a simple AC buyers guide for you to guide in the purchase. Moreover, check the factors listed in this AC buyers guide before buying the new AC.  

AC Buyers Guide

Factors To Consider While Buying An AC

AC Industry is a rapidly evolving sector bringing in new technology every single year. Therefore, if you are thinking of upgrading your AC, it is essential to be the first lookout for a few crucial pointers to compare and buy the best choice.

Knowing about your own needs becomes important to come to the right solution. Why do you need an AC? What is your budget? Do you need that hyper-cool technology? Is power over-consumption an issue for you? What should be the right AC size for your room? 

To make you familiar with the recent upcoming and the market and all fancy techy phrases associated with them, here are some of the things you should consider while spending your money on your next best AC purchase.

Types of ACs 

First off, while deciding to buy your new AC, it is vital to understand your requirements. Among the many types of ACs in the market, say split, window, portable, instant, etc. Before deciding on other factors, it is essential to know about the pros and cons of each type variable and determine the suitable option for your place.

  • Split AC

You ever hear about the word AC, and the image that quickly pops in your head is the split AC—designed in an aerodynamic, longer design, ergonomic and better for larger spaces. However, recent trends have shown that they are the best option even for more minor or moderate-sized rooms. 

To break some myths here, let me introduce with you the benefits of possessing a split AC. Better cooling than all other types, this design is not very high on power consumption. People usually prefer portables or window ACs over split ones thinking that the latter is not economical. But that's not the case.

Comparing the most chosen types, split ACs are at par with their competitors in power efficiency. The robust functioning of such ACs is attributed to their remarkable mechanical engineering. It comprises a condenser and a blower unit which provides a better outflow of heat from the room within minutes.

A few benefits of split ACs have been summarised below:

  • Gives out no or almost negligible annoying whirring noises from the cooling unit.
  • Rapid cooling. Much better than any other type.
  • Easy installation.
  • Long-lasting than different types of ACs available in the market.

That's not it. Here are a few drawbacks too:

  • Bulky to place, it takes up a lot of space on the wall.
  • Expensive.
  • Challenging to shift them frequently.
  • Higher maintenance costs every year.
  • Window AC

From urban to suburban households, window ACs are loved by all. Window ACs are designed well to fit in most windows without taking up a lot of your window room. They are not too expensive, provide almost similar cooling as the split ones, and are very efficient. 

This all-in-one cooling appliance is your perfect escape from summers. Gone are the days when you needed to assemble huge chunky parts. All the substituent units, the compressor, the coolant, the exhaust, or the connecting pipelines and coolant supply, are well intact in one single unit.

For people with a limited budget, you can easily opt for window ACs. They work like perfection and are the best choices for an average space of up to a size of 14″ x12″ very quickly. Even when you can afford a split-type air conditioner, window ACs are a more brilliant choice considering cost, efficiency, and durability issues.

Here are some benefits of choosing a window ACs listed below:

  • Affordable prices.
  • Hassle-free shifting. Perfect for customers who wish to reinstall it periodically.
  • Extremely economical to use.
  • Strong compressor unit.

Listing a few shortcomings as well:

  • These are not as durable as split ACs.
  • Noisier than split ACs.
  • Not suitable for larger areas. The cooling may not be uniform in some cases.
  • Portable AC

Other kinds of ACs are super user-friendly to use and get your job done quickly. Although very recent in the market, they have created a good space due to their ease of installation and the freedom to carry them anywhere. Short but sturdy, the portable ACs will guarantee you a fresh and relaxed environment throughout the summers!

These are small enough for you to carry around. You can shift them from room to room in no time. They start cooling instantly and are suitable for a few people only. Built-in with a coolant and compressor unit to care for all your cooling needs. The cooling area covered is not that huge, but works well for one or two persons.

The Portable AC is an excellent option for spaces where a centralized air conditioner is too huge to fit in or is an expensive buy. Also, if you live alone, there will be no need to install an air conditioner in every room; these portable devices will provide instant soothing relief anytime!

Advantages of having a portable AC:

  • No hefty wall installations.
  • Very cheap as compared to split ACs or even the window ones.
  • An instant cooling burst of air.
  • It takes up very little space and is less bulky, so it is easy to carry anywhere.

Don't miss out on some of the demerits of such units:

  • Shorter cooling range.
  • The inner parts used are smaller and the most durable.
  • Will barely serve you for one to two years maximum.


From an array of ACs available in the market, it becomes crucial to sort out the better choice to suit your pocket. Some brands in the market have unreasonable prices for their appliances based on their brand value, but the products seem to disagree with it. Hence, the cost plays a significant role while purchasing an air conditioner, so that the features provided are worth it.

Window Acs are comparatively less expensive than split ACs, and the portable and instant ones are even cheaper than window ACs. Split Acs also have added heavy installation and maintenance costs. Any standard AC paired with added features will endure higher than average expenses. If the functions are worth it, the extra pennies spent will take you a long way. 

Nowadays, ACs have become affordable, and most classes can afford one. The rise in the popularity of ACs has made brand owners deliver good quality at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a standard size brand new 1-ton air conditioner, you can get a good quality one within Rs 30,000 very quickly. The most preferred.

A 1.5-ton air conditioner, best suited for moderate to larger room areas, comes for around Rs if you wish to scale a tad higher on the weight department. 40,000-45,000. To size up a bit further, add in Rs.10,000 more, and you can easily get a great 2-ton air conditioner, preferable only for larger rooms or halls. 

Weight Capacity

If you are new to buying ACs, you might be wondering about the different size variants available, all tagged with respective prices. The weight capacity here refers to the tonnage of the condenser cum coolant unit inside the AC. The bulkier it is, the costlier the AC is, and the more promising it is on the cooling grounds. 

Heavier ACs tend to chill down your space within seconds and produce more even and uniform cooling throughout the area. However, this capacity to rapidly bring the room temperature down fetches much power. The bulkier ACs tend to be less power efficient comparatively. 

Amongst the regular personal use ACs, both split, and window ACs come in various sizes. The most commonly bought ones are 1 ton, 1.5 tons, and 2 tons. However, ACs with lesser and higher tonnage than this range are also available. Up to 50 tons of ACs are also sold for enormous hallways and floor corridors for the commercial scale.

Power Consumption Efficiency

Your ACs are going to take up a lot of your energy. That is the reason why more consumers go for higher power-efficient models. Next time you go out for a new AC, look for the power rating stars (ranging from 0 to 5 stars energy efficiency rating- EER) labeled for every recognized model. 

The higher the stars, the more efficient your AC is while delivering maximum output using lesser source energy. Not only are such models environmentally friendly, but they also are lighter in your pockets. They would prove to be much more cost-efficient than any fancy air conditioner in the long run.

Also, the rating changes depending on the model durability changes due to the better incoming technologies. It is preferred to go with the latest year ratings, as higher-rated models tend to fall annually.

Cooling Range

It is known that split ACs win in this area due to their broader cooling range spectrum. The cooler air is heavier, and therefore due to its density, it tends to settle down. Split ACs take advantage of this phenomenon. 

Situated higher, they produce cooler air which goes down eventually, giving off cleaner air to the entire room from top to bottom. The warmer goes up, and this cycle continues. Window ACs also work accordingly but not as effortlessly as split ACs. The same goes for portables.

It is essential to buy ACs that are specific to your area requirements. To save you from in-depth mathematical areal calculations, here is a rough idea about the types of AC required with correlated room sizes for efficient cooling. The best capacity is when the square root of the room floor area (in square feet) is divided by 10.

For example, if you have a smaller room of up to 130-135 sq ft., go for a 1 ton AC for apt cooling. For rooms up to 180 sq ft, a 1.5-ton size is an appropriate choice, and 2-ton ACs perfectly suit spaces spanning up to a whopping 250 sq ft.!

Maintenance Costs

As mentioned before, buying an AC is a future investment in itself. anThe maintenance includes cleaning, changing worn-off internal pipes, changing coolant if required, repairing any damaged subparts, replacing external body parts, and much more. You also have to pay nominal extra charges periodically, say every year, to sustain your appliance health. 

You would need to get it repaired by trained professionals, preferably technicians from the same brand as the AC. The installation and maintenance costs are usually included in the initial amount you pay for the AC unit, but you can easily afford other charges if required. An annual maintenance servicing will save you many more coming summers!

Extra Perks

If you are going all out for your next AC purchase, it is advisable to slightly further and extend your budget to add in great features. For example, the best thing you can ever gift your AC is an inbuilt inverter, and you will thank yourself later for this. Inverter-based ACs will ensure you power cooling even during power cuts. It is all worth it.

Coming to other features that you can add on, some of the best buys include additional air filters to keep the air clean in this heavily polluted environment lately. You can also opt for all-weather technology that makes your AC adjust with different weathers accordingly. This latest sensing technology will ensure automatic temperature settings according to your changing room temperature.

If you want to save your money on heaters, you can choose ACs that also have a heating element to secure your winter chills. Copper-based internal coiling is a major power-saving part. A dehumidifier will make your icky rainy seasons pleasant in no time. Auto clean function and anti-microbial barriers are also great options to go for.

Recent climate changes have disrupted the ecological balance because of which the weather has become super unpredictable. The scorching summers have made ACs probably the best choice to combat the torrid heatwaves. The AC industry saw a whopping increase in sales in the past decade due to a rise in global heat levels. 

Just like the name suggests, ACs are for conditioning the air. Contrary to popular belief, ACs are not used for cooling purposes only. They help purify the air by discarding particulate matter toxicity, useful for people who suffer from pneumo-related medical conditions. From the arid atmosphere to a wet and humid ambiance, ACs take care of your space efficiently.

Final Words For AC Buyers Guide

Considering ACs, it is a known fact that a one-time buy will fetch you many coming years of contentment. ACS is definitely not cheap, and you cannot go out to buy new ones now and then. Therefore, it is not easy to shell out money for them; hence, it is advisable to make a good investment now.

ACs have become more than just a luxury nowadays. People find them a handy appliance many times of the year, and a good purchase would prove beneficial in the long run.

Go ahead and make your summers cooler (both literally and metaphorically)!

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