Astra Theme Review – Pricing, Pros & Cons (2021)

Astra WordPress theme is one of the best lightweight themes that have ever come out to date. It is being used by about 200,00 websites, and blogs all over the world.

Since the Astra Theme Review was first introduced in the year 2010 it has been downloaded and used by people all around the world who have tried their hands with WordPress.

Comprising a dedicated team of 45 people which includes the likes of coders, designers, developers, writers, and artists, you have one of the most successful teams of experts behind the Astra theme.

As the main concentration of this theme is around its simplicity and how it works along with WordPress, it has been liked by many website owners.

For anyone looking forward to using Astra and finding important details about it, we will try to provide you with a very clear understanding of this Astra theme review. Astra is running a limited time special black friday sale of 30% Off now.

Astra Theme Review 2021

To start this Astra theme review, let us first give you a perfect picture of its most important features. If you are planning to give Astra theme a real good try, you certainly need to understand the features first to make the most out of it.

Astra's theme offers a comprehensive range of features for sure. As you get yourself more aware of its features, you will at once understand as to how it is going to help your website in getting more powerful.

Focused on High Performance

With the Astra WordPress theme, you certainly can rest assured of exceptionally high performance and there are many reasons behind it. First, it does not use any jQuery and instead, it uses Vanilla Javascript to prevent render-blocking.

Web pages with Astra Theme Review load exceptionally fast in about 0.5 seconds because of being extremely light with resources less than 50 KB. It also keeps its coding highly optimized alongside using the default WordPress data.

However, as far as your site speed is concerned, one should never take things for granted and besides using Astra theme, you should also ensure that you fulfill all the other necessary things that are important to keep a site optimized such as Gzip compression, CDN integration, Image compression, etc. Only then, one can expect an astounding performance from your website.

Exceptional Design & Customization

Designing and customizing web pages with Astra theme is ridiculously simple and you do not require to touch even a single line of code for that at all. Astra theme offers ample options for you to customize the various sections of the template. The Site layout feature lets you choose from 5 different options; Boxed, Full Width, Max Width, Padded and Fluid layouts. Users can even adjust the spacing using padding and margins around elements.

Users can fully customize the header and footer. With the extended header feature, one can change it to a Transparent header, Sticky header, Mobile header, Page header and more. As far as the font and typography is concerned, you have over 700 Google fonts to choose from. In addition to this, you have amazing control over the Typography size with Astra theme for all devices.

A user can also add one’s branding to it by choosing the color and background of your choice for the various sections like Headers, content, pages, sidebars, footer, etc. With the Blog layout option, one can have the most stunning blog posts and content marketing for one’s site.

The Global Design option makes more room for powerful editing by allowing you to have the same changes saved across multiple pages. Using this option, you can align the logo to the left or the right. It also provides you with different footer layouts to choose from.

Page Builder Integration

Another salient feature of Astra's theme is the fact that it works seamlessly with all the popular page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Thrive Architect and more.

That way, you can use your favorite page builder with Astra theme and also, most of these page builders have tutorials relating to how you can use them with Astra theme. This is certainly one of the most important factors behind its stunning popularity among the users.

WooCommerce Integration

The WooCommerce Integration that comes along with the Astra Theme Review is a pretty handy feature for anyone running an online store. It offers extremely beautiful templates for setting up your online store. This feature allows you to have Grid layouts for products, infinite scrolling, off-canvas sidebar, a quick view for product images, drop-down shopping cart and more.

It also helps you display your products in a product gallery. Altogether, it lets you present your products in the most attractive ways to draw the attention of your visitors at once as they step into your site. Apart from that, it makes navigation pretty effortless for your customers. This certainly creates a difference in terms of conversion.

Other Powerful Integrations

With Astra's theme, you have the advantage of many other powerful integrations. The LifterLMS and the LearnDash integrations allow you to create a brilliant and distraction-free online course website absolutely free of any charge. The basic schema markup integration helps search engine crawlers to understand your website content better.

In addition to this, the Astra theme keeps it absolutely SEO friendly with its inbuilt schema markups. At the same time, it ensures a fast speed with the help of its best coding practices in conjunction with a good website structure.

Powerful Astra Widgets

Astra theme helps you to keep your website extremely interactive and engaging for your visitors through its amazing Widgets. The address widget lets you place your business address anywhere on the page without having to need any coding knowledge.

Using the Info List widget, you can create stunning informative lists on your page and display them anywhere you want on your page. This can be a very handy feature for internal linking.

Last but not least, Astra's theme’s Social Icon widget largely helps in spreading your brand awareness among social media platforms without having to need any third-party plugin.

Astra Theme Review Pricing

The next important part of this Astra theme Review is certainly the aspect of pricing. As far as the pricing of the Astra theme goes, it is available for anyone to download from the internet for free. It can be used not just for trial and learning purposes but also on live websites with the help of WordPress.

Apart from Astra theme free version, it provides you with 3 more options to choose from; Astra Pro, Mini Agency Bundle and Agency Bundle. As far as billing is concerned, you can either have any of these available plans on an annual subscription or have one for a lifetime by paying a one-time price.

Another advantage you have with Astra plans is the fact that you have a Money Back Guarantee of 14 days; a simple refund with no questions asked.

When should you get the Astra Pro theme?

A lot of people are a little confused relating to the actual differences between the Astra Free and Astra Pro. They don't really know as to when they should actually switch over to the pro version. This is the reason that we thought of covering this important question as well in this Astra theme review.

Many people choose the Astra Pro theme when you are not satisfied with the available features on the basic free Astra theme. Needless to say, the basic theme comes with limited features and at times, it is quite likely for one to feel pretty locked away because of that.

However, once you upgrade to the Astra Pro, you would have access to many features that are helpful to get your website live without being tied up. A special feature of Astra Pro is getting one-to-one support and can be used every time you get stuck up somewhere while using the features that Astra Pro has to offer.

Apart from the support aspect, the other feature that comes along with the paid version is unlimited website usage. This means that you can use the themes of Astro as well as Astro Pro on any number of websites without having to pay anything extra.

With the Astra Pro, you can get access to more than 20+ templates of ready to use websites. These can be infused without too much alteration on the same. This too is given at no extra cost and is a special feature of Astra Pro.

It is suggested that you choose to take up the Astra Pro in case you want to use it on a live website. This is what is eventually preferred by most website owners who use WordPress to get their website live. With almost unlimited styling and layout options and access to their stater sites to download brainstorm force plugins free of cost.


The aspect of support is another important factor that is worth mentioning in this Astra theme review as a lot of you who are about to use Astra for the first time may face certain technical difficulties and may need active support by your side to break out of it in no time.

There is no need for a person to look beyond the available Astra theme blog posts for support. Apart from exploring this option, you can choose to go to the support page for DIY (do it yourself) videos. These videos can explain to you a lot about how to go about certain features of this theme on WordPress. There is also a set of FAQs that you can refer to when it comes to having your questions answered.

In case you are not satisfied with what you find in these places, you can always choose to create a ticket detailing the exact issue you are faced with. The other option you can choose to use would be sending them an email with the problems that you may have with installation or other customization. You would get a prompt response from these people on how you can go further without having any glitches.

You can rely on the technical support provided by the team that developed Astra theme and Astra Pro for endless technical support in whatever you may require in the technical front. It holds true for the setup process or technical difficulties that you may face with any of the features. You can easily create a ticket or email the support team detailing the trouble you faced to receive responses and solutions to your issues.

The Bottom Line of Astra Theme Review

With this, we pretty much come to the end of this Astra theme review. Anyone who is looking for a WordPress theme should consider trying or testing the Astra theme.

If you wish to test the Astra WordPress theme then you might be better off with the free version which has enough stable features for testing and experimenting purposes. People love it because of its amazing compatibility and flexibility with the CMS platform.

In case you are not a beginner then you may choose the Astra pro theme. It integrates itself with WordPress theme customizer which makes it easy for anyone to use it with relative ease. You can download dozens of free plugins to styling options and have awesome technical support at the same time.

No matter if you choose the Astra free version or the Astra pro, you should not find it difficult to get the hang of it as long as you go through this Astra theme review carefully. If you find any part of this review a little difficult to understand, we suggest you go through it over again.

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