10 Best 1.5 Ton AC in India 2022

Are you searching for the best 1.5 AC in India? Then your search ends here. 

We've collected the list of Best 1.5 Ton AC In India based on the performance and satisfaction brands are well-known for their quality, reliability, efficiency, and durable cooling performance. 

Best 1.5 Ton AC in India

Best 1.5 Ton AC in India 2022

1. LG 5 Star Inverter Split AC

From our honest research, the LG 5 Star Inverter is the best 1.5 ton AC in India 2022 and is an energy-efficient product with five stars. It uses 818.81 units of energy per year and has an issue value of 4.73. It has been developed to help consumers make more informed decisions about the appropriate unit for their home. 

The LG Inverter Compressor Control System is a variable speed compressor that adjusts its power to match the current heat loads. This system allows for more efficient energy use and is better for warmer climates where homes have higher AC needs.

This Ac has patented technology that provides a high-performance cooling system, ensuring optimal comfort and performance and low noise levels while maintaining high energy efficiency. The AC Capacity cools the air in medium-sized rooms with a cooling capacity range of 400 to 5800 W. This AC unit is 1.5 tons and suitable for medium-sized rooms.

Split AC uses the ecologically benign R32 refrigerant gas with no ozone depletion potential. One of the most prominent features of their products is their warranty that lasts for ten years from the purchase date. They also provide a five-year manufacturing warranty on parts and a one-year limited warranty on the product.

This device is used to install an air conditioning unit in commercial and residential structures. It has a single indoor unit, one outdoor unit, connecting pipe, remote controller, two manuals with warranty card, and two batteries.

The LG Split AC has a dual inverter. This helps cool down the room in the summer and heat it in the winter. The split AC also has an EZ clean filter and an antibacterial filter to keep your family healthy. It also comes with a magic display and a dehumidifier to help keep your home humidified and fresh.

The Ocean Black Fin filter feature provides high-quality air and anti-allergen protection from dust and harmful chemicals.

2. Whirlpool 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Whirlpool 3 star split is our all-time favorite 1.5 ton AC in India 2022. The inverter compressors are variable-speed compressors that alter their power according to the load. The inverter compressor is an innovative, environmentally friendly, and efficient cooling system that can save up to 40% energy consumption.

The AC is designed for small-sized rooms and has a capacity of 1.5 Ton. It also comes with an extra benefit of an eco-friendly design that can capture and store heat and cold, significantly reducing cooling costs. It received a three-star energy rating, with a yearly energy usage of 1071.03 units. The product's ISEER value is 3.85.

The AC has created a low-maintenance condenser coil that will help increase the cooling performance. Its copper coil will provide better heat dissipation; It is a premium air conditioner with an extended warranty. You can get one year of security if your product breaks and is replaced, or you will get the money back. The manufacturer also provides a one-year condenser guarantee and a 10-year compressor warranty, which is unusual.

The AC has undergone a significant transformation in marketing by showing off the unit's many features. Feature 6th Sense Technology provides an alert when it detects a change so that you can take immediate action. Its dust filter captures microscopic dust particles before they enter your room and ensures that you feel fresh all day long.

Its dehumidifier removes moisture from the air to ensure your indoor environment stays dry. The noise level of the Ac is lower than average air conditioners because it uses less power for cooling down rooms.

 The Whirlpool AC Intellisense Inverter Technology automatically adjusts to every room's temperature and setting, making it more efficient and reliable in cooling down rooms. When in relaxed mode, the temperature is 55 degrees Celsius, within the acceptable limit.

3. Lloyd 5 Star Inverter Split AC

The Lloyd Split Inverter is an affordable 1.5 ton AC you can buy in India. With variable speed, Duo Rotary Inverter Compressor is a highly efficient air conditioner that will save on your electricity bills and make sure that you stay comfortable all day long.

The Lloyd AC is a revolutionary new air conditioner that can be used in your office or home. Its intelligent features and beautiful design will save you money and make the most of your time. It also has an ultra-low-noise operation that will not disturb even the most sensitive ears.

The AC also comes with an energy-saving mode and has a 1.5-ton capacity to cool medium-sized rooms up to 160 square feet. With a yearly energy usage of 865.90 kWh and an ISEER score of 4.56, they have a 5-star energy rating.

Lloyd AC Warranty offers a unique feature that is one year on the product and ten years on the compressor. They offer this to ensure that their customers get a long-term warranty. This warranty provides peace of mind that you will not be spending money unnecessarily in the future.

The AC has 100% Copper Tubing, enhances Cooling, and makes it more efficient and effective in energy use. These tubes may be employed in various sectors due to their copper content.

Lloyd AC Golden Fins ensures better cooling performance by providing their customers with high-quality products at a lower cost. The AC Cools 52°C ambient temperature is designed for use in locations with high pollutants. Rapid Cooling is a unit that can cool the air by 18 degrees Celsius within 45 seconds of being turned on.

It has a hidden LED display that can show different colors and animations. It also has a 7m long air throw, backlit remote, blow function, self-diagnosis function, and auto restart. 

4. Blue Star Inverter Split AC

Blue Star Split AC is among the most potent 1.5 ton AC in India available in blue star. The 4 Way Swing feature is designed with a high-quality motor that offers more power without overheating. It also offers excellent user features such as remote controls, sleep mode functionality, and auto-restart after power failure. And one- touchpad to give users the control they need in their home. They are providing great value for money at an affordable price.

The Split AC with Inverter Compressor is the best cooling solution. It is reliable, efficient, and quiet. It is designed for small rooms about 111 to 150 square feet. And it comes with a 1.5-ton capacity,

The company offers a 10-year warranty and an extended warranty for four years. R32, the AC refrigerant gas, is safe for the environment and has no ozone depletion risk.

The ambient temperature of the Blue star air conditioner is 52 degrees Celsius, which is the ideal temperature for people. The AC has Copper Condenser Coil, which allows a room to be cooled down more efficiently. It also requires minimal maintenance, the biggest problem with air conditioning units.

The IDU is designed to help maintain humidity and temperature in the living room while guaranteeing optimal ventilation. It has an external dimension of 36 x 31.5 x 23.5 cm and a weight of 11.8 kg, while the internal size is 84 x 54 x 30 cm, with the consequence being 27.7 kg.

The AC has PCB, ODU Condenser Coil, and Gas Charging – they are all essential parts of the AC. These are crucial parts of a home's comfort and safety. However, these parts need maintenance to work efficiently. This is where preventive maintenance service comes into play.

5. Samsung 3 Star Inverter Split AC

The Samsung 3 star is a stylish 1.5 ton AC one can get in India 2022. It contains an inverter compressor, a variable speed compressor that adjusts power based on the heat generated. It is a new type of compressor which has been designed to provide enhanced efficiency and reliability as well as to improve the comfort of your home. The five modes refer to the different tonnages or power levels the thermostat or remote control can control. The material also requires low maintenance compared to other types of cooling systems. 

The AC has a cooling mode which provides excellent air, which is ideal for those working in an office building with few people and less need of heat in general and the heating mood offers a lot of heat which is perfect for those who need a lot of heat in their room.

It is rated 3 Star and has an annual energy consumption of 1044.19 units per year, with a value of 3.71 on the International System for the Conservation of Energy (ISSER). With a capacity of 1.5 tons, the Split AC has been intended to be an ideal match for medium-sized rooms (111 to 150 sq ft). It is a cost-effective and efficient method of cooling a space.

 It offers a one-year product warranty, a one-year condenser warranty, a ten-year compressor warranty, and a one-year gas recharge guarantee. It also comes with a one-year guarantee on its PCB.

Copper condenser coils are a better choice for Cooling because they are much more efficient than other cooling systems. This is because the coil's metal has high conductivity, allowing it to transfer heat faster than plastic. This Samsung AC unit also has a voltage fluctuation protector to protect you from power surges. 

6. Daikin 5 Star Inverter Split AC

The Daikin, 5 Star Inverter, is among the most energy-efficient 1.5 ton AC in India in their class. It is also low-noise with a capacity of 1.5 Ton. The AC Refrigerant gas R32 has no ozone depletion potential. 

The speed of a Daikin split air conditioner with an inverter compressor may be adjusted according to the heat load. Depending on the current conditions, the rate will automatically change to provide the desired Cooling or heating. This is especially helpful when you are not in a hurry and would like to save energy at low speeds or have low power consumption.

The air conditioner features a split-type cooling system that is simple to clean and maintain. It has an automatic defrosting mechanism that keeps you warm even when the temperature decreases throughout the winter.

This air conditioner uses 824 units of energy per year and has an ISEER of 4.7. The AC includes a one-year product warranty, a one-year condenser warranty, a five-year PCB warranty, and a ten-year compressor warranty.

The AC Copper Condenser Coil is one of the most popular condenser cooling technologies available in the market. These types of condenser coils require low maintenance and provide effective Cooling.

It also has an Econo Mode, which offers the lowest energy consumption for Cooling, and an Indoor Unit Quiet Operation. The AC Stabilizer Inside is a feature that helps deliver cooling power even when the outdoor temperature is high. It helps to maintain a constant cooling power with reduced energy consumption. It also has Coanda Airflow and Power Chill Operation.

The air conditioner features an indoor and outdoor unit that can be operated remotely. It comes with a warranty card. The user manual for this product can be found in the box of this product.

7. Sanyo Dual Inverter Wide Split AC

Sanyo Dual Inverter is among the most energy-saving 1.5 ton AC models in India 2022. It is recognized as a 5 Star model with an ISEER Value of 4.6 and offers the highest value for money. And it has a fantastic yearly energy usage of 857.89 units. And provides excellent efficiency in power consumption. 

Sanyo Split AC with an inverter compressor can provide one of the best heating solutions in the home. It is commonly utilized to provide cost-effective and dependable heating solutions for commercial and residential applications.

The AC Capacity is a clever and innovative air conditioner that develops a lower noise level. It also has a capacity of 1.5 Ton, and it is suitable for medium-sized rooms (111 to 150 sq ft) and is perfect for places where space is limited, such as bedrooms, offices, hallways, and studies.

The AC Warranty is a guarantee that covers your product for one year from the date of purchase, followed by another year on the product + one year on the condenser, + five years on the compressor.

It has Copper Condenser Coil and offers a robust cooling system with excellent performance while requiring less maintenance. It is also capable of delivering power input as standard across its range.

The AC outdoor unit has a built-in PM 2.5 filter that protects your home from airborne particles. You may change the room's temperature or set it to a specific temperature using the remote control.

The user guide was written to be simple to read and understand. It covers all information relevant to each function. and has included a warranty card with your device that you should keep safe as it is essential for any technical issues with your device.

8. Panasonic Wi-Fi Twin Cool Split AC 

The Panasonic Wi-Fi enabled 1.5 ton AC in India with Twin Cool Inverter compressor has a variable speed inverter compressor, regulating electricity based on heat load.

When it comes to computer component cooling, this one is the most energy-efficient and produces the slightest noise. Hands-free operation and voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant are two of the model's main features.

The capacity of the AC is 1.5 tons, which is suitable for medium-sized rooms (from 121 to 180 sq ft). Equipped with powerful and dry mode, it will help you maintain a cool room even during dry weather. It has a manufacturer warranty of one year comprehensive and five years on PCB. The compressor has a ten-year warranty on it. The air conditioner has a 5-star energy efficiency rating, with an annual power usage of 840.75 kWh and an ISEER of 4.7. 

The AC in India has Shield Blu Technology with Copper Condenser Coil, and Anti Corrosion Blue Fin Technology is a cooling system that may be utilized in commercial and residential applications. This technology helps reduce corrosion and protects the coils from wearing down too quickly. The material helps prevent dangerous chemical reactions that can cause deterioration over time.

The concept of the One Touch Diagnosis is designed to help improve diagnosis accuracy by enabling early detection. It has a competent diagnosis and provides insight into what caused the problem and needed to fix it. It also offers an e-warranty, which offers peace of mind when knowing your warranty is protected by a professional who knows your AC inside out.

The indoor and outdoor unit dimensions are customizable. The indoor unit dimension is 107(L), 23.5(B), and the outdoor unit dimension is 78(L), 24.1(B), and 55.7(H).

9. IFB Twin Inverter Split Fastcool AC 

IFB Twin inverter is a recent addition to this best 1.5 ton AC in India list. The Ac 5 star Energy Rating signifies the highest efficiency level in the industry. The AC unit also has a good ISEER Value of 4.72 on a scale. The yearly energy usage of the AC is 853 kWh. 

The new compressor is designed to have a higher capacity than the standard AC unit. In addition, it has an inverter compressor that adjusts the power output according to the heat load. The inverter compressor will provide more power when needed and less when not required, resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

It's great for medium-sized rooms because it has a 1.5 AC capacity (up to 150 square feet). The temperature settings may also be adjusted from low to high, making the machine adaptable and valuable in various circumstances.

The AC is an innovative product that guarantees your satisfaction. The product has a one-year warranty, a four-year super warranty, and five years on the ODU PCB. In addition, the compressor is covered by a ten-year warranty.

 It provides a cooling effect of 5200 Watts and an ambient temperature of 58 degrees Celsius. This cooling system is designed to provide the best cooling performance possible with high efficiency, reliability, and comfort.

The AC has a Copper Condenser Coil that employs copper instead of aluminum to optimize Cooling. It boosts performance, improves Cooling while reducing noise, and is low-maintenance.

The IFB AC has an attractive, premium design that will fit any room without compromising performance or style. It also boasts several convenient features, including one-button remote control, and you can enjoy a free standard installation and three services from them for peace of mind. It has R32 Refrigerant gas, which was created to solve this problem and make the AC a better place in the long run.

10. Amazon Basics Twin Rotary Split AC

Amazon Basics 3 star Split is the latest release in the best 1.5 ton AC in India category 2022. It has a high-quality compressor that can maintain the temperature as required by the user. It also has a variable capacity technology that achieves energy efficiency and quality performance.

It has an auto-restart function that automatically switches on when failures happen and an intelligent anti-sleep mode that adjusts humidity according to the user's sleep schedule. Twin rotary inverter compressors provide exceptional Cooling and temperature control in the AC. 

It's also equipped with variable capacity technology, which adjusts the amount of power sent to each compressor to provide the best possible performance in any room size.

It offers you not only high-quality Cooling and heating but also efficient power consumption with a rating of 3 Star Efficiency with an annual power consumption of 1035.12 kWh with ISEER rating: 3.85.

This AC is perfect for medium-sized rooms(<150 sq. ft.) and work areas. It has a 1.5-ton capacity and can cool down to a maximum temperature. Its clients are covered by a one-year product guarantee and a ten-year compressor replacement warranty. The AC's manufacturer warranty guarantees that you will never have to buy another AC.

It has Copper Condenser, a high-quality copper coil with a 100% copper core that is less susceptible to vibration and noise. The condenser also has a proprietary shroud design that allows optimum heat dissipation while reducing external noise.

The AC has R-32, the refrigerant gas is known to have low global warming potential, low ozone depletion potential, and zero chlorine content. The AC Intelligent features are convenient and help make the experience more comfortable. It can automatically restart, on-off timer, self-clean function, and self-diagnosis for a relaxing experience.

In case if you have changed your mind or felt that a smaller capacity is enough for your room, have a glance here at 1 Ton AC In India.


To sum up, choosing the best 1.5 ton Split AC for your home is not so easy because many possibilities exist in the market. The best 1.5 ton split AC available in India is LG 5 Star Inverter Split AC. It is ideal for air-conditioning in medium rooms with high energy efficiency and low noise levels. So it's a perfect choice to buy that will provide complete satisfaction and flawless performance if you are looking for the best AC in India.

We hope that this post will aid you in searching for the best 1.5-ton air conditioner in India.

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