7 Best 55 inch TV under $500 2021

Are you the one who has been looking for the best 55 inch TV under $500? If yes, this post is for you. Why not make your research more valuable with the enlisted reviews. Check it out now. 

Best 55 inch TV under $500 

1. LG 55UN7300PUF 4K Smart UHD TV

LG 55UN7300PUF Alexa Built-In UHD 73 Series 55' 4K Smart UHD TV (2020)

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Well, the LG 55UN7300PUF is an average and budget 4K TV. Like its predecessors, it also comes equipped with an IPS panel which provides users with similar performance and features. Moreover, it has a low contrast ratio which can be an issue for a majority of users out there. But that doesn’t mean that this smart TV is a bad choice. 

To be precise, this smart TV comes equipped with all the latest functionalities which make it great. If you want a dedicated TV for gaming, this product is the best option you have. This is because it has a decent response time and its input lag is low enough to satisfy most users. 

What’s more impressive is the fact that it can handle reflections quite well. However, visibility can be an issue in well-lit environments as it doesn’t get bright enough to overcome intense glares. Note that the product also lacks variable refresh rate technology which can be an issue for most of the users out there. 

Note that it has been equipped with three HDMI ports, a coaxial connector, and two USB ports along with the composite video inputs. You would also get a LAN port to connect with the internet. Also, remember that it has built-in Wi-Fi. 

The 65-inch display provides you with a 4K resolution which is great. But note that the product lacks local dimming which limits the performance of the HDR. Also, note that it can automatically detect the gaming console and would switch over to a special deep color mode to help you stay engaged.    


  • Comes equipped with strong brightness levels 
  • The TV has wide viewing angles 
  • It has a motion-control remote 


  • No local dimming 


SAMSUNG Smart TV with Alexa Built-in

SAMSUNG Smart TV with Alexa Built-in

  • Great brightness and color saturation
  • Built-in voice assistant
  • Three HDMI ports

The Samsung UN55TU8000FXZA is a good value TV which offers you decent performance for the money. If you are expecting brightness and color saturation, then you should opt for the other TVs. But at the same time, this smart TV produces detailed pictures along with a strong upscaling performance. 

To be precise, this smart TV utilizes Samsung’s crystal LCD UHD panel technology and promises ease of use. You would get the option of a built-in voice assistant along with a best-in-class smart TV system. Note that the frame is largely made of plastic. 

Despite that, it is a well-built TV and thus exudes practicality. This smart TV features a plethora of on-demand and catch-up apps you could want which includes Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus and Apple TV. You would even find the ambient mode on the product which is just great. 

The peak brightness is restricted and so HDR isn’t the best. However, detail is fantastic and the black levels are pretty strong. Overall, this smart TV produces engaging and natural pictures which holds its own against the competition. 

This product provides you with three HDMI ports which is a rarity in TVs nowadays. You would get two remotes with this smart TV which exudes practicality to modern-day users. The TV can automatically find the Wi-Fi details which is a great thing. The UI is great and simplistic and even prompts you to download extra on-demand apps you may like.   


  • This smart TV provides a sharp and detailed image
  • The TV has a good upscaling feature which is a great thing 
  • The smart TV platform is simple and user-friendly


  • Narrow viewing angles can be an issue if you are watching TV with a large group

3. Toshiba 55LF621U21 55-inch Smart 4K TV

Toshiba 55LF621U21 4K TV

Toshiba 55LF621U21 4K TV

  • High contrast ratio along with excellent black uniformity
  • A user-friendly 4K smart TV best for gaming lovers
  • A fast response time which is ideal for many users 

The Toshiba 55LF621U21 is also known as Toshiba Fire TV 2020. To be precise, this smart TV is a decent upgrade over its predecessor, the Toshiba Fire TV 2019. One of the key highlights is its high contrast ratio along with excellent black uniformity. 

So if you want a TV for viewing in the dark, this smart TV is your best bet. Another key highlight is that it provides a great gaming experience. So if you want a TV for gaming, this TV would be your ideal option. This smart TV is one of the most user-friendly 4K smart TVs available out there. 

It also has tons of streaming services available which appeals to the modern-day users. On the contrary, this TV has a narrower viewing angle which is an issue. Also, this smart TV lacks local dimming and cannot eliminate the judder at all. This smart TV comes with three HDMI ports, a single USB port along with an optical digital audio port. 

You would also get RCA composite video inputs along with a LAN port. Moreover, you can also access the built-in Wi-Fi to stream content. This TV runs on the Amazon Fire TV OS and thus is easy to navigate. This Toshiba TV can be used with Amazon Alexa voice assistant. 

With Alexa, you would be able to search for content and adjust the settings on the TV. Moreover, you would also be able to control any Alexa-based smart devices straight from this smart TV. You would also have access to tons of streaming apps that would help you access your favorite shows.  


  • This TV has a high contrast ratio which appeals to most users 
  • This smart TV has a fast response time which is ideal for many users 
  • The product handles reflection quite well which is just great


  • One of the major drawbacks of the product is that it has low peak brightness in the SDR and HDR mode


INSIGNIA NS-55DF710NA21 55-inch Smart 4K TV

INSIGNIA NS-55DF710NA21 55-inch Smart 4K TV

  • High native contrast ratio
  • Supports Dolby Audio which is a great choice for music lovers
  • Three HDMI ports, a single USB port

The INSIGNIA NS-55DF710NA21 also known as the Insignia Fire TV is a decent 4K TV with good picture quality. One of the key highlights is its high native contrast ratio. This is also the reason that the product produces deep blacks. 

But unfortunately, these deep blacks are not that uniform which remains an issue. Moreover, the lack of local dimming wouldn’t help much in improving the appearance of the dark scenes. To be precise, this smart TV sports a basic design. The screen is framed by a simple and half-inch black plastic bezel on the sides and the top. 

This smart TV comes with three HDMI ports, a single USB port along a 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the other hand, you would also find the LAN port and cable connector located conveniently. You also get a remote with this smart TV which is good. 

The remote has great resemblance with the Amazon Fire TV streamers. The remote has a narrow and rectangular black wand shape with a circular navigation pad near the top. As mentioned earlier, this smart TV runs on Amazon Fire interface. Once you sign in with your Amazon account, you would be able to access a wide variety of apps and services. 

From Prime Video to Disney Plus, there is no dearth of streaming apps in this smart TV. You can also mirror your smart device via the Miracast or WiDi feature. This INSIGNIA TV comes with an LED-backlit 4K screen. It has support for HDR but it doesn’t support Dolby Vision. 

However, this smart TV supports Dolby Audio which is a great choice for music lovers. You can even improve the overall sound quality by altering the sound mode. 


  • The Fire TV OS is pretty responsive and user-friendly which is one of the major highlights 
  • Excellent native contrast ratio is another advantage 
  • Alexa brings a plenty of tools and smart home integration 


  • Poor contrast overall is one of the major disadvantages

5. VIZIO 4K Smart TV

VIZIO 55-Inch M-Series Quantum 4K TV

VIZIO 55-Inch M-Series Quantum 4K TV

  • An excellent HDR color gamut 
  • Handles reflections pretty well and gets bright enough to overcome glare
  • Affordable and good device for gamers

The Vizio m55q8-h1 is a good mid-range 4K TV. Like its predecessor, this TV sports a VA panel that is adept in producing deep blacks for a great darkroom viewing experience. To be precise, this smart TV has an excellent HDR color gamut which allows the TV to display saturated and rich colors when you are switching on the HDR mode. 

What makes this smart TV impressive is its response time. When compared to other TVs in the same category, the response time from Vizio is pretty decent. On the other hand, the input lag is low which augurs well for hardcore gamers. Quite interestingly, this smart TV supports variable refresh rate technology to decrease screen tearing when gaming. 

The TV also handles reflections pretty well and gets bright enough to overcome glare. However, this smart TV is not that bright enough to make the highlights stand out in the HDR content. Moreover, as this smart TV comes with a VA panel, the viewing angles are quite narrow. 

So as you can see, this smart TV is not ideal for large seating areas. Impressively, the Vizio TV has a full-array local dimming feature which exudes practicality. If you are looking for an affordable TV, this product should be your most likely choice. The quantum dot technology used in this TV is one of its major takeaways. 

This smart TV sports a very minimalistic design with a thin plastic bezel that runs around the sides and the top. Aside from the power connector located on the left, all other ports are located on the right side of the TV. This TV comes equipped with four HDMI ports, a single USB port, a LAN port and optical ports. 

The remote you get with this smart TV is a thin and black wand with a large and circular navigation pad near the middle. You would get dedicated buttons to operate Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Redbox and other streaming services. Remember that this smart TV uses the SmartCast smart TV platform of Vizio. 

In simple words, the interface is fairly basic and provides access to a large number of streaming services. But as mentioned earlier, this smart TV from Vizio is a good device for gamers at this price point. With a decent response rate and low input lag, you can play a wide variety of games on this smart TV. 


  • The product has a high contrast ratio 
  • This smart TV has a decent response time which exudes practicality 
  • The TV handles reflections quite well as it gets bright enough to fight glare


  • This smart TV has poor viewing angles which can be an issue for large seating areas

6. TCL 5 4K Smart Roku TV

TCL 55

TCL 55″ 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV

  • A VA panel with a great contrast ratio
  • Compatible with Apple TV and connects MAC devices 
  • Supports 4K gaming

The TCL 55S435 is also known as an entry-level 4K TV which provides decent performance at this price range. This smart TV comes equipped with a VA panel with a great contrast ratio which helps the TV to display blacks. However, it lacks local dimming to enhance the contrast which is a downside. 

There is no denying the fact that TCL has been manufacturing some great budget-oriented TVs for long. To be precise, this smart TV from TCL looks pretty simple which is expected from a TV at this price point. The screen is surrounded on the top and sides by narrow, glossy black plastic bezels. You would get a combination power and input button on the bottom edge of the TV. 

Also, the TV sits on two V-shaped glassy black plastic stands which match the sides and the bezels. Note that the remote you get with this smart TV is a standard Roku remote. It is a short and thin plastic wand with a noticeable purple navigation pad near the top. The home, back, and the power button sit above the pad. 

The remote comprises dedicated service buttons for Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu and Sling TV. The remote communicates with the TV via infrared and thus requires direct line of sight with the screen. The OS is based on Roku TV and you would get access to a variety of apps like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc. 

Quite impressively, this smart TV is also compatible with Apple TV which lets you sync content from your Mac devices. On the other hand, this smart TV has a refresh rate of 60 Hz which is great. It complies well with HDR 10 and HLG but lacks Dolby Vision. 

Also, this smart TV has an average input lag and is useful to play games with medium configuration. Moreover, this TV wouldn’t offer HDR support when gaming. But it supports 4K gaming as well as streaming content with 10-bit color support at 24 Hz.   


  • This smart TV is an affordable 4K TV with HDR 
  • You would get solid Roku TV experience with this TV
  • This smart TV is great for playing mid-configuration games 


  • The lack of local dimming is one of the major disadvantages 

7. Hisense 4K ULED Smart TV

Hisense Android 4K ULED Smart TV

Hisense Android 4K ULED Smart TV

  • Offers louder, more realistic and more encompassing audio
  • 4 HDMI ports along with two USB ports
  • Ability to download myriads of android apps

The Hisense H8G combines Android TV, quantum-dot color, and Dolby Atmos sound to create one of the best Hisense TVs yet. At first glance, the all-black Hisense H8G Quantum Series appears as slender as most modern TV HDR sets, though it’s a bit deceiving. Thin, flush bezels around the top and sides also lend a svelte effect. 

A slightly thicker, etched bezel sporting the Hisense emblem and IR sensor runs along the bottom. You would face no trouble setting up the 55-inch set, even in a smaller-than-average living room. This smart TV offers a bounty of ports for your external entertainment hardware, all set in several inches from the left-hand edge of the TV. 

Three HDMI ports, one with audio return channel (ARC) support, along with two USB ports and an optical port for digital surround sound run along the left side, making them simple to access. An RF connector lets you attach an HDTV antenna or cable line to the built-in tuner. 

A separate, wall-facing port arrangement includes a fourth HDMI port, Ethernet port, composite RCA ports, and a headphone jack for earphones or speakers. With built-in Dolby Atmos, this smart TV set offers louder, more realistic, and more encompassing audio than other offerings in its price tier. 

You’ll find almost every app you could want on this smart TV. Along with popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime, you can download plenty of apps for cable-cutting (Sling, YouTube TV), free content (Pluto, Tubi), studio content (HBO Max, Showtime) and working out (Peloton.) 

There are also a number of games you can download and play using your remote or Android TV Gamepad. If you’d like, you can use Chromecast to stream your phone or Chrome browser to your set. We suffered from spotty connectivity issues when trying to cast a fitness class from Chrome for Mac to this smart TV, but you might have better luck.


  • Great overall value
  • 4 HDMI ports
  • Accurate picture


  • Remote isn’t backlit

How to find the Best 55-inch TV under $500?

Home entertainment technology is in a constant state of evolution, and the newer display technologies of TVs underline this notion. The onset of smart TVs integration with the Internet of Things has altered the concept of television viewing. 

So as you can see, TV’s today are more than just for watching shows and movies. You can find TV under different ranges starting from best 70 Inch Television Under 600 to best 85 Inch Television Under 2000 according to the customers' preference.

With lots of advanced features, TVs have been enhancing gaming and binge-watching. Moreover, nowadays, you can even do video calling straight from your smart TV. 

But when buying an ultra HD Android TV, you would also come across HDR TV as a worthy alternative. If you are purchasing a smart TV for the first one, the confusion is bound to increase. So with these things in mind, let’s take a glance at the primary differences between HDR and UHD TV.   

An Overview of the 4K UHD TV

When buying an ultra HD smart TV, note that it has a resolution that is four times that of FHD. So as you can see, the UHD TV has a more significant number of pixels which enhances your TV viewing experience. Usually, there are 8 million pixels present with a UHD TV. 

That’s why you would get unprecedented color gradient options along with impressive detailing. A 4K TV also boasts of an increase in the frame rate between 60 and 120 Hz. This implies that you would have smoother scrolling. If you like to play games on your smart TV, then a 4K UHD TV is quite a great option. As 4K TVs have a higher amount of pixel count, you would get content in stunning clarity.  

What is an HDR TV?

To be precise, a smart LED TV is also available with HDR features. HDR, also known as High Dynamic Range, is the contrast between whites and blacks. So the higher the value of the dynamic range, the closer is the photographic vision in real life. Yes, you can check the reviews of brands under different categories including Best 75 Inch Television Under 1000, Best 65 Inch Television Under 1000, and Best 55 Inch Television Under 1000.

In simple words, HDR provides you with a good contrast range which allows for finer details. If your TV has HDR, there would be no color bleeding which drastically increases your viewing experience. 

UHD TV vs HDR TV- Which is the Best?

When you are investing in the best 4k Ultra HD TV, you should be aware of the various features. Note that there is not much difference between the two standards. However, the way each technology functions is quite different. 

When the context is about UHD, it refers to the number of pixels that fit on a display. On the contrary, HDR has no association with resolution. HDR relies only on the depth of the colors and the image’s quality. Also, the HDR features are available in 4K TVs. 

To provide users with the best of both worlds, TV makers are integrating HDR with 4K resolution.  So before you buy a smart TV, always analyze its display or resolution. Also, ensure that your next UHD TV has HDR built-in for greater image clarity. It helps you give the clarity as expected in the TV ranges like the best 75 Inch Television Under 1500. In simple words, you would avail the best viewing experience when you know the difference between UHD and HDR.  


Now, you might have come across the list of best 55 inch TV under $500. You can check their prices and choose the one that fits your budget. 

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