Best Bitcoin Gold Wallets (2020) : All Options Dicussed

Are you scared of losing your Bitcoin Gold to fake sites? Do you know about the various scams that have come up with the forking of Bitcoin in Bitcoin Gold? Are you waiting to find the perfect the wallet that is safe, easy to use, and has strong privacy features?

Now you have the answers to all these questions. Here is a list of the Best Bitcoin Gold Wallets that will suffice every need of yours, and will never be a trouble to you. Isn’t that what every Bitcoin Gold holder needs?

Let us first have a look at the category of wallets available and how does one differ from others. The wallets are segregated as hardware wallets, paper wallets, web wallets, mobile wallets and desktop wallets.

The one thing to be kept in mind while using any of these types of wallets is the security of your private key. The basic difference between these categories also lies in the way they handle your private keys, or store them for you to handle.

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Types of Wallets

You can choose your best Bitcoin Gold wallets from any category that you prefer according to your ease.

1.Desktop wallets– They keep your private key stored on your desktop’s hard drive, safe and out of reach without your permission.

2.Mobile wallets– Storing private keys on your mobile phone can be done with these. They allow you to make transactions directly with your mobile device.

3.Hardware wallets– These are the most preferred types, as they are hardware devices that store your private keys in an electronic way.

4.Web wallets– As the name suggests, these hold your private keys online on the web and can only be used by a password set by you.

5.Paper wallets– The private keys of your Bitcoin Gold are printed on a paper and used for transactions, with the help of an offline computer.

You should store your Bitcoin Gold with utmost care to ward off any risk of loss. Since there is so much of fraud, the safety of your Bitcoin Gold is the primary issue that must be taken care of.

You can rely on the following Best Bitcoin Gold Wallets as they are safe. But necessary measures are to be taken by you, the owner also, like keeping the password safe for all kinds of wallets.

Best BitCoin Gold Wallets

1.Ledger Nano S ~ Best Hardware Wallet for BitCoin Gold

If you are someone who wants a highly secure Bitcoin Gold wallet, then this hardware wallet is ideal for you. Designed like a USB drive, it doesn’t have a battery or power source of its own and so it boots up only when connected to a desktop or laptop. Additional safety features involve two-side buttons that are needed to confirm any transaction.

The Ledger is cheap and secure, allowing you to configure it using a pin-code. A 24-word recovery phrase is displayed which you should store, in case you need to restore your coins anytime, anywhere. Nano S is undoubtedly one of the Best Bitcoin Gold Wallets.

It can be used on any computer, Android device, and is secure since the private key is saved offline, away from the reach of predators.

2. Trezor

Another of the hardware wallets, Trezor is different from Ledger in many regards. A USB is required to connect it to your computer or mobile device. When first connected, it displays a nine-digit pin, the same to be entered on the device to which it is connected.

A new pin is shown every time you connect it. With Trezor you can add your own words to the 24-word recovery phrase, thus providing additional safety to your Bitcoin Gold.

3. Coinomi

It’s an app-based mobile wallet that supports various cryptocurrency along with Bitcoin Gold. It allows you to take charge of your private keys so that nothing stays out of your control. It is one of the Best Bitcoin Gold Wallets when it comes to keeping them safe and secure.

This is a mobile-app based wallet. With an abundance of security features, Mycelium is easy to access and manage, since it requires no email verifications or passwords to get started. It is an open-source platform available for storing Bitcoin Gold without much hassle.

Mycelium is upgraded on a regular basis and is very popular in the market. With a very interactive and attractive user interface, your private keys are always within your reach with mycelium.


This Bitcoin Gold wallet works only with desktops; it has an amazingly creative user interface that you will surely make you interested. Available in the market for Windows, Mac and Linux; no registration makes it the easiest to use.

All you need to do is create a pin or password to be able to use your BTG and make transactions with them. Exodus is certainly one of the Best Bitcoin Gold Wallets available for web-based applications.

5. Paper wallets

These are the best for cold storage of your Bitcoin Gold. Only useful when you want to store your Bitcoin Gold, even for that hardware wallets are now available. They are not ideal because of the inconvenience they cause.

Creating and printing new wallets for every user is time-consuming. But, if you want to print it in bulk and keep it, then paper wallets may be helpful for you.


Using any one of the above Best Bitcoin Gold Wallets 2020 is undoubtedly safe and secure and guarantees no loss of you Bitcoin Gold treasure. However, you should be aware of the risks they possess and always keep the recovery password or recovery phrase safe, be it any kind of wallet.

You should take proper precautions to avoid being tricked by infinite scam websites present on the internet.

Some websites like mybtgwallet that arose when the Bitcoin forked into Bitcoin gold are fakes and many people have lost huge amounts of their wealth to such frauds.

On the whole, Bitcoin gold mining can be a happy journey, if you keep your private keys or seeds safe. Transactions are easily done. Make it large with the best Bitcoin gold wallets.

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