Best Clock Radio – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

What Is the Best Clock Radio You Can Find Today?

Everyone has to get up at some point in the day. It is through the help of a clock radio that you can get out of bed and be ready to face whatever the day will bring. But not all clock radios are the same.

Some clock radios feature larger display screens. Others offer better speakers for hearing what comes out of the radio. The alarm setup on the radio you choose can make an impact on what you are working with as well.

This listing of the best clock radio products on the market includes several choices that will help you do more than just tell the time. These clock radio units will also wake you up in the morning with a helpful alarm. Take a look at the diverse array of clock radio options you have to work with and you will surely find something that fits in well for your morning needs.

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Best Clock Radio

1. Meldii T2 Dual Alarm Clock

#1 Best Clock Radio

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The first of the best clock radio products to see is this Meldii clock radio. The design of this clock radio provides you with a brilliant digital display that reveals the time and the weather outside of your home. You can adjust the radio feature on the clock by pressing the buttons on the top.

The design works on an FM radio band. You can use a Hi-Fi option on this radio to produce a high bass output.

The unit can link up to a mobile phone or other device through a Bluetooth link. The Bluetooth system lets you play back audio from the phone and can help you make hands-free calls.

The double alarm clock feature works in that it will produce two alarms. One alarm will sound at the time you set the alarm for. The second will come about a few seconds later.

This all works on a battery-powered body. A digital display will show you how much battery power is on the clock so you can know when you need to power up the clock.

  • Supports AUX playback devices
  • Supports microSD cards for playing media files
  • Control buttons on the top are clearly labeled
  • Only two inches deep

2. DreamSky

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Made for basic use, this DreamSky clock radio uses a four-inch LCD screen. The blue number display offers a gentle look at the time. You can adjust the brightness on the screen by three levels.

The temperature display can be configured to Fahrenheit or Celsius. The time display can also be adjusted to a 12 or 24-hour layout.

The FM tuner can be adjusted with fifteen volume levels. You can also preset the radio to play for 10 to 120 minutes before shutting off. This sleep function makes it easier for you to get to sleep.

Two USB ports are also found on the back of the clock radio. One port can be used for playing back media through the radio. The other is designed with charging devices in mind.

  • Runs on three AAA batteries or through a wall plug
  • Eight minute interval between alarms for one hour
  • Three volume levels for the buzzer

3. Mpow Projection Clock

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This FM alarm clock has one of the more unique screen layouts you will find among clock radios. The clock uses a five-inch LED display with bright blue numbers. The screen is slightly curved to create a brilliant look.

The 120-degree adjustable projector allows you to project the time on the clock onto a wall. You can use this to see what the time is while you are asleep without having to turn around much.

The snooze function can be programmed to let the alarm go off after 5 to 60 minutes have gone by. This is convenient for when you need an extra bit of help with getting up in the morning. A sleep timer can also be programmed in eight increments from 5 to 90 minutes so you can get the sleep while listening to whatever is on.

A 33-inch antenna is included on the back area. This can be extended outside the clock to help you get the best reception possible.

  • Produces a gentle sound when waking up
  • Four levels of brightness
  • USB charger port found on the back area
  • Glare is reduced thanks to the curved back body

4. Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock

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This next clock radio is another model that uses a projection feature. A 180-degree swivel projection feature produces a visible layout that lets you see what is happening on the clock at a given time. A gentle red display is used on the projection system.

The bright blue display screen has a dot matrix layout. The time is displayed in large numbers with the indoor temperature on the corner and the day of the week on the top.

The clock adjusts to daylight savings time automatically. It also uses a 3.5mm AUX input that lets you play back music and other audio files from your mobile device. The added AM and FM radio comes with digital tuning so you can set the radio to your favorite station without guessing.

A built-in lithium battery is included. The SelfSet system on this Electrohome clock will restore the time setting on your clock so it will have the right time and date on it even when the clock loses power for a period of time.

  • Easy to use control buttons on the front space
  • Sound adjustment features make it easy to quickly control the features on the clock
  • Large snooze bar and power button on the top area

5. Homtime Multi-Function Alarm Clock

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This clock radio uses an LCD screen with four brightness levels. The 3.2-inch display is easy to read in any situation.

Two USB ports are included on the front part of the alarm clock. Both ports are used for charging mobile devices. The gradual wake alarm on this clock provides you with a gentle approach to getting up in the morning. The clock uses a low volume at the start and then increases to a higher volume over time. This produces a relaxed way of getting up without being harsh.

An indoor thermostat displays the temperature on the front panel. This is in small numbers next to the time that the alarm is set to go off at.

An AAA battery backup system is also included on this clock. The backup runs off of a few AAA batteries to allow the power to keep working even if there is a power failure in your space or the power plug no the clock stops working for any reason.

You can tilt the display by about 25 degrees. The tilting feature makes it easier for you to see the clock in any space.

  • Large button for the snooze control
  • Clearly laid out screen
  • The alarm is not overly pervasive

6. OnLyee Bluetooth Alarm Clock

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The last of the clock radios to check out is this circular Bluetooth-powered clock. The design of this clock features a brilliant circular layout with a setup working with a memory feature to set an alarm and other features as required.

The unit features nap and deep sleep timers. A Bluetooth stereo speaker is also included to link to a mobile device you want to play media with. The built-in radio features AM and FM setups with digital tuning all around.

A sleep timer lets you play the radio at up to 120 minutes before it goes off. The timer runs on 10-minute increments for all sleep needs.

The night light on the top part of the clock comes with a bright design, although you have the option to adjust the brightness of the clock as you see fit. The light works with seven colors. The switch on the back end of the clock lets you adjust how bright the light is and what color you want it to display.

The 3.5mm AUX input adds a good design too. The design allows you to get the clock to link to older media devices that do not offer Bluetooth support.

  • Two USB charging points featured on the back of the clock
  • Dual alarm system works with different sounds
  • Battery compartment supports two AA batteries


As you have noticed, clock radios today are designed with diverse features and layouts. You are bound to enjoy a fine look on your clock radio when you plan it out right and find the right choice for use.

You must look at how well the design is laid out to create a better organization that adds a good layout you are bound to enjoy using. Your ability to adjust an alarm carefully helps too.

Be aware of what you can find as you are looking for a great clock radio. The options out there include many choices, but you will have to look around to see how well each of these clock radio choices can work for you in any case.

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