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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2020

There are many places out there that you can utilize for trading cryptocurrencies. These are places that allow you to quickly take real money and use it to invest in these popular currencies. You can even switch from one cryptocurrency to the next at some of these places.

The help that you can get for trading through one of these exchanges is something that deserves to be explored for how well you can get the most out of anything you want to work with at a given time.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2020

But as you look at these options, you have to see what makes them different. All of the choices listed here are among the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2020 options you have to work with, but each varies based on what is available and how they offer certain services.

You must look at how well certain exchanges work so you can get an idea of what places might be more interesting for you to get into without running into any significant complications.

1.Binance – Instant Join (No ID verification required)

Binance is the first of the best cryptocurrency exchanges options to see. Binance is a site that offers strong altcoin support with Ethereum and Tether support available. However, you would have to hold a bitcoin investment to get onto this site as it does not work with fiat currency.

Fortunately, the site offers very low fees of 0.1% in value. Much of this is thanks to how Binance funds itself by generating its own particular currency.

2.Kucoin – Similar to Binance

Kucoin offers support for more than fifty altcoins. The withdraw fees vary by each coin, but the site has a basic fee of 0.1% to make it easier for transactions to move along as needed.

The full interface on the site gives you a simple layout for getting your coin transactions handled right and effortlessly. You can even trade with KucoinShares, the official coin produced by the exchange.

The trading features also integrate well with TradingView, a popular trading platform that many in the cryptocurrency market use for their own personal trading demands.

3.Coinbase – Best USA based Crypto exchange

Coinbase has become a gold standard in the cryptocurrency field. This exchange site offers a strong layout where you can create your own digital currency wallet and link your bank account or credit or debit card to your Coinbase account. This makes it easier for you to trade the bitcoin, Ethereum and various other major currencies.

The full insurance policy offered by Coinbase on your investment ensures you can get onto the site without risking losing anything within your investment.


A big point about ShapeShift to see involves how the exchange lets you trade between many altcoins. The simplified layout of the site ensures you can go from one currency to the next fast and with few fees involved in the process.

The transaction fees for market orders on the site are among the lowest in the industry with some pairs having fees worth less than the 0.1% standard. Be advised though that ShapeShift does not offer any fiat currency support.

5.Bibox – NO ID Verification Required

Bibox is an intriguing place for cryptocurrency trading thanks to how the site works with many prominent Chinese currency groups. It uses a simple layout for trading that is easy to work with.

This works with bitcoin and Ethereum trades for the most part but it does offer some trades for other altcoins with both of those supporting various currency pairs. Bibox even offers margin trading services that allow you to work with specific options that might help you invest in certain pairs above others.

6.Bitmex – Up to 100x leverage

The P2P trading functions offered by Bitmex help you work with more leverage. You can work with up to 100x leverage on your trades with Bitmex. It particularly uses 25x leverage totals for Monero and 50x for Ethereum. People can also trade bitcoin/USD or bitcoin/JDY futures among others.

The P2P layout ensures that you can get lower fees on your transaction. The funds handled by Bitmex are also kept in cold storage, thus ensuring that you will not lose anything out of hacking or intrusion functions. It is heralded as being one of the safest places to consider for your investment demands.

7.LocalBitcoins – Buy Bitcoins with your Local Currency Worldwide

LocalBitcoins has been in operation since 2012 and offers an interesting layout where you can complete transactions with other sellers.

You can look for information on the individual sellers and get reviews of them to see which ones you can trust the most. You can also work with many payment options including cash deposit solutions.

You can even find information on traders in your local area. This helps you to find people that you might be willing to trust. There are limits as to how much money you can use in individual trades though. Make sure you watch for this when finding something of value here.

8.Changelly – Exchange bitcoins with Altcoins

Changelly is an attractive exchange that lets you exchange between various digital currencies.

Although the site does not offer any conversion to and from fiat currencies, Changelly does offer a simple design that features support for many altcoins like Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and EOS to name a few. The fee on the site is 0.5% for all the transactions you want to use. T

here are no limits to what you can transfer either. The simple interface also makes this one of the best cryptocurrency exchange options to find as you can quickly get on it and start trading without delays.

9.Cex – Direct VISA / Mastercard payment options 

Cex is a popular place based out of the United Kingdom that offers fiat currency trades and various altcoins. You can work with no limits for getting bitcoins off of Cex. This is also popular as a cloud mining group that helps you to move forward with your trades. However, the credit card processing fee on the site is 3.9% for each purchase.

Still, it site does offer a simple layout that is not too hard to use. You can simple use a pre-set design for how many coins you want to get at a time or how much fiat currency that you want to use for a transaction.

10.Iqoptions – The #1 Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Platform

Another European option among the best cryptocurrency exchanges 2020 , Iqoptions is a place that helps you to measure the possible bitcoin investments you want to enter into. You can work with more than a dozen currencies while using detailed analysis features to help you get a quality trade going. However, Iqoptions is not available in all countries.

You are more likely to get access to the site if you are in Europe. Those who do get access to the site will quickly get information on all the coins they want to invest in.

11.Coinone – South Korea's Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2020

Coinone is a South Korean exchange which is popular for having been the first such exchange to support Ethereum. It offers support for Qtum, Litecoin and Ripple among other altcoins. The interface also offers optional analysis bars and points that help you figure out what you can use when trading.

The simple design of the site lets you handle the trades you want to utilize quickly and effortlessly.

This is a convenient option, but it is best for those in South Korea who want to work with cryptocurrency investments. The site works with the Korean won as a fiat currency available for trading purposes.

12.Gemini – Similar to Coinbase, USA based exchange

Gemini is a relatively basic site for cryptocurrency trading. Gemini works only with Ethereum and bitcoin investments, but it also has FDIC insurance for cash transactions. This ensures that the trades you wish to make are protected.

However, you will not get any insurance coverage on your cash when it is transferred into digital assets. You would have to be careful when getting any investments ready through Gemini, but it does offer a simple design that is not difficult to manage.

The simple interface also gives you more control over how well you can getting your trades covered on the site.

13.Kraken – USA based Crypto exchange

Kraken is a popular place for offering more than a dozen cryptocurrencies for your trading needs.

However, it requires three levels of approval for your access. You have to transfer cryptocurrency funds from a wallet you already have onto a Kraken wallet for you to get online.

Also, you would have to send a photo of yourself with specific points on it to confirm your overall identity.

But after that, Kraken gives you full access to various currency trading points. The certification process actually helps to ensure you are trading the currencies you want to get into properly.

14.Poloniex – Not accepting new customers

The main point about Poloniex that makes it one of the best cryptocurrency exchange sites comes from its detailed analytics features. Poloniex offers a good design where you can trade on margin while working with many altcoins.

The user interface is simple and easy to adjust without requiring far too many extra controls. The full details on the site ensure you will get the support you require for trading needs.

However, you cannot get any fiat currencies utilized on the site as you would have to get coins from another wallet added to your Poloniex account to make the trading process easier to follow or use.

15.Bittrex – Not accepting new customers

The variety of trades that you can order off of Bittrex makes it a good site worth looking into. You can manage market, limit and stop limit trades alike. It has support for nearly two hundred different coins too.

The exchange is accessible throughout the world as it is based out of the United States. The site even uses an interface that lets you look for price changes for all major currencies with daily charts showing how well the currency is moving.

You can use this if you are a day trader, what with it offering detailed layouts for how a currency’s value changes by the hour.

16.Bithumb – South Korean Exchange

Bithumb is an interesting place although it has not expanded in use all that much outside of its native South Korea. It only supports the Korean won although it may offer support for added cryptocurrencies in the future.

But what makes it one of the top choices for the best cryptocurrency exchange entails how it lets you trade straight between the original fiat currency you have and any particular currency listed on the site.

Monero and Ripple are supported on the site. The site’s help desk also gives you clear information on what you can do when trading cryptocurrencies and how you can use the site to your advantage.


Coinmania is another choice for the best cryptocurrency exchange that you can work with. This site offers a great amount of altcoin support while offering a simple design.

The trading pairs available through the site are varied and offer plenty of investment solutions although it does take a bit for you to get a deposit handled.

18.Cobinhood – Newly launched Exchange

The last choice to use is Cobinhood, a rather new site. Cobinhood has been making waves thanks to how it offers absolutely no transaction fees. The user interface is heavily detailed as it lists information on recent transactions and volume changes.

It links up to blockchain information to give you full details on everything happening with each currency on the site.

The service also uses an ICO underwriting system where a coin can be listed on the site after an ICO ends. This program ensures that Cobinhood can get the funds it needs to stay operational, thus keeping users from having to spend fees on their trades.

A Final Word

It is intriguing to see how well these options for the best cryptocurrency exchanges 2020 sites can work for you. There are many attractive sites all around to look forward to, but each site is different in various ways. You should look at what is available in your area to see what you can get out of your transactions.

Make sure you look at what currencies are available on each exchange too so you can find a place that works with any particular currency you have a strong preference for when finding something worthwhile for trading needs.

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