Best Ethereum Wallets (Oct. 2020)- Five Best Options

Best Ethereum Wallets 2020

Have you heard of Ethereum? I am sure that you heard of it a lot of times and you simply ignored it taking it to be quite a technical jargon or something. However, to tell you a fact, Ethereum is increasingly getting popular among the people all over the world.

So, what is it exactly? Ethereum is a digital currency somewhat like Bitcoin but it's pretty different from Bitcoin in many ways. 

There has been a major elevation in the price of Ethereum from $ 8.22 to $ 50 since the beginning of 2017. In fact, the cryptocurrency has acquired the second largest market after Bitcoin with an exceptionally huge number of investors.

Considering the increasing popularity of Ethereum among all other cryptocurrencies, the developers are trying to get the Ethereum Wallets increasingly secure and interestingly, they have been successful to a certain extent as well with a great deal of software support.

If you are up to dealing with Ethereum for the first time, here are few important points to keep in mind:

  • Ways to keep it secure.
  • The other currencies that you may trade in.
  • How convenient is it for you to trade using Ethereum?

Features of secure cryptocurrency wallets

  • Compatibility with multiple operating systems
  • Backup and restore is a.must
  • Active development community
  • The user interface should be exceptionally easy to use
  • The users should have a perfect control over their private keys

In case a wallet misses out on any of these features, this can be pretty problematic for you with a whole lot of risk surrounding your coins every time which is why it's extremely important to make sure that the wallet you choose has all the above-mentioned features in it.

To make things even easier, we are going to share a few of the Best Ethereum Wallets that meet all the above conditions as discussed by us. No matter you are a newbie or an expert, this is going to be a very important piece of information which will certainly worth your while in one way or the other.

Best Ethereum Wallets

Best Ethereum Wallets 2018


The hardware wallet Trezor supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies as Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin and more. Password Management, Two-step authentication, Signing Proof of ownership files and docs are some of the incredible features it comprises. Besides, the device is light, portable, water resistant and highly durable. 

The device keeps every single thing in it by far away from the risks of being hacked. Another stunning feature that it includes is the feature wherein a user can input a secret word to gain access to his email, keys, money, account, etc. Most importantly, the device helps you review transactions.

2.Ledger Nano S

This is another popular wallet for Ethereum and Ethereum classic apps. The wallet supports Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin and various alt-coins. Using this wallet, you can have multiple addresses for each currency. Considering the stunning features it offers, buying this device is really worth it. 

Conducting a transaction as simple as you can possibly think off and you only need to use a PIN and a physical button to confirm transactions and this protects it against any possible malware attack. Ledger is one the very first and best Ethereum wallets I use to store my coins. However, I keep some of my coins in exchanges for trading.

The wallet supports backups as well as other user-created software.


This multi-asset Mobile wallet supports 13 cryptocurrencies. It not only has an incredibly brilliant design but also, has very high levels of security. Users can have access to their wallets without having to do any verification. 

The user interface is extremely simple. All the private keys are stored in the machine with nothing shared with the Jaxx's server. Most importantly, The development community is persistently engaged in the maintenance of the wallet.


Exodus happens to be the first multi-cryptocurrency desktop wallet in the world. The wallet supports 7 cryptocurrencies which include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, etc.. The Shapeshift feature allows the user to conveniently exchange currencies.

However, for using Exodus, one needs to be constantly connected to the internet. The wallet has an elegant design with your entire portfolio displayed in a pie chart. It has an exceptionally easy to use U.I. 

The backup seed keys ensure high levels of security of your funds by helping you restore your wallet with just one click.


MyEtherWallet is an excellent open-source wallet which is absolutely independent of third-party servers in order to operate. You can run MyEtherWallet on an offline computer to create secure paper for your Ether holdings. What gives it a leading edge over the other wallets is the fact that no one else has any control over your Ethereum balance other than you.

Using the inbuilt BTC to ETH or ETH to BTC swap facility, you can conveniently connect to your Ledger Nano S or to your Trezor wallet to access your funds. The wallet also provides you with a chrome extension with an exceptionally brilliant interface for sending and receiving digital coins.


If you are one of those people who are comfortable with paper wallets, ETHAdress is certainly going to be a very useful wallet. It's an open source wallet. 

These printed paper wallets are specially designed to be used in the cold storage with both private and public keys printed on them. 

Also, you can choose additional privacy wherein one world needs to input a password in order to decrypt it.


KeepKey is probably the most expensive Ethereum Hardware wallet available in the market nowadays with a price of $120.  However, buying this wallet is worth it. It features a sleek design with a comparatively larger screen than the other popular Hardware wallet. 

The wallet supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Namecoin, and Litecoin. Also, it runs equally well on all the major operating systems including PC, Android, Mac, and Linux. The ShapeShift feature allows you to exchange assets directly. keepkey is one the simplest best ethereum wallets to use in 2020.

The wallet is a bit heavy and the body is made out of plastic which is why one needs to handle it with care.


I took few days to analyzes and present you the best ethereum wallets 2020 and Happy investing.

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