13 Best Fire Stick Apps 2022 Discussed

The Amazon Fire TV Stick gives you a great opportunity to enjoy watching television in a new way. Here comes the list of Best Fire Stick Apps 2020 for you to enjoy the most of Fire stick.

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Fire Stick gives you access to all the great streaming and live television programs that you want to work with. But one way to make the most of the Fire Stick is to work with the best fire stick apps available.

Using certain apps on Fire Stick is considered illegal by Governments of top countries and your Internet Service Provider (ISP), collect your info on your Fire Stick Usage. As, your IP Address is and visible to anyone on Internet including your authoritative governments , it's good to use VPN for better privacy and security.

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Best Fire Stick Apps 2020

Each of the apps that you will come across provides you with many functions. Some of them work for managing the features on your Fire Stick. Others concentrate on the programs that you can watch.

Many of these are free, but others cost extra to use. But regardless of what you choose to utilize, you will find that there are many good things to see when playing with the Fire Stick.

1. ExpressVPN – Most Recommended

You can use a virtual private network or VPN for accessing content in across the globe without restrictions. With this, you can change the location of the server to other countries, thus avoiding bothersome virtual blocks.

ExpressVPN is a great app and one of the Best VPN services to get started so that you can use to get online with the stick TV and reach different networks. Best of all, this provides you with the extra security you want to get off of a connection.

You will be listed as an anonymous user with your real IP address not being exposed. It becomes difficult for anyone to trace your online usage back to you thanks to ExpressVPN.

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But while ExpressVPN is convenient, it does cost extra per month to use. The system should work well for most of the requirements you have though.

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You can play back many movies and shows off of this app. The search feature is very convenient as well.

But to make Kodi work, you will need to get a VPN ready. This is where the next app comes into play.

2. Cinema APK for Firestick

If you are into free movies and TV shows, you would not want to miss out on Cinema HD APK for Amazon FireStick.

The app pulls quality streaming links for nearly all the content. It is also considered as one of the top alternatives to Terrarium TV, which was once very popular among Android APKs.

3. Netflix

You can download the Netflix app for the Fire Stick and get quick access to the popular streaming platform. The layout of Netflix is identical on the Fire Stick as it is with other devices.

The library of programming on Netflix is always expanding, thus giving you many options to work with.

What's more to talk about Netflix? It automatically deserves an place in Best Fire Stick Apps 2020.

4. Pluto TV

Get access to live TV through Pluto TV. This free app gives you access to various live channels. These include many streaming channels that are available quickly and effortlessly.

The channels are organized by category and provide everyone in the family with something fun to check out.

The great thing about Pluto TV is that it is a completely free system. It is supported off of advertisements between its programs.

This means that you will never have to pay anything extra to get this to work for you.

5. Watch ESPN

ESPN has been one of the top names in sports television for decades for best fire stick apps 2020. The Watch ESPN app lets you check out ESPN programming and other sporting programs live and in real time.

You can also get access to on-demand shows through this popular app.

This app requires you to subscribe to the service to get access to it. But after you reach it, you will have the opportunity to watch an extensive variety of programs that are airing on the ESPN family of networks.

You can get a seven-day free trial to see how it works beforehand so you can see if this is a suitable app for you to check out.


With YouTube being so ubiquitous in our lives, it is rather surprising to see that it is not available as an app for the Fire Stick.

But today you can get the YouTube app to work for you as a convenient tool on the Fire Stick to play back great streaming videos from the service.

The setup lets you search for videos, create playlists and much more. Best of all, YouTube is free to use. The service does have its own commercial-free setup where you can watch television on it, but that is a completely optional thing to get into.


Although Euronews started out as a program that gathers information on news from many broadcasters around Europe, it has expanded to include news access from other parts of the world.

This gives you quick access to many news programs of all kinds including ones in different languages. You can use the foreign language channels if you want to learn a new language and you need some practice with one.

8. Twitch

Twitch is another video streaming program worth exploring from the best fire stick apps. This program provides you with access to live streams of entertainment in many forms.

The program focuses mainly on video games for the most part as it has become a hub for people who stream games and gaming tournaments.

The service has expanded over time to include other types of videos as well, thus adding to the entertainment you will get from Twitch. Best of all, the channel is free to access.

9. Spotify

Not all of the best Fire Stick apps 2020 are made with videos in mind. You can also find music on the Fire Stick through Spotify. You can download Spotify, create an account and then listen to as much music as you want with it. You can save playlists as desired too.

You do not have to pay anything to use Spotify either. However, a paid version that works without advertisements is available as well.

10. TuneIn Radio

You can find streaming radio from all corners of the world off of your Fire Stick thanks to TuneIn Radio. The radio app lets you access tens of thousands of stations from around the world.

You can also find on-demand programs from many of these stations and touted to be the best Fire Stick Apps for radio streaming

You can search for stations based on where they are located and even on what sporting events are being broadcast on these stations.

You can get these stations to work based on anything of interest to you. Check out what works on this app when seeing something intriguing to listen to.

11. Downloader

The need to get all those channels downloaded onto your Fire Stick can be a challenge after a while. Downloader is a utility app that makes it easier for you to download things off of the Fire Stick.

Downloader helps you to organize the files that you download. It gives you quick access to a space where you can review, open and delete anything you have downloaded. You can review everything you are working with while also keeping corruption from being a threat.

You can also use Downloader to pause any downloads when you are struggling with trying to get a good network running. Downloader lets you stop downloads and continue them later on when your connection becomes a little better.

12.Mouse Toggle

Although the remote that comes with your Fire Stick provides you with a convenient way to reach people, you must look at how well the stick operates. The Mouse Toggle app gives you a special setup for making it easy for you to go forward and control things.

With Mouse Toggle, you will double-tap the play button on your remote to activate a mouse icon on the screen. You can then use the D-pad on the remote to control how the cursor on the screen runs.

You can use this to quickly get from one part of the screen to the next. It is a simple app that makes a real difference when you’re trying to get around from one part of an app to the next. It especially works well when you consider the last app on this list.


The Mozilla Firefox browser is the last choice to look at. This is an open source browser that has become a popular choice for use on many computers and mobile devices. With Firefox, you can get access to all your favorite websites through the Fire Stick.

The simple layout is identical to what you will find on other devices, thus giving you more control over your online experience with Firefox and definitlelt one of the Best Fire Stick Apps to get started

A Final Note

Be sure when finding Best Fire Stick Apps 2020 that you are aware of what is available for free and what you would have to spend money on. You can figure this out when looking for apps and reviewing their prices.

There are many apps that will provide you with more things to do with the Fire Stick. You just might discover when using the Fire TV Stick that there is much more to entertainment out there than what you might get out of cable.

Be advised that some paid apps come with free versions that do not have as many features as their paid editions.

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