Best Gaming CPU 2022 Reviews

You have many options to choose from when it comes to finding a quality of best gaming CPU. But you must look well when finding an appealing gaming that will help you to process all the data that you get out of a game.

A great Central Processing Unit is needed for helping you to get the possible power for your gaming needs. These include various models from Intel and AMD that will assist you in getting your content to load up well without being too hard to follow or set up.

But when finding a gaming device, it will be important for you to find a great model that that works for your needs. You need to look at many factors:

  • The number of cores. The cores refer to the individual computation units in your product that will process and load single content. Having enough cores helps to ensure you can run more programs in as little time as possible, but you need to make sure your proper number of cores that a game needs to run accordingly. Not all games use every core.
  • Socket support. The type of socket that your gaming device will use when linking to the rest of your computer is important. The LGA 2011 socket is popular for offering more memory support. But either way, the motherboard should have an appropriate socket for your read the content coming off of it while handling enough data as necessary.
  • Processing speed. The processing speed is measured in gigahertz. The clock rate refers to how quickly a can read more programs and functions at a time. You can expect to find a processor with various fast speeds.
  • Cache total. Although the cache total may sound small, it can make a difference as this refers to how more frequently accessed bits of data are secured at a time. A processor may handle a certain number of functions in a brief moment, but the cache helps to keep the total used from being too intense.
  • Cooling functionality. You will need something that helps to cool down the CPU. Some devices work with added fans that are built into their bodies, but other models will have to link up to dedicated fans that operate independently from the rest of what you are working with. Be sure to look at how well certain cooling functions may work on a CPU.

All of these points are useful to see when finding a gaming CPU. The following is a listing of the many quality gaming device that you can find today.

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Best Gaming CPU 

1. Intel Core i7-8700K

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The first option to find is this Intel processor. This hexa-core processor offers up to 4.7 GHz of speed and a 12 MB smart cache.

Overclocking functionality is included in this processor. The setup helps with managing the speeds that are needed for high-end applications. People can increase their game settings and play with faster frame rates when the overclocking setup works.

The control panel program included with this processor helps to allow the user to get data managed quickly.


  • The overclocking results are consistent
  • Does well with producing a more consistent framerate
  • The sturdy physical case keeps the unit from breaking apart or wearing out easily
  • Easy to install


  • This needs a good air cooler for added functionality
  • Tough to adjust the number of cores that will be used at once

2. Intel Pentium G Series 3.50 GHz

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The Pentium series of Best Gaming CPU processors from Intel continues to be vital to the field as this Pentium G model shows. The 3.50 GHz dual-core processor uses an LGA 1151 connection for added memory bandwidth, thus allowing more data to be read at a time.

The 3 MB cache feature allows for data to be located and loaded fast. But the most valuable part of this processor is its ability to work with VR and 4K displays. The works well with loading up the most consistent and frequently used functions at a time.

The device even comes with a dedicated fan. The fan helps with controlling the intensity of the heat being produced.


  • Convenient built-in cooling functionality
  • Runs well with most major hard drive models
  • Operates well at 60 fps at 1080p


  • Works on low profile computers; may not work for some larger models
  • You may need a larger monitor for the results

3. AMD FX-4300

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AMD is the best other major producer of gaming device alongside Intel. This quad-core model from AMD shows what makes the company a popular name in the field. AMD makes this model with a 3.8 GHz speed with 4.0 GHz overclocking functionality included.

Stronger audio encoding is a key functionality of this AMD. The audio encoding functions used here help to control how sounds are produced without being too hard to use.

This adds a comfortable design for getting sounds to come out well and quickly for many needs.This is work with when outside cooling materials are added.

But the speed on the FX-4300 can be expanded to up to 5.0 GHz when you use the appropriate cooling items. The added external heat sink support from the allows this work with more controls for handling data as it comes out.


  • Simple installation interface
  • Does not produce lots of noise
  • Has a minimal amount of power consumption, thus potentially reducing its heat total


  • Not much of a cache for use
  • Not too many core functions

4. AMD Ryzen 5 1600X

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The Ryzen 5 1600X processor is a model that offers a 4.0 GHz speed and uses six cores for managing more content at a time. The 16 MB cache adds more space for handling content while running with a 2.67 GHz system memory speed rating to help move the processor forward.

This uses an AM4 socket for getting onto a motherboard. The design on this model ensures a faster and more consistent connection for producing a better layout all the way through.

The Comes with a control panel that is easy to use and control. The design provides the user with a faster control setup that does not take much time to load up, thus making it a suitable choice for many needs.


  • Works well with most forms of memory
  • Renders high definition video and setups quickly and effortlessly
  • Does not produce lots of noise while working


  • Not all motherboards support the socket needed
  • Needs a separate thermal solution for added functionality

5. Intel Core i7-7800X

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The i7-7800X is another Intel choice that features six cores and can work with the Intel X299 chipset. The design works with many PCI Express units and will keep the speeds on the computer running fast.

The voltage found on each core is analyzed and tuned based on the needs the user has for running certain programs. The design improves upon how well content can be loaded up, thus ensuring a faster speed all the way through.

The convenient design of this model adds a better setup for most of the programs you wish to load. The 8.25 MB cache included here provides a better connection for handling more content.

The 4.0 GHz speed is also supported by the best Intel Turbo Boost system, a feature that identifies how individual cores work to produce faster speeds all the way through.

The LGA 2066 socket also improves upon how well data loads up, what with the connection offering a better memory bandwidth for allowing more data read by the processor to come up and work.


  • Operates with radio frequency support
  • Can work with large amounts of data at a time
  • Easy to adjust content around without risking any difficult issues in lag or streaming quality


  • Requires extra power for use
  • Needs a better cooler on the outside to allow the system to work well

6. AMD A6-6400K

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The last choice to see among the best gaming CPU is this model from AMD. The A6-6400K uses a strong 3.9 GHz speed and can work with the Radeon HD 8470D chipset for producing the HD video functions.

You can use this with an outside video card and still continue to function effortlessly and quickly. You can even use the included heat sink on this desired.


  • Convenient design
  • Loads streaming video quality well without causing delays or fuzzy images
  • Can work with many forms of external memory, although it runs with more memory is used


  • The internal heat sink is not as effective as external units
  • Comes with a high profile that may not work for smaller computers
  • FM2 or FM2+ socket required; the product does not support other socket options

Find the Best Gaming CPU?

You will need to get a quality of Best Gaming CPU 2022 is ready for your needs when looking to get the most out of your entertainment desires. Be sure you look at what is available and that you can find something appealing and attractive for many desires that you might hold.

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