Best Litecoin Wallets

Best Litecoin Wallets

With the continuously increasing popularity and worth of cryptocurrency in the digital market all over the world, it is hard to have not heard about Litecoin. Litecoin is the world’s first altcoin which is an alternative to the digital currency Bitcoin.

just wondering what's all the fuzz on Litecoin?

With the surge and downfall in the comparative prices of these peer to peer digital currencies, that are not regulated by any central bank, implying their decentralization; Litecoin is the only one that has managed to stay in the top 5 currencies consistently.

This has made Litecoin a very reliable form to invest and manage in the recent years. The question that now arises is how to find the best Litecoin wallet, which will be easy to use and access, and keep your Litecoins safe. Here is the perfect solution to your worries.

Now you can invest in the most precious cryptocurrency without any fear in your mind and let’s help you with the Best Litecoin Wallets.

A Litecoin wallet is the most important accessory you will need to keep a track of your investments, payments, and earnings which you have obtained through Litecoins. This forms the basic reason as to why your Litecoin wallet should be the best. This also forms a standard of what characteristics your wallet should have.

A Litecoin wallet should be developed by the trusted community or one that manages and upgrades it regularly. It should also have an interactive user interface, such that it is easy to use. Proper ways to restore your Litecoins should exist for a particular wallet.

You should be given the freedom to manage and control the recovery seeds. The Litecoin wallet should be able to work on various platforms. Given below are the Best Litecoin Wallets that will satisfy all your demands.

Ledger Nano S

A hardware wallet compatible with various digital currencies, it comes with an OLED screen that displays the information of the transaction. Two side buttons are present for confirming it.

It checks for integrity of the device before starting up, therefore, Ledger is not equipped with an anti-tampering sticker. Since your seed keys are kept offline away from the eyes of hackers, your Litecoins are safe with Ledger.

The 24-word recovery phrase you get when you configure it on first use is to be kept safely, it being the only way to restore your coins later.


Available only for iOS users, it is a mobile wallet; developed by the creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee. Providing great experience with a hassle-free interface, LoafWallet can be used easily.

Providing a 12-word seed key in order to restore the coins, loafWallet should definitely be the ideal choice for you as the best Litecoin wallet.

Electrum LTC

Electrum is a desktop based wallet, which is lighter and faster than some others. Electrum can be begun to use as soon as you get it, or download it. For security purposes, you will be given a 12-word seed which is to be kept in a protected manner, so as to recover your Litecoins at a later stage.

Another great trait of Electrum is that it gives you an option to ‘freeze’ your coins. This implies that no one can use this address to send Litecoins. With a not so clean user interface, Electrum is the best Litecoin wallet for experienced users and investors.


Though paper wallets are clumsy to use, Liteaddress is a Litecoin paper wallet, useful for you if you want to keep your funds secure for a long period of time, without altering them. Liteaddress is a website that allows you to create a paper wallet for your own personal use.

You can print and keep the seed key or private key and make several copies of it in case you lose one. These should be kept with utmost care at a very safe place out of reach anybody who is not on your trusted list.  


Another desktop based Litecoin wallet with the best user interface, and is free to use. Even with such ease of use, it provides perfect security by facilitating a 12-word seed key, which is required to recover the wallet like most other wallets.

There is a bonus for you if you use multi-currency as you can exchange them within Exodus. No doubt Exodus is one of the Best Litecoin Wallets which provide every feature you could need and is good for beginners too.


Another hardware wallet like the Ledger, Trezor differs slightly from it. It can be connected to your PC, or mobile via a USB cable. Since it was the first HD wallet, it holds a high reputation in the market.

Supporting other cryptocurrencies, Trezor also provides a 24-word security phrase or recovery seed for securing your Litecoins even in the offline storage. This seed is definitely needed to recover your wallet. Trezor is very easy to carry along, because of its lightweight.

These were the various Litecoin wallets available in either the online or offline market for storing and maintaining your Litecoin funds. There are many other options available, but these are certainly the Best Litecoin Wallets one can trust to keep their treasures safe and secure.

One point that is always to be kept in mind while using any kind of wallet is the confidentiality of the security key or recovery seed. Since all your Litecoins are connected to one thing, which the private key, you should take all security measures to keep it protected.

Always keep the key in more than one place, so that if one is not accessible at the moment, or by any chance is lost; the other is always available.

Choose the Litecoin wallet that suits you the best. With numerous options available, if you are confused about the best, choose the one that makes you feel at ease. The best Litecoin wallet is apparently the one gives you the sense of security and holds everything in place. If certain interface confuses you, then don’t go for it. Give your Litecoins what they deserve, the best!


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