The 10 Best LLC Services of 2020 (Reviews)

Finding the Best LLC Services has never been easy with a lot of companies now offering the services in 2020. However, after hours of analysis considering the factors like company history, customer support, successful formation rate and few other internal things, I'm pretty sure, these are the ten best LLC formation services available in the industry right now.

A limited liability company or LLC status can be essential for your business to utilize. An LLC will entail the owners not being liable for debts or liabilities within the company. It combines the qualities of a corporation alongside those of a sole proprietorship or partnership. You and your business will be seen as the same “person,” not to mention the process of handling the financial data and taxes will be easier to support. You will also be safe from being personally liable for any business debts that you might incur in the future.

You can hire an LLC service to assist you in setting up your LLC. The best LLC services you can hire for your work needs should be planned accordingly. The great news is that there are many agent services available for you to trust now.

(Note: All of the price totals here are based on the lowest charge you can spend with any of these LLC formation services. You will have to spend money on state fees, and the values of those fees will vary by state. Check the links on this report to learn more about each company and the charges they have for services.)

Best LLC Services

Your first choice to note is ZenBusiness, a company that will help you in finding an LLC setup that fits your business. ZenBusiness focuses on automated processes to simplify how anyone can form an LLC. The system keeps costs down, not to mention it facilitates a more customized approach to producing an LLC.

The LLC formation effort promoted by ZenBusiness includes a free name search. A state filing can be issued as well. The focus of the formation service is to ensure your business is compliant. You can also get access to the resources needed for identifying what is correct for work and how well you can get a budget and setup ready for business purposes.

You can establish an operating agreement, a setup that helps you identify the unique rules that will work in your business. You can also obtain an employer ID number or EIN from the IRS. You can use your EIN to open a bank account and to facilitate how your company can hire employees. The effort works for $39 plus whatever state fees are in your area, although it does cost extra to hire other services of value.

2.Inc Authority

You can find many free choices when looking for the best LLC services. Inc Authority is a free registered agent service that helps you get your business ready faster. The company provides this for free as a means of facilitating how well a business can form. The site concentrates on producing a more efficient approach to LLC formation, not to mention it gives you access to all the necessary documents and other forms of content you need. You will still have to spend money on state and Secretary of State fees, although you would still have to pay the state fee regardless of which LLC formation services you hire.

Inc Authority provides some of the best LLC formation services you can use, including a full name check that reviews your business name in various databases. The proper state-specific forms for your company will appear on the site as well. The service also provides regular notifications for legal documents and deadlines to meet, so you're always aware of what your business is doing.

You can also get a free funding analysis to identify your financing needs. The customer service feature lets you know what you can expect out of what you're planning for your business.

3.Northwest Registered Agent

The in-house professionals at Northwest Registered Agent will ensure you can create the best LLC setup for your business. You can download the necessary documents for your state. You can also contact the live customer service team when you need additional assistance.

Northwest will also protect your data. The security setup provided by the registered agent service ensures your business will not be at risk of losing its information.

You can choose from one of three LLC formation service packages when you contact Northwest Registered Agent. You can spend $79 plus state fees, although it costs extra for other services. You can spend $179 to get an operating agreement and an EIN ready. The premium package worth $199 provides same-day processing and shorter filing time.

Free customer support service is available for a full year after you sign up. It costs $125 every year after that, although there are no contracts involved in any of these packages. You can cancel the service at any time.

4.Swyft Filings

You will appreciate how Swyft Filings provides a sensible approach to how you can form an LLC. You can use Swyft Filings to facilitate the ownership process and to ensure all formalities involved with your business will be supported.

Every part that Swyft offers includes a company name check and verification service, a document filing with your Secretary of State, and online access to all your documents. You can also hire a dedicated business specialist to assist you in reviewing your registration efforts. Your registration agent can help you figure out what is suitable for your business and how your work plans will operate.

You can get Swyft to work for you for as little as $49. It costs $149 to get an EIN or $299 to support expedited filing and the electronic delivery of all your documents. You will also get a free domain name with any package you utilize. You can use the checker system to identify what domain is appropriate when you're aiming to form an LLC. Don't forget that you will also receive lifetime customer support.


The next option to see for your LLC is Incfile. The company offers a full registered agent service to help you with each part of getting your business off the ground. You can also enjoy lifetime customer support from the company to help you with everything you need extra help with after you form your business.

You can get a statement and resignation of the organizer through Incfile. The report lists the initial members of the LLC. You can use this when getting a checking account ready for your business, thus improving upon how well your business data will be made available and ready for use.

You will always get information on our LLC formation documents online. You can also compare reports by each state to figure out which state may be more comfortable for you to establish your LLC in.

You can use a free LLC incorporation service through Incfile. You can also spend $149 to get an EIN and added support in setting up your website. The highest-tier package is $299 and includes business contract templates to help you with managing an operating agreement and other points for your LLC.


Businesses can trust LegalZoom for their work needs. One unique part of LegalZoom is that you don't have to have a business name ready right away to use LegalZoom's services. You can start the filing process and then decide on the business name later. The plan ensures you'll have more control over the filing process.

LegalZoom provides PDFs of all the necessary documents needed for the business formation process. You can use individual files for your articles of organization, your operating agreement, and your EIN confirmation if desired.

You can share information with your registered agent about what your business is about and what business tax concerns you may have. The simple design of the setup is a part of why more than a million businesses have trusted LegalZoom for their needs.

You can hire the services of LegalZoom for as low as $49. The value will vary based on the number of services you wish to hire when you aim to form an LLC.

7.Rocket Lawyer

Your next option to look at when finding the best LLC services is Rocket Lawyer. You can form an LLC with Rocket Lawyer by answering a few questions, allowing the company to handle the LLC filing for you.

The system that Rocket Lawyer uses features LLC specialists who understand what your business requires. You can ask the customer support team to help you identify unique opportunities for work based on what your business can entail and utilize.

You can also contact Rocket about the lawyers on hand to help you with the filing process. Each legal support member can help you in finding what is appropriate for your business formation and establishment needs. You can also learn about how to establish a suitable operating agreement and how to arrange your content for formation, among other points. The assistance that Rocket Lawyer can provide you will ensure you have more control over your work needs.

The cost to get an LLC ready through Rocket Lawyer will vary based on the connection you incorporate and how well it works. You can expect to spend $49 or more on services depending on what you hire and what you wish to incorporate in your work.


The guidelines that BizFilings use when helping you to get online are easy to note. The service verifies the name of the business and also helps you identify appropriate names for your business and website. An agent can also help you identify the different classes of LLCs that your business might utilize. You can review full comparisons of all these choices to get a better idea of what is available and how you can benefit from an offering.

You can get six months of free registered agent services through BizFilings. The filing process is useful for businesses that wish to grow and move forward, although the quality of whatever you hire should be noted with care.

All LLC documents are prepared and filed by the experts at BizFilings. You will let the customer support team note what you are looking to get and how you're going to run the business. The registered agent service will help you confirm what you plan on using to make sure what you have is correct.

You can get an LLC ready for as little as $99 with BizFilings. The service has been in operation for nearly twenty years, so it should be easy for you to trust what the company has to offer. You can also find many add-ons to your service plan, including EIN support.


The next of the business services to hire is MyCorporation. With more than 20 years of experience, MyCorporation provides help for businesses and legal advice to those who need extra help. You can use the startup consultation service to identify what is suitable for your business plans.

You can set up your articles of incorporation and other business documents through the company. The team also has its Vault document storage system to help you keep your private data safe. All business documents are kept in the team's secure online storage space. You can use this to secure your annual filings and other things of value.

It costs $99 plus your state fee to enjoy what MyCorporation offers. You can also spend extra to get an annual report for your LLC or for access to a registered agent service.

The premium package for $324 includes the MaintainMyBiz service. The system lets you work with up to four business filings every year. You can use this to review the documents and packages you plan on incorporating in your work routine. All of these services are available in all 50 states.


Your last choice to find for an LLC is CorpNet. The company provides an upfront approach to its formation service. You can get the business formation services working in about ten minutes on average.

Each CorpNet package includes support for every state. You can ask to get an EIN ready for employer identification purposes as well. You can also work with the compliance experts at CorpNet to ensure your LLC stays up to date for all state business practices. You can use the compliance plans for filing taxes, renewing licenses, and getting your annual reports ready for use.

A full customization plan for adjusting your LLC is included, as you can plan a website and other documents for arrangement. The service provides full details on due dates for all the legal filings and other things you need to work with. You can use this to ensure you have full control over how well you're going to keep your data in check.

You can hire CorpNet for $79, you can get 60 days of free registered agent service. You can spend $69 extra to get an EIN ready. A deluxe plan for $199 includes the EIN support and the first year of registered agent service available for free. The most important part of what CorpNet offers is that it features a suitable plan for growth and evolution that ensures your business will stay afloat and functional all the way through.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best LLC Formation Services

1.Which LLC Is Best?

You can choose from many of the best LLC services around, but you have to ensure you know where you are going with your work. You can check on many service reviews to see what is suitable for your work needs.

The best choice for an LLC agent service based on the reviews here is ZenBusiness. The service that ZenBusiness offers is straightforward and provides the best business plans for your operation. The arranged system ensures that you'll get the correct data ready, not to mention the support for your employer identification number is critical for your success.

2.Where Is the Best Place to Set Up an LLC?

You have many options to consider for your business incorporation purposes. Every state has a distinct charge you'll have to spend for formation purposes. You would have to spend at least $50 in most states alongside whatever else you spend on a formation package.

You should look at the corporate tax rate to see what is suitable. Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nevada do not have corporate taxes.

You will not have to spend any money on income tax in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, or South Dakota. Don't forget about states with 5 percent or lower sales taxes like Oregon, New Hampshire, Utah (outside of Salt Lake City), or Montana.

You should avoid setting up an LLC is a more-populated state. Taxes in these states are much higher. Corporate tax rates in New Jersey, California, Connecticut, and Minnesota are close to 10 percent. While Ohio doesn't have a corporate tax, the sales tax rate is near 6 percent, plus the income tax rate rises when you earn more. Be sure to consider these points when finding formation packages that serve any state you wish to operate in.

3. Is IncFile Reputable?

You must also review how well each of the best LLC formation services can operate for your needs and that you're choosing options that fit your needs. A site that has been around for a while can help, but it is also essential to see how an LLC formation group can receive proper certification.

IncFile is one example to consider. The company was formed in 2004 and has served more than a quarter of a million businesses. The team also provides no contracts or hidden fees for business services. There are also compliance specialist services through the business and full formation review points throughout the business.

4. Do I Need An EIN For My LLC?

You are not obligated to acquire an EIN when working to form your LLC. It is recommended that you get your EIN ready. Your EIN is used to identify your business for federal tax purposes.

An EIN is necessary if you have employees and you are aiming to operate throughout the country. The EIN also makes it easier for you to get your taxes filed, not to mention it is easier to organize your data.

You may also require an EIN to get a checking or banking account ready for your business. The best LLC formation service for your needs can assist you in setting up an EIN.

A Final Word

Getting your business set up as an LLC can be essential, but you will need to look at the online LLC formation process when making it work. The options you've ready about here are all useful for many intentions, especially when it comes to your tax purposes. Be sure to look at the different agent service options that are available for your needs and that you can find a choice that is suitable for your work. Make sure you also confirm that you have an idea of what it would cost for hiring the best LLC service, as the packages available vary based on what's open for use.

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