Best Paper Shredders of 2022

You will have to get a useful Best Paper Shredders 2022 for your business site if you need help with keeping your business data secure. Although you can place any paper into a recycling bin, this could be risky when you consider the data that has been printed out.

By not shredding, your data, everything you have utilized at a time will be easily visible, thus making it easier for people to identify some of the most intricate and specific things happening within your business.

But the good news is that you can get all that sensitive data destroyed through the use of a Best paper shredder. The best part is that today’s best paper shredders are versatile and help you with destroying many bits of content that you might wish to get rid of.

Take a look at this listing of Best Paper Shredders in 2022 and you will find how well they can handle different shredding needs. These include models that can handle cards too.

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Best Paper Shredders 

1. Boxis AF100 AutoShred

#1 Best Best Paper Shredders

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The first of the shredders to use is this model from Boxis. The AF100 is designed mainly for businesses that have large-scale shredding needs, including groups that have massive archives that need to be shredded quickly through something other than just a standard shredding unit.

This model can handle as many as 100 sheets at a time. It operates at about 11 feet per minute, thus ensuring even the most extensive paper loads can be destroyed in little time. You can also use a manual feed intake that can hold as many as ten sheets.

The shredding mechanism cuts paper at a Din Level P-4 form. This means the pieces that are shredded are around 4 by 10 mm in size, thus ensuring the content would be extremely difficult for anyone to piece back together.

The motor can run for 20 minutes at a time. The extensive run time allows the shredder to work on shredding even the most difficult papers.

The waste bin can handle six gallons of paper at a time. You can pull the bin out or move it in with a simple handle.


  • Automatic start and stop features included
  • Overheating and overloading indicator lights
  • Wheels can be locked in place


  • Can be difficult to clean out
  • May heat up quickly

2. Fellowes 62MC

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Those who have basic shredding needs may utilize the Fellowes 62MC shredder. This uses slot that holds ten sheets at a time. This also uses P-4 security shredding for producing micro cut particles instead of the traditional lengthy strips that old shredders have produced.

The shredder comes with a five-gallon waste bin. The bin can be pulled out for quick emptying. The micro-cut system used by the shredder ensures that more waste can be stored into the bin before it has to be emptied. The micro-cut pieces do not take as much space as other items.

The compact body of the 62MC allows you to quickly move the shredder under a desk or any other compact spot. The shredder is around 18.75 inches in height, thus allowing you to add it into many tight spaces.

A safety lock is included on the top to disable the shredder when not in use. This ensures that children or pets will not be at risk of harm.


  • Can also go through staples and credit cards
  • Easy to use casters and wheels
  • Quiet operation


  • Only runs for about seven minutes at a time
  • May not work with some thicker sheets of paper

3. Aurora AU1200XD Compact Shredder

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The versatility of this Aurora, the Best Paper shredders is helpful for people who have many things other than sheets of paper that they need to get shredded. The Aurora shredder can handle up to twelve sheets of paper at a time, but it can also destroy discs, credit cards and even small staples and paper clips.

The opening includes a surface that can be opened to insert large amounts of paper at a time. A small slot can also be found when the opening is closed. The slot is suitable for discs.

An auto-reverse feature is utilized in cases where the shredder notices there is a possible jam getting in the way. This can stop the shredder to keep it from being at risk of harm. The design works even in cases where you use the five-minute continuous operation feature.

The 1.8-gallon bin on the bottom part of the shredder is translucent. This allows you to see what is inside the shredder before you add something into it. You can remove the base part of the shredder from the top when you need to empty out the bin.


  • Easy to pull out the bin
  • Warning lights let you know when something is overloaded or overheating
  • Simple interface for adding cards and other items


  • Not capable on many bins outside what it comes with
  • Can overheat fast if used for too long

4. Bonsaii DocShred C156-D

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An intriguing part of this Bonsaii shredder is that it works with a small handle on the top. The handle lets you transport the shredder anywhere you want to bring it. The handle also lets you open up the bin that comes in the bottom part.

The paper that goes through the Bonsaii shredder will be cut into particles that are 5 by 45 mm in size, thus adding to the potential capacity of the 5.5-gallon basket. That basket can be removed out well through the handle.

The automatic start feature can handle up to twelve sheets of paper at a time. A manual option is also included.

A thermal protection sensor is utilized to identify the operating temperature of the shredder. The design ensures that the shredder will not overheat or otherwise be at a risk of significant damage.


  • Also shreds cards, discs, staples, and clips
  • Simple lever interface
  • Slim design of the shredder lets you store it in many small spaces


  • The basket window is rather small
  • Particles not as small as what the P-4 standard uses

5. Honeywell 9312DS

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One thing about Honeywell that many people don’t know is that the company also makes office equipment. This paper shredder from the company is one example of what the company has to offer. This model operates with up to twelve sheets of paper at a time. It also has a dedicated slot for cards and discs. The slim slot can be found right above the main paper tray.

The three-position control lever lets you adjust the shredder based on your preferences. You can keep the unit on or off or set it to work with an automatic on/off feature. The shredder can work with a three-minute cycle time every 45 minutes on average.

The sensor identifies its temperature and shuts off when it becomes too hot. This keeps overheating from being a threat as you use the shredder.


  • Card and disc slot aligns items added well
  • The handle lets you remove the shredder for easy usage
  • 6.6-gallon waste basket offers a slim body


  • Cycle times are short
  • Small window inside the bin does not reveal much

6. Swingline Paper Shredder

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Swingline is known mainly for its staplers, but the company also makes paper shredders that match up well with those said staples. Each Swingline shredder you can find comes with a sturdy body that can handle up to 60 sheets of paper at a time.

You can also use the manual feeding slot to handle five sheets of paper. This works with P-3 shredding to create small bits of paper that cannot be pieced together, not to mention it increases the capacity within the shredder bin.

The loading bin for larger quantities of paper lets you align the paper in a flat layout. You would then close the bin and turn on the power to allow the shredder to go through each sheet. You will notice how well the papers are being shredded by watching them go into the bin through the rectangular window on its body.

The layout of this shredder comes with a simple design for taking in more items at a time. Separate slots for cards and paper are included. This all works with a body that is around 16.25 inches deep, thus providing you with a setup that can be secured under a desk.


  • Large window on the bin
  • Easy access to the bin
  • Cross-cuts cards and discs through a dedicated slot


  • Small bin at about four gallons in capacity

A Final Note

As you look for the best paper shredders 2022 for your use, you will have to look around to see what can work for your needs. There are many great choices for your use, but you should be aware of how well they may be utilized and that you have a good plan on hand for getting the most out of your work when taking care of difficult materials.

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