Best Satellite Speakers of 2022

Satellite speakers are among the most intriguing items you can add into a home theater system. These speakers are to be placed along the sides of a theater system. The design helps to produce surround sound that makes any listening experience where you are all the more exciting and fun.

The key part of a satellite speaker set is that it should carry the mid-bass up on your stereo system. By doing this, the set will project sounds well and create the best possible sounds that you are bound to love.

The options you have for satellite speakers are diverse and include several options that you are bound to love using. Be sure to see what choices are available so you can find something that fits perfectly with the demands you have for handling sounds.

Be advised that the functions of each of these speaker sets are varied and that they also come in various values. You have to look at what makes a satellite speaker valuable when finding something of use so it can be easier for you to manage the sounds you are aiming to set up.

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Best Satellite Speakers

1. Fluance AVBP2 

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You first choice to see is this Fluance satellite speaker set. This uses a bipolar surround sound layout that uses two full range setups. These two work with midrange sounds that are similar to what you would get from a subwoofer.

By using this layout, it becomes easier for you to get the sounds you want to generate organized well with an accurate setup for making your sound content work out right.

Two four-inch midrange drivers are included to produce a strong midrange setup. This works to create accurate tones that are similar to what you might hear at a large concert hall or movie theater.

A trapezoidal design is used on each of these speakers. The design allows the sounds that come out to move outward towards the rest of the room without the sounds being too hard to use.

Two one-inch neodymium balance tweeters are also used on this speaker setup. Neodymium has been a popular metal for use in tweeters thanks to its ability to conduct energy without taking up lots of space. The signals generated by the neodymium tweeters add the most power possible.

  • Rubber surrounds included on the woofer
  • Each speaker weighs around seven pounds
  • Frequency response from 130hZ to 20kHz
  • Handles power from 20 to 100 watts

2. Polk Audio Signature S15

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These satellite speakers are small enough to fit on your bookshelf, but they produce intense signals that make them fit with your home stereo system. The one-inch terylene tweeter produces a high-frequency response that runs well. the terylene material does not wear out from the vibrations produced on the setup.

5.25-inch polypropylene cones are included for clean bass sounds. These sounds produce a stronger mid-range setup that adds an outstanding setup for your audio needs. The power port on the back part of each speaker produces a deeper bass response than what you would find on other devices.

This creates a strong bass setup without creating distortion or sound turbulence in the process.

  • Frequency from 50Hz to 40kHz
  • Each speaker is about 10 inches high
  • Smooth surface does not develop dust
  • Hardwood body keeps the unit from vibrating or shaking too much while in use

3. Goldwood Acoustic Audio AA321B

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The simple design of this satellite speaker setup is a little smaller in size, but it is suitable for budget setups that require help with getting laid out right without having to break the bank to make it work.

The ABS construction is a popular feature that keeps the speakers strong. These are about five inches in size at their longest length, but they consistently produce strong sounds.

The 2.5-inch polypropylene full range woofers allow sounds to come out evenly without producing difficult signals. This runs with a 150Hz to 20kHz frequency response to produce a dynamic sound that adds a prominent setup.

This may work with a swivel wall attachment. This comes with the speaker setup and makes it easier for you to produce a strong layout for moving things around. A series of spring loaded wire terminals are also found on the back part so you can get the system connected up to a strong surround sound system.

The design generates a strong layout that you are bound to love working with.

  • 8 Ohm impedance
  • Produces 400 watts of power
  • Solid body absorbs shocks and prevents disruptions from occurring within its setup

4. Leviton AESS5-BL Architectural Edition

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Some of the satellite speakers you will find include single speakers designed with expansion needs in mind. This Leviton speaker can work well with an existing speaker setup, but it does even better when you have a second speaker added next to each.

Each Leviton speaker uses a two-way magnetically-shielded layout that projects sounds in multiple directions. A 2.5-inch woofer produces a high output while a half-inch tweeter helps with other frequencies.

The smooth sounds produced by the speaker generate enough energy to work throughout your entire room. The design also works with a crisp shield that allows sound to move out carefully without any static features possibly moving out and away from the speaker setup.

  • Comes with a full mounting stand with support for going on a wall
  • Mesh shield protects all the features on the inside
  • Simple connection setup offers a careful body

5. Bose 161 Speaker System

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The intriguing layout of this Bose 161 speaker system adds a fine appearance that is suitable for many needs. The curved bodies of these speakers add a nice touch.

The 2.5-inch Twiddler drivers produce better sound while using more air that come from smaller enclosures. By using added air, it becomes easier for the speakers to keep on working and to move out well. This allows the sounds from the speakers to move out well and to produce clear sounds.

The Twiddler system works on the highest frequencies, but the added air produced makes those frequencies capable of spreading out well in the air without obstructions or difficulties as they work.

The Articulated Array driver system from Bose has drivers that are positioned along the curves to allow the sounds to move out well. The sounds move from the speakers at a larger angle, thus adding extra support for handling sounds. The stereo sounds are balanced and add a comfortable surface that adds a fine sound appearance.

  • Self-adhesive rubber feet support a comfortable grip
  • Thick shield prevents dust from entering the speakers
  • Works with various types of wires, although thicker wires are needed when going longer distances

6. JBL Professional 52-WH

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This pair of white speakers works as satellite speakers that focus on adding power to the subwoofer. The speakers are compact and will fit well onto a walled surface to create a better grip for handling your speaker setup. The speakers can also tilt from their bases to the left and right, thus making it easier for sounds to carry around well in your home.

The 16 Ohms impedance rating produces enough energy without distortion. The units also support many frequencies from 140Hz to 20kHz. This adds a better layout for deep sound and can also work well with other larger JBL speaker systems.

The 60mm driver produces a minimal distortion setup. A secondary magnet is included on the inside to create a more efficient sound. An aluminum wire voice coil is also added with a high fidelity setup that is reliable and easy to support. The high frequency responses produced here add to the power of the speaker setup to create a better sound all the way through.

This is all accentuated with a copper-capped pole piece. This keeps the impedance constant without that measurement shifting around while in use. The high frequency response produced by the pole piece adds a consistent setup that moves sound appropriately and cautiously without the sound being hard to manage.

  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to clean off
  • Swivels at up to 45 degrees on each side
  • Concentrates mainly on subwoofer functions


Having Best satellite speakers is a great idea when you consider how well the setup you work with is laid out. You might be intrigued as to how well the setup for your work is laid out and that you have something appealing and easy to work with. But you must still take a look around to see what is available for your use.

Watch for how well the satellite speakers you find for your home use are organized. You can come across various types of satellite speakers that produce sounds that are crisp, deep and intense. These add power to your stereo system, but you must also look at how well any setup you have to use is carefully organized without being a challenge for your use.

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