10 Best Smart TV Under 20000 In India 2022

If you are looking for the best Smart TV under 20000 rupees, then you have come to the right place. Friends, don't worry, in this article we have picked some best Smart TV under 20000, which are superb in quality and have four-plus ratings out of five.

So have a look at this review quickly.

Best Smart TV Under 20000 In India 2022

1. OnePlus 32-inches Y Series Smart TV 32Y1

In our honest opinion, the OnePlus 32 inches is the best Smart TV under 20000 in India 2022. It has surprised all by releasing an entry-level smart LED Smart TV below 20,000 rupees. A Smart TV has minimal bezels, HD display, and decent build quality.

The OnePlus 32Y1 Smart TV is like a treat to your eyes as it has vivid imagery with a high color range of DCI-P3 93% and a 20% wider color gamut. With the OnePlus Smart TV, you can get a lifelike cinematic color and fascinating visuals.

The television uses an advanced Gamma engine to produce unmatched visual quality and alive your viewing experience. You will get the finest picture quality with real-time optimization of your content. Other features are Noise reduction, color space mapping, dynamic contrast, and anti-aliasing.

The OnePlus Y series Smart TV has a screen-to-body ratio of 91.4%. The screen sports 1366×768 pixels resolution and has 60 hertz of refresh rate. Its display offers an HD-ready digital video format. It is provided with a bezel-less design and has an exquisite picture quality to make you feel every movement.

Dolby Audios are rich and powerful and give an immersive in-depth sound experience. It is an intuitive and intelligent Android system where you can voice command the television through Google Assistant and access a vast range of apps and OTT content. There is 20W sound output with Dolby Audio enhancement for crystal clear sound quality. The television uses Android OS and runs on a Mali470 triple-core Graphics processor.

You can use Google assistant effortlessly with a simple click on a button and use Google Assistant in either English or Hindi or other eight Indian languages to get all the updates on the weather news and much more. There are two HDMI ports, two USB ports, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for connectivity needs.

The OnePlus Smart TV features shared albums that allow you to share images from your phone directly to your television, irrespective of where you are. And with the oxygen play feature, you can get a complete home theater experience with a fantastic entertainment lineup from their premium content partners.

2. Samsung 32-inches Wonder Smart TV UA32T4340BKXXL

Samsung 32 inches Wonder is a premium Smart TV you can buy for under 20000. This Samsung LED Smart TV is loaded with plenty of features. The 32-inches HD-ready Smart TV by Samsung has a 60 Hz display, and the Smart TV claims HDR support.

There is a personal computer mode on the Smart TV to convert the television into a typical personal computer. By this, you can do all sorts of work like working from the cloud, mirroring your monitor on the big screen, and remotely accessing your working computer.

Now watch your music come to life as soon as you turn your television into a virtual music system. This Smart HD-ready LED Smart TV from Samsung will give you an incredible experience for your music playlist. The virtual music system comes in three different color tones. Thus, your music beats will sound better and look better.

There is also a screen mirroring feature to play music and videos from your mobile phone onto the big screen. You have to do this by selecting Samsung smartphones. You can enjoy HD Smart TV in this digital era. It has a high definition with vivid and crisp details. After using this, you can never go back to any Smart analog TVs.

The display screen is of resolution 1366 × 768 pixels. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) levels up the bright expression of the television, and you can enjoy every visual detail even in dark scenes. The Smart TV runs on the Tizen operating system and is powered by the Hyper Real Graphics processor. It has 1.5GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage space.

The PurColor features enable the Samsung Smart TV to show a vast range of color palettes for optimal picture performance and give an immersive viewing experience. The television has 20 Watts of audio output that produces mighty stereo sound. The speakers are supported by Dolby digital plus sound configuration.

There are two HDMI ports, one USB port, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, and Ethernet. An Ultra clean view feature creates less distortion by utilizing an advanced algorithm to analyze original content and brings flat images to life by adjusting contrast and offering incredible picture quality with depth.

3. Amazon Basics 32-inches HD Smart TV AB32E10SS

The AmazonBasics 32 inches HD is an affordable Smart TV available under 20000 in India. It is a 32-inches Smart TV with an HD resolution. The screen has a resolution of 1766 × 768 pixels, and it has 60 hertz of refresh rate. The television gives an immersive viewing experience in picturesque imagery and has Live Smart TV with in-built Alexa and voice search.

The anti-aliasing feature, dynamic contrast, backlight, and MPEG noise reduction property deliver a new and in-depth experience. A Mali450 Quad-Core Graphics processor powers the television, and the operating system used is FireOS. Along with it, there is 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal memory.

It has a 178-degree wide-viewing angle so that the whole family can enjoy a theater-like experience from home by being together. Advanced picture processing, amlogic 7th Gen imaging, ultra-bright screen, and A+ grade LED panel.

As far as the television's audio is concerned, there are two speakers with 60 Watts of sound output, and it supports Dolby Audio. The DTS Tru surround sound will relish out-of-the-world clarity and depth with a rich sound that moves around you, providing a proper surround sound facility.

With the display mirroring feature, you can mirror images, videos, or games from your smartphone to your television. You can also use Alexa to set timers while watching Smart TV. In addition to that, you can also protect the contents for your children by enabling parental control launch apps and letting your children view content based on rating restrictions for all the supported apps. 

The advanced data monitoring support for fixing video quality streaming, and one can also set data alerts to track your data usage. You will get two HDMI ports, two USB ports, and Wi-Fi in terms of connectivity.

With the AmazonBasics Smart TV, you will get their particular Fire Smart TV remote that initiates voice search and enables Prime Video, Netflix, and access to open apps in between recent apps by the touch of a button.

4. Kodak 40-inches Full-HD Smart TV 40FHDX7XPRO

The Kodak Android LED Smart TV under 20000 in India is a 40-inches full Android Smart TV. It highlights a stylish, thin and sleek bezel design. The Smart TV offers a screen resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and has an aspect ratio of 16:9. It has a screen brightness of 500 nits that delivers excellent picture quality with sufficient contrast.

The Smart TV successfully provides the best entertainment with its powerful built-in 24 Watts speakers and makes sure that every sound is heard loud and clear at every corner of the room. The television is powered by a Cortex A53 Quad-Core processor and Mali450 GPU that offers a seamless and pleasant viewing experience.

It runs on Android 9.0 OS so that you can experience the full capability of your television. With the voice-enabled remote, powerful hardware, home automation, along thousands of apps that let you enjoy your favorite content will be the best source of entertainment.

There are superior gaming visuals as the Smart TV provides an immersive visual experience by various levels of contrast to different areas that can give outstanding imaging depth. The processors used in the Smart TV will let the Smart TV run at lightning speed to make your viewing experience very smooth and enjoyable.

There are three HDMI ports, two USB ports, and Wi-Fi for all your connectivity requirements. So now you can enjoy watching television the way you like by the multiple connectivity options. The Kodak Android LED Smart TV remote is sleek, slim, and decently designed that completely fits your palm. The remote comes with dedicated tabs for Google Assistance, Prime, YouTube, and Sony LIV.

5. TCL 32-inches Android Smart TV 32S65A

TCL 32S65A is the most popular Smart TV one can get under 20000 in India. This Smart TV from TCL has a 32-inches display screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. It is one of the best smart LED Smart TVs that you can get at the given price range as it is just a perfect size Smart TV for your office or room.

The television supports HDR, which maximizes picture contrast, enhances picture details, fills vibrant colors to life, making you watch all your favorite movies and shows in mind-blowing fact.

A Quad-core CPU powers it. There is a Dual-Core GPU with 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage for multi-tasking and smooth operations. There is Dolby Audio and an in-built 20 Watts stereo box speaker that delivers rich, clear, and powerful surround sound with Dolby decoder technology, thus enhancing the Smart TV's overall sound quality.

Since it is a bright LED Smart TCL TV, there is an in-built Google Play store from where you can get all your favorite apps and watch all your loved content by browsing the web. You can enhance your entertainment from Netflix, youtube, prime vIdeo, and much more.

A+ Grade full HD display panel meets all the industry requirements for ensuring transparent, detailed, and rich picture quality. And with the HD-ready resolution, you can have every detail for clear and crisp picture quality.

The micro dimming property of the television analyses the Smart TV content in 512 separate zones and by adjusting the brightness and darkness separately. The technology, as mentioned above, ensures a fantastic viewing experience with contrast and vivid picture quality.

The television is also supported with Chromecast to send content to a bigger and better screen. This will let you enjoy all your favorite videos and games from your smartphones in full quality to your Smart TV.  for this, you have to tap on the cast button on your Android or iOS screen, cast your content by browsing your phone or tablet.

6. Kodak 42-inches Smart TV 42FHDX7XPRO

Kodak 42 inches is a stylish Smart TV under 20000 from Kodak in India. With the Kodak 42-inches smart LED Smart TV, you will get a brilliant display. It produces vivid visuals with accurate, authentic colors, improved brightness, and enhanced contrast to deliver a fantastic viewing experience.

It is a LED screen with Full-HD digital video format and comes with 1920 × 1080 pixels resolutions, and it has a 60-hertz refresh rate. The television is very elegant in its look because of its stylish bezels design, which will blend very well with your room aesthetics.

There are powerful in-built 40 Watts woofer speakers that ensure you hear every sound in complete detail. Thus, you can create your theater at home with all the perfection flowing, and there will be the best cinematic experience.

It runs on an Amlogic processor, and because of the used chipset, you can have a seamless gaming experience. The Smart TV offers an immersive and seamless visual experience by fixing various contrast levels on different screen areas to obtain an outstanding image depth.

An Android 9.0 processor powers the Smart TV. And the Cortex A53 quad-core processor, along with Mali450 GPU, will help the Smart TV run at a lightning-fast speed that will make your entertainment more smooth and enjoyable. You can find your favorites faster with the Voice search feature and can jump right on the show or movie just by saying its name, or you can also try browsing by searching with a voice search. Just press the voice button on your smart remote to get started.

There are multiple connectivity options for your ease, like three HDMI ports, TWO USB ports, Wi-Fi, HDMI, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. The Kodak Smart LED Smart TV also comprises 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal memory.

7. Onida 32-inches HD Smart TV 32HIF1

Onida 32 inches is a must-try Smart TV under 20000 from Onida in India 2022. We can say that Onida has introduced India's first fire Smart TV edition by launching Onida 32-inches 32HIF1 Smart TV. And Onida's fire Smart TV edition is getting smarter day by day. This Smart TV is the best example of being innovative and simple simultaneously. And with the new Alexa skills and features through automatic air updates, you will always have the latest of everything.

Plus, you can enhance your entertainment experience by efficiently regulating your smart home devices like controlling the lights or setting the AC temperature without getting up from the couch with Alexa.

You can have endless entertainment by having access to an ever-growing selection of streaming content from a massive catalog of movies and shows on Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5, SonyLIV, and many more. The 32-inches LED display is HD-ready; it has 1366 × 768 pixels resolutions and a 60-hertz refresh rate.

With the display mirroring property of the television, you can easily mirror images, videos, and games from your smartphones to your Smart TV screens. It has 20 Watts built-in speakers and 20 RMS with superior sound clarity to clarify the minimalist sound speakers. The speakers are supported with Dolby Audio and DTS TruSurround congratulations.

You can enjoy in-depth and crystal clear sound quality with a rich sound that moves around you, giving an authentic surround sound experience. It is powered by FireOS operating system and runs on a Mali450 graphics processor. There is 1GB RAM and internal storage of 8GB.

The multi-core processor delivers lightning performance and gives extra power for quick web browsing and easy multi-tasking. There is also Live Smart TV so that you can find Live Smart TV content from your favorite OTT apps and channels in a separate tab on Fire Smart TV.

The Live Smart TV tab will remove the need for users to go to separate apps for watching different Smart TV channels. By this, you can easily navigate through all the live channels and get access to them. And for seamless home entertainment, many easy connectivity options include three HDMI ports, one USB port, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

8. Shinco 39-inches HD Smart TV SO40AS

The Shinco 39 inches is a recent Smart TV from Shinco under 20000 in India. It comes in a 39-inches display with a screen resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels and 60HZ of refresh rate. The Shinco Smart TV has built-in Alexa, and by this, you can command your Smart TV and stay updated. You can ask for weather reports, play news, control volume, set alarms, personalize reminders, and search through entertainment content.

The Smart TV uses 16.7 million colors with Quantum Luminit technology. The Quantum Luminit display produces more colors with finer gradation and fine details. It will give you authentic picture quality with millions of colors at work.

There are box speakers with beast-like sounds. The audio is powered with a 20 Watts output sound. You will get to feel the difference every time you start the Shinco Smart TV. The television uses Mali 400 Dual-core Graphics processor. It is an A-35 quad-core processor that runs four times faster than before for a swift and smooth experience. It sports 1GB RAM and 8GB of ROM for additional speed and space.

The Uniwill UI with Android 8.0 OS is getting more innovative day by day as you can access 20,00,000+ hours of content across genres of movies, music, videos, Smart TV shows in different languages, so you will never run out of options. And with Alexa, you can open any apps on Smart TV or search and play content with your voice by holding the mic button.

You can have a completely hands-free experience with Shinco Smart TV by connecting the Alexa Echo device with the television. Go complete wireless with Bluetooth connectivity. 

All the Bluetooth-enabled devices like speakers, headphones, soundbars, and more can be connected wirelessly to the Shinco Smart TV. There are three HDMI ports, two USB ports, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, and Ethernet for more connectivity needs.

9. Kevin 43-inches FHD Smart TV KN43ALEXA

Kevin 43 inches is the latest addition to our best Smart TV under 20000 list. Kevin brand is a pioneer in manufacturing LED televisions. Their televisions are equipped with advanced technologies, and you will get immersed in a never-before-like watching experience. The company was established in 1978 by starting its manufacturing process on a microscopic scale. The brand is working on the flagship of Beston Sky Vision Pvt. Ltd. company.

It is a 43-inches superior technology Smart TV that accelerates the quality of colors on the LED Smart TV screen display using Quantum Lucent technology. You will have a breathtaking experience and can watch all your favorite shows with the QL technologies that bring reel life to real life.

It has a Full-HD display of 1920 × 1080 resolution that provides high-quality pictures and near to real-life color contrast. It comprises certified Smart TV apps that you can access from cloud Smart TV, and the Cinewall feature is topped with Alexa ability so that you can never run out of entertainment options.

The Smart TV uses Android OS with a Mali 400MP2 graphics processor. It sports 1Gb of RAM and 8GB of ROM. There are 20 Watts output speakers that come in-built in the television, and it will allow you to produce stereo sound speakers and create powerful audio. There are three HDMI ports, two USB ports, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, and Ethernet.

10. Philips 32-inches HD Smart TV 32HT6815/94

Philips 32 inches is everyone’s favorite Smart TV under 20000 in India 2022. It is a Philps 6800 series Smart TV with a pixel plus HD engine that optimizes the picture quality to deliver precise and crisp images and beautiful contrast. So whether you are streaming online or offline, you will always enjoy sharper and brighter images with deeper blacks.

The HDR 10 redefines in-home entertainment. You can experience the sensory journey because of its advanced processing power. View the richness and liveliness of the content just as the creator has designed.

You can enjoy every content on Philips 32HT6815/94 TV without any hindrance of a black frame around the Smart TV screen. The display screen is 1366 × 768 pixels of resolution and offers 50 hertz of refresh rate. It is a genuine art masterpiece, which you can have in your room.

It runs on the SAPHI operating system that is fast and intuitive and makes your Philps Smart TV an absolute pleasure to use. Enjoy the excellent picture quality with one-button access to clear the icon-based menu. The Smart TV is powered by Mali G52 700 MHz Graphics processor. With the Miracast functionality, you can stream the contents from one screen to the other.

There are 12 Watts of in-built speakers supported by DTS HD and Dolby Audio surround sound. This means your contents will sound gloriously natural on your Philps Smart TV. for connectivity, and there are 3 HDMI ports, two USB ports, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

After all, this is the age of smart LED Smart TV. Technology is changing, and so does the Smart TV. From black and white to colored, box televisions to slim television, LCDs to LEDs, and now Smart TVs. In the 20k budget, you can purchase a Smart TV with Full-HD resolutions and HD-ready resolutions. The size of the Smart TV can be between 32-inches and 43-inches. And there will be a good array of connectivity options.

Further, if you wish to explore more and budget is not your concern, have a glance here: Best Smart TV Under 25000.

Final Words

Which of these models has attracted you the most? According to us, the OnePlus 32-inches Y series LED Smart TV is the most potent smart LED Smart TV in the 12k price range because of its wider color gamut and advanced gamma engine.

We hope that our detailed review article will help you select the best Smart TV under 20000. You should first clear your requirements and then check the different additional features offered along with the product. Have Fun, while shopping for your first Smart TV.

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