7 Best Stereo Receiver Under $300 With 4K (2021)

Having a great Best Stereo Receiver under $300 with 4K 2021 in your home is important, but it is even more essential for you to have a receiver that offers 4K support. A stereo receiver that runs with a 4K setup will provide you with support for the best picture and audio quality possible.

Best of all, many of the latest theater-quality standards for handling content can be supported by your receiver. Working with a unique and useful setup is a necessity for giving you the help you require for making your work stand out.

The best part of finding stereo receivers with 4K support is that they don’t have to cost lots of money to get. You can find many stereo receivers for less than $300 on the market today. Just look at these appealing choices to see what can work for your needs as you aim to get the most out of your content.

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7 Best Stereo Receiver Under $300 With 4K Support

Be aware that these choices are different based on what audio and video coding systems they can support. But as you look around to see what is available, you will notice many attractive systems that add a strong approach where you can handle your content and make it stand out as you see fit.

1. Denon AVRS530BT

Denon AVRS530BT AV Receiver

Denon AVRS530BT AV Receiver

  • Budget Conscious Receiver 
  • Bluetooth Control for easy connectivity
  • HDMI Switching without Powering up the receiver 

This first choice is a 5.2-channel model with Full 4K support that is available for $229. This offers five HDMI ports and support for a 60 Hz pass-through with three inputs. HDCP 2.2 signal support is included for encrypting data and keeping it stable.

The Bluetooth on this setup is built into the main body. This allows you to stream music from any device that is compatible. The organization helps you to add to the entertainment that comes out of this unit.

A front USB port is added for your convenience. It can read many major file formats including the MP3 and WMA formats. Denon is one of the best stereo receivers under 300 2021 with 4K support.

You can also get quick access to different devices in your home through the four Quick Select buttons. These buttons provide you with support for handling many different ports and connections as desired. This adds a convenient layout for getting your content read on a system.


  • Easy to set up
  • Enough HDMI inputs for most devices
  • Convenient control configuration at the front


  • Cooling fan can be noisy
  • Takes a bit for signals to be read

2. Yamaha RX-V383BL

Yamaha RX-V383BL AV Receiver

Yamaha RX-V383BL AV Receiver

  • Amazing 4K Ultra HD Video with HDCP
  • Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Music Playback
  • Incredible Contrast with vibrant Colors

The RX-V383BL is the next option to look at. This Yamaha model is available for $219, but do not be fooled by the low price. This offers high-end support for 4K video and surround sound and works well on many home theater setups.

The 5.1-channel surround sound support is paired with 4K Ultra HD support. HDCP 2.2 support is also included to keep the content stable with a secure connection all the way through.

YPAO sound optimization is used for tuning the content on your device in a positive way. The design gives you more control over how you hear music and other signals. The YPAO setup reviews the acoustics in your room and adjusts the treble, bass and other features based on those readings.

In return, the sound is produced with optimal settings for helping you get signals read well. Also, the strong dynamic range provides you with extra control over how you hear things without problems.

While you can pay three hundreds of dollars for an stereo receiver we've focused on the best stereo receivers under 300 2021 for new models under $300.

The discrete amp setup gives you a better audio performance all the way through. The low-jitter circuits prevent static and disorientation in the sounds from coming about. The setup creates a stable sound all the way through.

The Extra Bass option lets you configure when the bass sounds on your speaker setup are handled. This works best with a subwoofer, but it can also work with the front speakers.

The receiver will identify the speakers that are linked to the setup and give you more control over how well the sounds are projected, thus giving you a stronger connection for managing your content as you see fit.


  • Links up well to most 4K television sets
  • Keeps extremely loud noises from standing out too much
  • Has a Bluetooth feature


  • Does not have a dip switch
  • Complicated interface makes it a challenge to link items up

3. Sony STRDH590

Sony STRDH590 AV Receiver

Sony STRDH590 AV Receiver

  • High Dynamic Picture Clarity
  • Digital Cinema with auto-calibration
  • Flexible and Bluetooth enabled Surround Sound

This is a 5.2-channel model from Sony that comes with a Bluetooth connection. This all comes with a $278 value.

Although the audio features offered here are appealing, it is the picture-based points on this that make the Sony STRDH590 special. Dolby Vision support is included in this model.

Dolby Vision works with help for producing deeper blacks and stronger highlights on the 4K video. The beautiful image that the setup supports pairs well with the 4K HDR pass through and the 5.2-channel layout. Sony, another best stereo receivers under 300 with 4K.

Speaking of which, the High Dynamic Range feature is vital to see. The HDR setup lets you view images with a strong contrast. It gives you a brighter image while enhancing shadows all around.

The HDR10 setup and the Hybrid Log-Gamma controls analyze the color signals that go through, thus creating a good image that is bright without being tough to use.

This all comes with multiple speaker and audio plugs. Optical, coaxial and antenna ports are also included. Sony designed this receiver to help you produce better audio and picture quality on your television set.


  • Offers HDCP 2.2 support
  • Basic interface offers a simple approach
  • Versatile inputs offer support for more stereo systems and 4K sets


  • Center channel can struggle at times
  • Automatic timer can shut off at random if not managed well

4. Pioneer VSX-532

Pioneer Surround Sound A/V Receiver

Pioneer Surround Sound A/V Receiver

  • Convenient interface offers a simple approach
  • 4 HDMI ports
  • Faster Operation even when all ports are used



Pioneer makes this surround sound receiver with a design that supports 4K signals with Ultra HD pass-through signal support. The 5.1-channel design uses the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD support setups to create the most vibrant sounds possible. The Bluetooth support on the inside adds extra help for keeping your content arranged and organized well.

The MCACC tuning feature is a vital part of this Pioneer model to see. The Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System engineered by Pioneer uses a customize microphone inside the receiver.

The microphone will read speaker size differences and adjust the response based on the distance between objects as sound waves move along. By identifying how sounds travel in an area, it becomes easier for the receiver to work towards finding content and making it easier to load up.

If you want great sound from a separates speakers systems, you need to choose a quality of best stereo receivers under 300 for same amplifiers.

A front USB input is also included in this receiver. You can use a memory stick in the receiver to hear anything of interest to you. The simple approach here adds a convenient design.

This is also one of the cheaper models you can find on the market. This is available for as little as $199.


  • Convenient interface offers a simple approach
  • Works with four HDMI ports
  • Does not slow down in operation even when all the ports are used


  • Does not automatically pass through HDR content
  • Takes a while for it to power up

5. Pioneer VSX-832

Although this Pioneer model is more of a high-end choice than the previous one you read about, this Pioneer choice comes with a good value at around $289.

The 5.1-channel unit is popular for supporting the Dolby Atmos sound setup. The Atmos uses zooming effects to move sounds from the best stereo receivers 2021 for used in left to right speakers all rounded. The sound processor works with audio signals and identifies where they appear on the screen to move content around.

This creates a more realistic approach to how you hear the sound on the setup. This does require some additional power amps for it to work, but this adds a convenient approach to your content when used right.

The Reflex Operator works on the Atmos setup to give you more control over how sounds are played back. With this, sound images are localized as the frequencies are organized alongside the floor speakers. This creates more accurate sounds when engineered right.

Here are the best stereo receivers Under 300 for two-way channel speakers that delivers the exceptional power and sound quality for a full range of listening …

This does work best if you have more speakers scattered around many places around your room where you will use the receiver in. But when used well, the speakers will project the sounds you want to play back quite well. This adds an outstanding approach to handling your content as you see fit.

The receiver still works with many of the added features that Pioneer makes including its MCACC tuning setup. The support this setup offers for 4K HDR and Dolby Vision signals adds to the quality of the setup.


  • Dolby Atmos offers a more realistic sound setup
  • Works with subwoofers, although those may be optional
  • Better sampling support
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi support included here; this links to many streaming platforms


  • Does not well in some large rooms
  • May not work well on some older audio programs

6. Onkyo TX-SR373

Onkyo TX-SR373 5.2 Channel A/V Receiver with Bluetooth

Onkyo TX-SR373 5.2 Channel A/V Receiver with Bluetooth

  • Basic Front Panel Control System
  • Analog Amps to produce better current to the speaker
  • Useful and easy to access HDMI ports



This is a 5.2-channel receiver with Bluetooth and 4K support. Onkyo makes this with a $225 value. With support for DTS-HD and Dolby Audio, you will get the best sounds off of any disc you add into your media player.

The Qualcomm aptX codec for the Bluetooth connection is a vital part of what makes this receiver special. This produces a lossless playback setup off of any audio source you use. It can link to any streaming device you have.

The AccuEQ room calibration system from Onkyo is utilized here. The AccuEQ senses how sound waves move from out of the speaker setup that the receiver is linked up to.

The system measures and corrects sounds based on output levels, where speakers are organized by best stereo receivers under 300 and how frequencies change from one angle to the next. The intention is to add a convenient organization that offers a simple approach to handling your content.

A series of analog amps are included to produce better currents to the speakers, thus creating more accurate and realistic audio signals. This works better than an all-in-one circuit that might take in signals at too fast of a rate.


  • Useful ports are carefully labeled and easy to access
  • Center speaker operates differently from the left and right speakers
  • Basic front control system offers quick access to different devices in your setup


  • Does not work with some HDMI plugs
  • May not work with older mobile devices
  • Cable quality plays a bigger factor here

7. Onkyo TX-SR383

Onkyo Surround Sound  Receiver Black

Onkyo Surround Sound Receiver Black

  • Simple layout with flexible handling
  • Advanced music optimization
  • QualComm aptX audio with Wireless Bluetooth Technology


Another choice that is a little more advanced than other solutions, this Onkyo receiver costs extra at $299, but even then the value is pretty impressive when all is considered. The TX-SR383 offers Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD decoding support for best stereo receivers under 300 2021.

This uses four HDMI in ports and one out port for HDCP 2.2 support among other features. The Qualcomm aptX audio setup and Bluetooth wireless functionality are included on this model. These two features provide you with a simple layout for handling your content.

There are two zone outputs on this Onkyo model. You can use the first one as a main output source while the second zone is a secondary choice for playback. You can use many audio sources at one time to give you extra control over how your content is laid out.

A lot of people trends to buy a best stereo receivers under 300 2021 in terms of brand and prices. However, some other aspects are crucial for getting a great device and saving money.

This is all laid out with a useful front interface. It provides you with a USB input that lets you adjust the remote content and get it running quickly.


  • Useful front interface offers simple controls
  • Simple layout offers a good organization
  • Helpful organization operates in just a matter of moments for handling sound


  • Does not work with 3 or 4 ohm speakers
  • Does not use network support on its own

How To Choose The Best Stereo Receivers Under 300 2021?

You must look around when seeing what you can find out of a stereo receiver that can handle 4K signals. Check on things like the speaker setup in your room, the television set you are using and how modern your speakers are. Look at the ports and connections you need to use as well.

Having the right plans in hand for getting your receiver ready can make a real difference when you get your setup ready. The best part is that no matter what you choose for a best stereo receivers under 300 2021, you don’t have to break the bank just to afford something.

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