Best VPN For Android in 2021

It is important to find a good VPN that can work on your Android-powered devices. As great as it can be to use an Android tablet or phone in any place in the world, it can be risky when you consider how you are almost always being linked up to public networks. It might be easy for your data to be leaked on one of these public networks.

Looking for the Best VPN for Android in 2021?

Even worse, there are often times when a local connection will keep you from having access to certain things that might include geographic restrictions. This is a concern that is especially noticeable if you are travel internationally.

Best VPN For Android 2021

But today you can find the Best VPN for Android needs by simply looking online to see what is around. These five particular choices for a VPN for your Android devices are attractive options that add a good series of layouts for your use.

  1. ExpressVPN

Start your search by seeing how the ExpressVPN setup works. ExpressVPN has its own special VPN app for your Android devices. It offers a user-friendly layout while also offering 256-bit encryption. It also comes with a consistent connection to ensure you can quickly get online without any problems.

Express VPN ranks #1 in our Best VPN for Android 2021 due to its fluid UI , that's why you need to look for ExpressVPN Black Friday 2021 Deals & Sale and get additional three months of free service.

The server layout on the app also divides up the servers you can link up to by country. This simplifies your search so you can get onto a VPN quickly and without delay.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN focuses more on keeping your connection secure. In addition to having no usage logs, you can also use the double encryption feature that NordVPN is famous for. This feature allows you to get online fast and effectively without your information being exposed.

In terms of the Android app, NordVPN does offer a map that lists information on all the servers that are available. This helps you to find out which servers are available but it is relatively vague in some cases. That is, you have to use a bit of searching and reviewing each individual connection option to see what is right for your use as you are trying to get online with ease.

NordVPN comes with maximum server locations and easily claims to be the Best VPN for Android 2021 with maximum locations.

One distinct part of the NordVPN is that it offers a live chat feature. This makes it easier for a user to get the live support one might require when trying to get online and do more stuff on the app.

NordVPN is especially perfect for those who want to stream things on their mobile devices. It offers a strong layout where you can effectively load up data without buffering or bandwidth throttling. Your maximum bandwidth is never going to change for as long as you use NordVPN too.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish offers a distinct search feature for finding virtual servers for your Android device to use. With IPVanish, you can use a map layout to see what servers are available while figuring out which options are faster than others. This lets you get a better connection up and running no matter where you go.

You should know that there are no kill switch features on this app. This is different from the basic desktop setup for IPVanish that does actually come with its own kill switch. But even with a lack of a kill switch on the mobile version of the program, you still have access to full 256-bit AES encryption on your connection.

There are no logs included on the IPVanish system. The OpenVPN setup also allows you to go from one server to another without any limits over what you can do.

You can also use up to five connections on multiple devices. You can use more Android devices if desired on the same account although your account would be universal over any platform. That is, you can use IPVanish on the iOS and Windows platforms to go alongside your Android phone. IPVanish is extremely versatile in terms of how it can get people to go online fast.

4. PureVPN

PureVPN has its own Android app for you to use as well. It offers a detailed layout with an interface that lets you control the connections you want to use. It has a simple layout for all the connections that are available by country. The app filtering and URL filtering features also ensure that everything you do on a site is protected and kept secure.

PureVPN even uses an ad blocking feature that keeps ads from other sites from reaching your phone or tablet. This does not slow down the app and ensures you will not lose your place when you are trying to do stuff online. This is a fast and useful organization that is not hard to follow.

5. Perfect Privacy

The fifth and final VPN for Android use to see is Perfect Privacy. This last VPN choice uses a simplified layout for a user interface that is already simple enough in its basic desktop format. This all works with fast connection speeds and the option to go from one VPN server to another without limits.

The layout used here is easy to follow and offers a simple organization that is helpful for when you are aiming to get a quality site ready.

You can even get this to work with other devices from different platforms at the same time. You have the option to start something up in as little time as possible. The IPv6 addresses on each of the servers also offer quick connection functions that allow you to stay online quickly and with ease without interruptions involved.

There are no log files involved with Perfect Privacy as you keep using it. The port forwarding features can also be configured to your liking so you can get your Android device to work on different virtual servers depending on what your needs for them might be.

These five choices for the Best VPN for Android 2021 use are all choices that you should review when aiming to get online. The appealing features of these apps are worthwhile for when you want to get online and stay connected with a VPN no matter where you might go with your device.

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