Best Windows Password Recovery Tools

It can be frustrating for you to try and recall all your Windows passwords. Losing a password would keep you from getting into your accounts. But the good news is that you can recover your Windows passwords with the right recovery tool.

This type of program is designed to retrieve your password data and even the passwords of those who might be users on a system you are an admin for. The comprehensive nature of a password recovery tool makes it a necessity for you to have.

This guide highlights some of the best Windows password recovery tools you can utilize for your needs. These are programs that assist you with restoring the Windows password data that you have.

But no matter what you use, you must be responsible with any program that recovers your passwords. A useful program can help you get your password back and provide you with the appropriate data that you need for getting online.

Best Windows Password Recovery Tools

Best of all, you don’t need the OS install CD to help you with getting your passwords back, nor do you have to struggle with annoying uninstall and reinstall processes just to get access to your passwords again.

A Few Notes:

Be sure to note a few critical points that will influence how well you are able to get the most out of your password recovery efforts:

  • Many of these Windows password recovery tools will require you to reboot your system with an added outside unit.
  • Although some programs may work through a remote computer or operating systems, you would have to use the command line prompt on your computer depending on the model you utilize. Be aware of this when finding a solution for managing your content.
  • The types of passwords you can recover for your Windows use can vary based on the type of program you have. Some programs work well with admin passwords, while others focus on basic user items.
  • The Windows operating systems that a program can handle will vary based on what you choose to work with. You might only be able to use some programs with 32 or 64-bit operating systems. Review the specific OS support that a program has before you attempt to use it.
  • Some programs may also remove passwords without recovering them. You would have to use alternate processes for handling any passwords that need to be recovered.


Ophcrack has long been heralded as one of the most popular apps you can use for getting your Windows passwords. This assists in recovering many passwords on your computer, but it also works with CSV exports and audit modes for identifying data.

Data from an encrypted sequence alignment map or SAM file may also be utilized through Ophcrack. You can get a new file ready to identify the sequencing used on your Windows computer. The organization ensures that the content you work with is laid out evenly and is easy to load up.


LCP is the first tool to look at for your use. LCP lets you import your computer data from a remote unit, an LC or SAM file among other things. The program does well with recovering all the data for your computer password needs.

This option works best for advanced users as it would focus more on the files within your computer and less on the production of an extensive CD or USB booting functions.

Be advised that LCP would use all of your computing resources for it to recover your password data. Therefore, you should not use your machine while the program works to find your password.

3.Windows Password Unlocker

The Windows Password Unlocker uses two different mechanisms for handling passwords. For Enterprise and Professional use, you can recover passwords. The basic OS use only removes the passwords from a space.

The program may work to produce a CD that may be booted to recover your password, but at the same time this works best if you have an advanced version of Windows like the Enterprise or Professional edition.

This program uses a simple interface for producing the bootable disc. Your computer is automatically identified to find password data and log information, thus improving upon how well data on your computer can be recovered before it is at a risk of being lost in some form.

4.Windows Key

Windows Key is another valuable program that does well for handling your Windows password data. This works by producing a bootable CD or USB device that lets you boot your machine and recover your password from there. You can use this to reset standard and enterprise passwords.

The process for creating a bootable system is laid out with a simple series of steps. The interface lets you quickly produce a key for your use.


Another choice that works with a bootable disc or USB setup, Kon-Boot uses a faster booting process that works with older Windows operating systems in mind. The program is more detailed and technical, but it also works to identify content on your computer and find SAM files among other points.

This program also uses a majority of system resources on your computer, so you must make sure anything you utilize is handled accordingly.

6.Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is designed for use on Windows administrator accounts. The program lets you recover the passwords of all people who access your operating system, including the users that you are the admin for.

Cain and Abel helps to review the individual passwords in a computer alongside information on how well they can operate. The design is very easy to handle and work with in as it can retrieve passwords in seconds.

7.Hash Suite

Password hashes are tested through Hash Suite. This is another admin-friendly program that analyzes multiple hashes at a time, thus giving you full access to everything within a computing setup. You can sort out the responses on Hash Suite based on how they might be case sensitive among other factors.

Specific types of passwords can also be identified based on the letter and number combinations that you might find.

You would use a pwdump tool on your computer to get access to these hashes through Hash Suite. You can find many pwdump tools online with most of them being functional for most password recovery needs. The program, would simplify part of the recovery process and keep the files that you wish to load up organized to your liking.

8.Trinity Rescue Kit

This next choice is also one that uses a boot CD or USB device to make it work right for your use. The Trinity Rescue Kit works by clearing passwords if desired or by getting new custom passwords ready to your liking.

The command line interface provides you with a simple approach for getting your passwords recovered to your liking. The interface focuses on simplifying what is normally a complicated and difficult process for getting your passwords back.

9.UUkeys Windows Password Mate

Take a look at this next option when finding a Windows password recovery tool that concentrates on accessing your account in real time. The program lets you remove a login password and other security settings that might be influencing how you are getting online to use Windows. The reset disc creation process is also simplified through the program.

10.John the Ripper

John the Ripper provides you with extensive wordlists that operate on a command line. This complex program is noteworthy for being able to handle more versions of the Windows OS than what other programs offer. Several password cracking modes may be used within the program.

But regardless of what you use, you will not have to get a USB or CD booted up if you do not have a need for it. Be advised that this is still recommended for advanced users who know how to handle command line functions.

11.Windows Password Reset Standard

The last of the choices for you to have is this Windows reset program. This program removes the password from your OS, but it also offers full booting or resetting functions depending on what you need to utilize. The support offered by the app gives you extra control over your device without hassles.

A Final Word

Be advised that the options you have for a Windows password recovery tool are diverse, but you must also be aware of how they work. Watch for how well a program may work based on how easy it is to produce a booting disc setup or how data can be recovered. Be away of the requirements that come with a program and that you follow them as needed.

By using one of these recovery tools the right way, you will ensure your data on your computer will not be lost. This will be vital for when you have some concerns with your computer and you need a useful program to help you get out of them. Besides, you should not have to be locked out of your Windows-powered computer for too long.

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