5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins For 2021 Compared

A learning management system or LMS can help people with learning new skills and concepts with ease. Best WordPress LMS plugins will be vital for helping students to learn all about the important concepts and activities that they need to work with.

There are many useful LMS plugins that you can utilize for a WordPress-based website. These are popular WordPress LMS that will assist you with making the most out of WordPress and with ensuring that your content is easy to load up and prepare.

Each option for a WordPress LMS plugin has distinct features that are useful and attractive for your choices.

Best WordPress LMS Plugins For WordPress

Note: Each of these options do cost extra for you to utilize, although some of these WordPress LMS setups offer free versions that include fewer features. Check the websites for each of these plugins to learn more. Links to the sites for each of these plugins are provided throughout this report to help you get started.

1.Learn Dash

The first choice for the best WordPress LMS Plugin is Learn Dash. The design of Learn Dash helps you to produce appealing online courses. You can sell courses based on certain pricing points with this Learn Dash WordPress LMS. You can also deliver certificates, badges, points, and other bits of content to the site to help encourage learners to see what they can do on the site.

Engagement triggers may be programmed in the setup as well. These triggers are designed to link up to certain actions that people engage in.

Drip-feed content production is a vital part of the setup to use. You can automatically deliver content based on a particular schedule that you lay out. The content may be sent out to visitors on your site based on what you feel is appropriate for offering and how well those people can get access to the content in question.

The reporting feature included on Learn Dash helps you keep tabs on every student who has signed up for what you are offering. You can review information on things like what courses students are signing up for and how often they are taking their classes among other factors.

The thorough approach that Learn Dash provides to helping you track individual students ensures you’ll have more control over the content you are working with, especially if you’re trying to keep things organized by course.

An intriguing part of Learn Dash WordPress LMS offers a refund protection system. The setup will schedule the release of content around your site to lower refund rates and help ensure that people are more interested in your work. Your potential to get more revenue off of this will be greater when all is considered.


People dedicated to certain niches can benefit from what LifeterLMS has to offer. This best LMS Plugin For WordPress is designed for people in fields relating to technology, health, entertainment, and general education efforts.

The design particularly does well for ensuring that you’ll make the most out of your site while not being too difficult to work with.

The system concentrates mainly on providing people with a convenient and comprehensive approach for managing content through one site. The arrangement includes a clear layout that is easy to follow. You can manage the platform through LifeterLMS while locking down your content to other people at the right point.

This Best LMS For WordPress includes an intuitive approach to ensuring that you can get content out to people the right way. This WordPress LMS allows you to handle unique classes online while figuring out the right platforms for use based on the content you wish to work with.

The arrangement provided by LifeterLMS ensures that you’ll keep your setups accessible and thorough for all people to follow.

The LMS also offers support for various payment setups. You can make LifeterLMS work with recurring payments and one-time payments alike. You can also use the PayPal integration system to help your LMS work alongside one of the most popular online wallet tools that you can utilize.

3.Thrive Apprentice

Your first option to note is Thrive Apprentice, going to be the Best LMS For WordPress in Future that helps you to transform your WordPress site into a full learning environment. Thrive Apprentice lets you create lessons and other points that students can access when they sign up for them.

The Thrive Apprentice LMS For WordPress lets you produce classes that may be linked up to a mailing list. You can program the mailing list accordingly to include as many classes as desired. These classes may also be linked up to certain tasks and courses that you wish to promote. The specifications that you can use for these courses can be as detailed as you want them to be.

People can use as much rich media content as desired on their Thrive Themes Membership Discount for good in 2021. The Thrive Apprentice can also integrate with SendOwl, thus helping you to accept payments in moments. Thrive Apprentice can also works as WordPress LMS Quiz Plugin with other Thrive Products.

You can also restrict access to certain courses based on the programs that people have purchased or what packages they are interested in, thus ensuring people will not try to get access to courses that they have not signed up for or had much of an interest in.

Thrive Apprentice is a relatively new WordPress LMS Plugin that you can try out. This is a part of Thrive Themes, a group that offers many other WordPress themes like MyThemeShop Themes that you can utilize for other needs.


You also have the option to get your LMS ready with LearnPress. This option for the best Free LMS for WordPress use concentrates on providing people with a simple design for use.

LearnPress is also popular among other choices for the best LMS plugin for WordPress in that the LMS is free for use. A paid version is also available with some advanced features available for use, although the free version may also work well if you’re looking for something that is easy to follow and gives you the basic controls that you might require for your site.

You can use LearnPress to divide your content into several smaller sites. You can use this if you have a more diverse array of content that you wish to work with. The design might be easier to follow if you plan the content the right way here. The design especially does well with giving you extra control over how well the content you are planning is arranged.

5.WP CourseWare

Your next option to look at for the best WordPress LMS setup is WP CourseWare. This is a Free LMS For WordPress that provides a design that helps you create digital products in moments. The arrangement helps you to produce appealing online courses while also working with moire graphics and rich media.

The built-in manager on WP CourseWare is an essential part of the LMS that improves upon how well you can handle the content you utilize.

The arrangement of features on CourseWare also works on all WordPress pages regardless of the version of WordPress that you might utilize.

The organization involved will not be hard to follow, but you should notice how well the design options so you’ll have a bit of extra control with making the setup work.

Also, you can work with multiple payment collection systems when you use CourseWare. The setup works with PayPal payments among many others. Some of the functions require an extra bit of attention and support, not to mention extensive support through individual programs.

6.Special Mention – Sensei

This last option worth discussing is not necessarily an LMS that works on WordPress, but rather something that works with WooCommerce functionality in mind. Sensei is intriguing for use if you plan on working with an LMS but you don’t have a WordPress site to work with.

You can still use Sensei on WordPress if you wish, but this is an LMS that may work best if you use WooCommerce for getting your payment system arranged accordingly.

Sensei provides a simple organization for handling your data and making it stand out online. With Sensei, you can get the content arranged right and in moments.

The basic course creation tool utilized by Sensei gives you extra control over how your content is being produced. Sensei provides a simple approach for managing data based on the content you have uploaded to your WordPress site.

The simple design of Sensei makes it a must-use for when you’re aiming to make the most out of your content on WooCommerce.

7.WordPress LMS Comparison

The real question when finding the best WordPress LMS plugins for your use is to take a look at what your efforts for running a WordPress site might be like.

You can get a WordPress page running to your liking in any way you see fit. But you must also see how a WordPress LMS Plugins works when finding a solution that you deserve.

The choices that you have for the Best WordPress LMS Plugins for your needs are diverse and useful. Be sure to check each of these options out to give yourself an idea of what to expect when finding a Plugins of note.

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