Black Friday Drone Deals 2019

Looking For Appealing Black Friday Drone Deals 2019

Black Friday is a day in the area where you will find some attractive tech products for sale. These include many appealing drones that come with some outstanding design features. Let’s look at some of the Black Friday drone deals you may come across.

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List of Black Friday Drones Deals 2019

1.Quadrone Sparrow – Black Friday Drone Deals 2019

The Sparrow is a smaller model that offers 360-degree flips and a 300-foot control range. The two-speed control makes it easy for you to adjust the unit while in the air.

2.Sharper Image Streaming Drones

An HD camera is included on this drone from the Sharper Image. The drone can link to a mobile phone through an app. You can affix the camera onto the transmitter to help you move the drone around while reviewing what is on the drone in real time.

3.Night Hawk Drones

The six propellers on this Night Hawk drone are appealing for offering a good amount of control. The drone can maintain its altitude quite well while in the air.

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4.Propel Sky Rider – Black Friday Drone Deals 2019

The Sky Rider offers a small onboard camera that also links to a smarphone app. Three speed controls are included here for beginner and advanced users alike.

5.Promark P70

You can use this Promark drone with the included 3D VR goggles. The goggles will link by a Wi-Fi link to the camera on the drone. You can use this to get a more immersive view of what is on the camera in real time.

This works well with a controller scheme that does well for handling multiple speeds. You can even press a single button to trigger the 360-degree flip feature on the drone.

Find the Black Friday Drone Deals?

You have many choices to work with when finding Black Friday drone deals 2019. Take a look at what you can find when getting an attractive drone that is easy to control and offers many features for your use.

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