20 Best Black Friday VPN Deals 2021 – Up to 85% OFF

Black Friday VPN Deals 2020

If you're looking for the complete list of Black Friday VPN Deals, then you are in the right place. Since I've listed most of the deals, choosing the best can be critical.

Thus, I have added the great VPN Black Friday Deals 2021 from top companies that offer the most secure privacy protection, enormous bandwidth, massive discount, and many servers.

Best Value for money VPN Deals:

  • ExpressVPN: 49% OFF. Sign up for 12 months and get three extra months free.
  • NordVPN: 68% OFF. Buy 2-year deal and get 3 months of service for free
  • SurfShark: 83% OFF at $2.21/month. Three Months free on 24 months billing.

Best Black Friday VPN Deals 2021

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Black Friday Deals

ExpressVPN offers deals up to a 49% discount, where you can subscribe for only $6.67 per month. With ExpressVPN in 2021, you can experience a more robust data connection with the best online privacy and security.

You may also access all you want anywhere globally using ExpressVPN with their ultra-fast connectivity network built for speed powered by next-generation technology.

There are two exclusive deals with ExpressVPN Black Friday. Firstly, you can get 49% off the 12-month contract, and when you refer this to a friend and encourage him to sign up, you can get a 30-day free service. Visit the official site to know more and get a chance to avail of ExpressVPN's 2-year deal.

2. NordVPN

  • Deal: 70% Off
  • Price: $3.25/month
  • Coupon: Auto Applied
  • Perks: Three Months Free
  • Site: www.Nordvpn.com
NordVPN Black Friday Cyber Month Deal

NordVPN Black Friday provides up to 68% discount off with complete access to all features and receives excellent support. NordVPN subscription plan costs only just $3.71 per month on a yearly billing deal. 

Get your NordVPN with access to all six devices simultaneously, with only one account needed. NordVPN protects your online activity by changing your IP address and obscures your virtual location instead. NordVPN is easy to install and use and has ultra-fast servers that guarantee a fast and stable network.

Subscribe now to NordVPN Black Friday 2021 with the very exclusive offer on a limited period. Get your subscription plan for 1, 6-month with 24% off, and a 2-year plan up to 68% off. NordVPN also offers a 30-day money-back 100% guarantee.

3. Surfshark

  • Deal: 83% Off
  • Price: $2.49/month
  • Coupon: Auto Applied
  • Perks: Three Months Free
  • Site: www.Surfshark.com
SurfShark Black Friday VPN Deal

Surfshark has up to 83% off starting for only $2.49 per month. The Surfshark Black Friday discount will be automatically applied under the checkout process. Surfshark also comes with three months of free usage on annual plans.

Surfshark plans come with unique features such as providing Whitelister, a clean web, 15 Netflix libraries, and more. Surfshark has a strictly no-logs policy, giving you the best industry-leading encryption and Kill Switch as you are 100% protected at all times. Moreover, Surfshark includes high system compatibility, multiple servers, Truckstop, and Stealth technology that you will guarantee to maximize.

Get now Surfshark Black Friday membership and get as low as $2.49 per month with 83% off for 12 months plan, or get six months plan and save up to 50% off for just $6.49 per month.

4. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost Black Friday VPN

CyberGhost VPN offers up to 79% off and gets your subscription for only $2.75 per month. Avail CyberGhost VPN hassle-free using automatically applied coupons upon the purchasing section. Also, you can get a fascinating 90 days free of membership.

With 1300 servers worldwide, CyberGhost lets you enjoy complete protection from hiding your IP, accessing restricted websites, maintaining your transactions secure, and blocking malicious content with 256-AES bit technology to use completely encrypted internet.

It also has the potential to secure as many as seven computers simultaneously. There is an ongoing limited offer on a one-year contract where you can save 77 percent on CyberGhost Black Friday, and a 30-day money-back guarantee is also offered.

5. PureVPN

  • Deal: 75% Off
  • Price: $1.92/month
  • Coupon: Not Required
  • Perks: 2000+servers
  • Site: www.Purevpn.com
PureVPN Black Friday Access

You wouldn't want to miss PureVPN Black Friday of up to 75% off and avail subscription for just $1.92 per month coupon. 

PureVPN is widely known as the fastest VPN service globally and undoubtedly brought internet privacy to an entirely new level of development. 

PureVPN offers up to 75% to 77% lifetime discount on a 2-year contract. You also get to experience PureVPN with the best features, especially in network speed and security. The offer is only valid for up to a limited period of exclusive deals, so get yours now and visit the official link. 

6. IPVanish

  • Deal: 73% Off
  • Price: $3.25/month
  • Coupon: Not Required
  • Perks: 2000+servers
  • Site: www.IPVanish.com
IPVanish Black Friday Sale

IPVanish gives you up to a 73% discount in 2021. The IPVanish subscription costs only $3.25 per month. Get your membership now and access unique features and more than 2000 servers that IPVanish offers.

IPVanish Black Friday is one of the best-selling VPNs in more than 60 countries. IPVanish is also greatly known for its most robust and advanced security measures.

Moreover, IPVanish allows you to vanish completely online and surf without ever having to think about any cyber threat. When it comes to speed and multiple simultaneous connections, you can guarantee the best experience using IPVanish.

IPVanish already has a 25% discount on all plans. Anyone who signs up for any of its three plans will deal with 25%. You can also contact us for the 2021 IPVanish Lifetime Offer or IPvanish 70 OFF discount.

7. VyprVPN

  • Deal: 80% Off
  • Price: $2.5/month
  • Coupon: Auto Applied
  • Perks: 90 days Free
  • Site: www.Vyprvpn.com
 VyprVPN Black Friday Offer

VyprVPN has an excellent discount of up to 80% off. The VyprVPN subscription plan costs only $2.5 per month upon purchase. VyprVPN also offers three mo. free of membership, just under the sale time.

VyprVPN delivers excellent performance in speed, protection, and privacy. Also, it's straightforward to use. Users from all across the world have used it extensively over the years. 

VyprVPN user-friendly apps are available on all devices. You can attach simultaneously with as many as five separate devices.

VyprVPN comes with an exceptional 80 percent discount on its introductory offers and a premium plan. Therefore users can save a lot of money by signing up. Moreover, VyprVPN also gives you the benefit of the doubt by offering a full 30 days money-back guarantee.

8. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN Black Friday Deal

Ivacy VPN gives you as much as 87% discount off in their subscription plan. Ivacy costs only $1.77 with yearly billing. Avail now Ivacy VPN and get a 90 days free membership.

Ivacy VPN protects you with 256-bit encryption, with over 100 server locations in more than 50 countries. It allows you to achieve zero logs and complete anonymity, which ultimately helps you get out of spying on third parties and tracking ISPs.

Besides this, limitless bandwidth and unlimited speed, simultaneous protocols for links, and the Internet kill switch are the key features. New Ivacy users can save 77% on a 2-year and 66 percent on a 1-year cycle.

9. SaferVPN

  • Deal: 81% Off
  • Price: $2.5/month
  • Coupon: Auto Applied
  • Perks: Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Site: www.Safervpn.com
SaferVPN Black Friday

SaferVPN offers discounts, up to 81% of its membership. SaferVPN subscription plan costs only $2.5 per month, with an auto voucher upon payment.

Over the years, SaferVPN has achieved a reasonably stable role with over 700 high-speed servers located in over 35 worldwide locations, providing features such as easy-to-use applications for any smartphone and auto wifi protection, 256-bit encryption, unlimited speed and bandwidth, 24X7 live chat and email support.

SaferVPN offers a discount of 81% over three years for only $2.5 per month, a discount of 75% over two years for only $3.29, and a discount of 58% over one year for just $5.49 that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans.

10. PrivateVPN

  • Deal: 83% Off
  • Price: $1.89/month
  • Coupon: Auto Applied
  • Perks: Zero logs
  • Site: www.privatevpn.com/black-friday/
PrivateVPN Black Friday Deal

With Black Friday, PrivateVPN offers as much as 83% off of subscription for only $1.89 per month. PrivateVPN automatically applies the voucher upon payment. Get your membership and experience unique features, including zero logs with PrivateVPN.

With 100 servers in over 56 countries, the PrivateVPN has made a big difference by giving access to necessary restricted websites and applications, hiding real IPs, and providing military encryption.

By signing up with PrivateVPN, you can save up to 83 percent. A 100% money-back guarantee protects all plans. Simply sign up in 3 easy steps and test for 30 days risk-free.

11. Private Internet Access

  • Deal: 83% Off
  • Price: $1.89/month
  • Coupon: Auto Applied
  • Perks: lowest price ever.
  • Site: www.privatevpn.com/black-friday/
PIA Black Friday Deal

Private Internet Access (PIA) offers up to 65% discount off of membership. Avail of your subscription plan for only $3.82 per month with a hassle-free auto-applied voucher on payment. PIA has the lowest price among VPN servers and indeed offers good services.

Private internet access has features that would be up to your standards, with over 3062 servers in 28 countries. Support for P2P, encrypted Wifi, multiple gateways, and Unrestricted bandwidth is convenient with PIA. Looking for more details Check my PIA Black Friday deals post for more info.

The PIA Sale has a fantastic deal in which a user can save 65% by signing up for 12 months for just $3.82; a user can also save 54% by signing up for a 3-month plan for $5.03, and 26% off of a 1-month plan for $8.10. All plans mentioned have 30 days money-back guarantee.

12. Zenmate

  • Deal: 83% Off
  • Price: $2.89/month
  • Coupon: Not Required
  • Perks: free option
  • Site: www.zenmate.com/
Zenmate VPN Black Friday Price

Zenmate offers as much as 83% off of subscription plans. Get your membership for only $2.89 per month with an auto applied voucher upon payment: experience Zenmate’s unique features and free option perks.

With Zenmate, it is incredibly easy to protect your privacy. You can now safely access the internet on any simultaneous Wi-Fi link without having to worry a thing about your protection online.

Zenmate has a decent offer on the one-year plan of $5.99 per month to save 40 percent. Zenmate also offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee during the providers' first 14 days that represents pretty much the sort of dedication it has towards its customers.

13. VirtualShield

  • Deal: 83% Off
  • Price: $2.89/month
  • Coupon: Auto Applied
  • Perks: good privacy
  • Site: www.virtualshield.com
VirtualShield Black Friday Pricing

VirtualShield offers up to 83% off. The VirtualShield subscription will only cost fust $2.89 per month. Subscribe now with VirtualShield that helps you experience excellent services and delivers good privacy.

Internet users will now feel safe and free of any needless security worries as they can use VirtualShield very easily. VirtualShield helps to protect the data using 256-bit encryption from hackers and third parties. You can also use any public hotspot without worrying as VirtualShield will just take good care of it. Most notably, VirtualShield protects your browsing history, addresses, chats, passwords, and online banking.

14. FastestVPN

  • Deal: 83% Off
  • Price: $2.89/month
  • Coupon: Auto Applied
  • Perks: Fast servers
  • Site: www.fastestvpn.com
FastestVPN Black Friday Cyber Monday

FastestVPN offers as much as 83% off of their subscription plans. Partnered with FastestVPN for only $2.89 per month

FastestVPN comes with integrated services to ensure optimum online security and performance optimization. It allows you to conceal your IP and shield yourself from malicious content at higher levels. Besides this, it offers an unimaginably fast pace for browsing.

FastestVPN has 83.3% off on its 2-year contract and 70% off on a 1-year offer. Most notably, all the plans come with a money-back guarantee of 7 days. There was also an ongoing deal where a client can get the VPN for $1 per month when they sign up for a 5-year term.

15. SwitchVPN

  • Deal: 83% Off
  • Price: $2.89/month
  • Coupon: Not Required
  • Perks: Cheap renewals
  • Site: www.switchvpn.net
SwitchVPN Black Friday Pricing

SwitchVPN offers 83% off of their subscription plans. Get your membership for just $2.89 per month, wherein coupons will be auto-applied upon payment. Also, the best thing about SwitchVPN is their cheap renewals.

With SwitchVPN, you can be assured of the highest output experience. The company uses cutting-edge technologies, including up to 256-bit SSL encryption and virtual firewall, 24/7 active international private network of servers.

IP switching to reach your favorite websites, gaming and streaming services, Multi-Gigabit speeds, and so on. Over the years, it has consistently delivered at its finest, which has contributed to its success worldwide.

SwitchVPN has an outstanding deal where a customer can get a 33% discount over the 12 months. 

16. TorGuard VPN

  • Deal: 83% Off
  • Price: $2.89/month
  • Coupon: Not Required
  • Perks: Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Site: www.torguard.net/
TorGuard Black Friday

TorGuard VPN got 83% off of subscription plans. Avail TorGuard membership for only $2.89 per month; voucher will be automatically applied during your checkout. Experience TorGuard services with unlimited bandwidth perks. 

TorGuard has an array of products and plans with over 3000 servers in over 55 countries. It provides unlimited speeds and unlimited bandwidth with the help of 24/7 support.

Moreover, TorGuard makes the users fully anonymous without any logs. Also, there are no server overloads, and a fresh dedicated IP can be acquired. TorGuard defends users from identity theft and surveillance by ISPs.

TorGuard currently has two ongoing deals. Users can get a discount of 40% on and proxy bundle and 10% off on a Router by using the promo code TGVPN. 

17. VPN.AC

  • Deal: 83% Off
  • Price: $2.89/month
  • Coupon: Auto Applied
  • Perks: cheap renewals
  • Site: www.vpn.ac/black-friday/
VPN.AC Black Friday Promo

VPN.AC has 83% off of subscription plans. Avail of any plan under the deals and get as low as $2.89 per month membership. The voucher will be automatically applied upon payment. Moreover, VPN.AC offers cheap renewals.

VPN.AC is the ultimate choice if you want to be careful about your protection. Strong encryption protects your simultaneous link and safeguards your identity from being monitored by hiding your real IP.

It also dramatically increases pace to no small degree. VPN.AC mainly allows you to unblock several websites' restrictions and say no to censorship.

18. BufferedVPN

  • Deal: 83% Off
  • Price: $2.89/month
  • Coupon: Not Required
  • Perks: adblock supported
  • Site: www.buffered.com/

BufferedVPN offers up to 83% off of subscription plans. BufferedVPN subscription plans would be as low as $2.89 per month; the discount coupon will be auto-applied during payout.

The Buffered will help you get up from all your privacy-related problems. Both with excellent system connectivity and simultaneous high-speed connections. BufferedVPN also provides tight protection to ensure your data is reliably secured. On top of that, you have 24/7 customer service on your side, and it even has a 30-day return policy.

If you sign up for the 12-month discount and a 23% percent discount on its bi-annual plan, you will get a 41% discount with a free additional month of usage.

19. LeVPN

  • Deal: 83% Off
  • Price: $2.59/month
  • Coupon: Not Required
  • Perks: simultaneous connections
  • Site: www.le-vpn.com/black-friday/
Le VPN Black Friday Plans

LeVPN offer as much as 83% off of subscription plans. Avail LeVPN during the time of the deals for as low as $2.59 per month, wherein coupon will be auto applied during checkout. LeVPN enables you to experience simultaneous connections and great features ahead of you.

Due to its easy to use and unique features, LeVPN has been steadily raising its customer base from all over the world to ensure maximum online independence. Setting it up is unimaginably fast. LeVPN will help you navigate anonymously with your IP entirely shielded from hackers and third parties.

LeVPN has an exceptional 50% off on its 12-month offer and 25% off its 6-month offer. Also, there is a 7-day money-back guarantee for all plans.

20. FrootVPN

  • Deal: 85% Off
  • Price: $2.5/month
  • Coupon: Auto Applied
  • Perks: Three Months Free
  • Site: www.frootvpn.com/black-friday/
Cheap FruitVPN Black Friday

FrootVPN offers 85% of subscription plans, under the

Friday Deals. You can now avail of FrootVPN for only $2.5 per month with full benefits and features. The coupon will be automatically applied during payout. 

FrootVPN is widely known for easy-to-use tools; this will enable you to get out of these privacy problems in just a few moments and allows you to unblock restricted content with brilliant speed and even guarantees you a consistent uptime and some more advantages. FrootVPN ensures everyone can securely browse the web without compromising their security.

Users will save up to 20 percent on the 3 months, 40 percent on the 12-month plan, and FrootVPN covers all plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best VPN Deals For Black Friday 2021 Summary

VPNBlack Friday Deals
ExpressVPN49% Off + 3 Months Free
NordVPN68% Off with 2-year deal
Surfshark83% Off + 3 Months Free
CyberGhost83% Off + 3 Months Free
IPVanish 73% Off
PureVPN85% Off with 5-Year Deal
VyprVPN80% Off with 2-Year Deal
Ivacy VPN$60 for 5-year sale
PIA VPN78% Off + 3 Months Free

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) – Introduction

There is a disturbing trend in the VPN industry. With the advent of smartphones and more excellent online connectivity, people have started to value their online privacy. To stay relevant and popular among users, many companies tend to boast of advanced features. 

In reality, many users out there have a hard time understanding the intricacies of technology. VPN platform is quite vast, and if you don’t know the various aspects, you wouldn’t be able to properly use a VPN service. Here are some FAQs that would help you gain a brief understanding of the multiple aspects of the VPN. 

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, also abbreviated as VPN, is an online service that encrypts and tunnels your online activities through its dedicated server. What this implies is that VPN service providers have dedicated servers which facilitate safety for online users. With a VPN service, your ISP cannot see what you are doing online. 

In other words, you become anonymous, and your online activities cannot be tracked. What’s more, you can change your location easily with a VPN service. And by changing your location, you can view censored content that is not available in your country. Moreover, if you are accessing public Wi-Fi, hackers prowling there wouldn’t track your activities.

Why should you use a VPN?

Online security is gaining prominence among a large number of people. If you want to keep your interests safe, opting for a service would be the best solution.

You can also block the access of your hackers and spammers. But note that it is not an antivirus, and hence you should always install an anti-malware program on your device. 

What can you do with a VPN?

To be precise, a VPN is a multi-purpose digital survival tool. Here are some of the things you can do.    

  • You can hide your actual IP address and surf the web with excellent security. 
  • With a VPN, you would have the option to secure your confidential information from the prying eyes of hackers. 
  • You would have the option to stream and download content that is banned in your area of living. 
  • You can even unblock social media platforms that are censored in your location. 
  • You can safely execute financial transactions. 

How many devices can you connect to a VPN Service simultaneously?

Note that the connection of your devices depends on the type of subscription you possess. For instance, a single subscription can be used simultaneously on five devices in most cases. But also note that each provider has a different set of rules.

So you may not be able to connect five devices on other platforms. On the other hand, if you want to connect more than five devices, you should buy an additional subscription. But in a majority of cases, five devices are enough to get you running. 

What VPN Services support platforms and devices?

This is another crucial question which you need to consider while opting for a specific VPN service. In most cases, the service has support for Mac, Windows, and Android.

What’s more, they also have manual configurations for Chromebooks and Linux OS. Many service providers also support gaming consoles and Smart TVs. Based on the popularity and the type of subscription you have opted for, the connection and devices vary. 

Do VPN Service Providers offer Static or Dynamic IP?

Any right VPN service provider would always provide you with a dynamic IP. This is because the IP addresses should be rotated frequently to ensure they are not tracked.

When you connect to a good VPN service provider server, your IP address would be dynamic. It would often change on its own so that no one can track your online activities. With a dynamic IP, your privacy is augmented to a great extent. 

Do VPN Companies log your data?

This is another concern that most VPN users have to face. If the VPN service provider stores your data, it would be a risky affair. So always opt for those companies which wouldn’t log your data.

Any reputed provider wouldn’t want to interfere with the privacy of its customers. So before selecting any service, make sure that they are not storing your data on their servers. 

Let’s hope that the FAQs, as mentioned above, can clear your doubts.  

That’s all for now. I will be adding new VPN deals and this page will be updated with more Black Friday posts till this month.

Hopefully, you can take advantage of some of these VPN limited time deals.

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