20 Black Friday VPN Deals 2019 – Best Upto 99% OFF

The Black Friday VPN Deals 2019 are shortly going live for public. Check the updated post with the latest  Deals, so that you can enjoy some of the massive discounts in the VPN industry for this 2019.

There are few companies which have started the deal earlier right now, do check them since some deals are better than previous year.

List of Black Friday VPN Deals 2019


ExpressVPN Black Friday 2019 Sale & Deals

The Black Friday VPN Deals 2019 list starts with ExpressVPN. This company provides service from 148 high speed and ultra-secure servers across 94 countries, ExpressVPN continues to be one of the most favorite VPN providers for many users from all over the world. In fact, there are several reasons for it.

ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal

Learn more about ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal 2019 and save 49% through yearly billings. It offers exceptionally fast speed and also, it is extremely easy to download, install and use irrespective of the OS.

Currently, there are two exclusive ExpressVPN deals. Firstly, you can get a 35% off on the 12 months plan and secondly, you can get a 30 days free service as you refer this to a friend and convince him to sign up. At some times, ExpressVPN 2 year deal will be live, check out this page further.

PureVPN Black Friday Deal

PureVPN is best known as the world's fastest VPN service. Most importantly, it helps attain a very high level of cyber security in protecting their data and identity. It has certainly taken internet privacy to a completely new level of advancement.

Also, it has proved to be pretty effective for many businesses in encrypting communications of their employees and securing their digital access using dedicated IPs. PureVPN, one of the Best Black Friday VPN Deals 2019 for Android with best features in terms of speed and security.

PureVPN has an ongoing offer of Lifetime Discount will be offered a Lifetime Discount of 74% on a 2-year plan. However, the offer is valid until a limited time.

IPVanish Black Friday 2019 Deals

With over 1000 VPN servers in more than 60 countries, IPVanish is one of the most extensively used VPNs. You can certainly experience absolute online freedom with IPVanish.

In fact, IPVanish is one of those VPNs that lay utmost emphasis on the online security aspect by its advanced security measures. Most importantly, it helps you entirely disappear online and surf without having to worry about any cyber threat.

Also, you can rest assured of the best experience with IPVanish even when it comes to speed.

Currently, it has an offer of 25% discount on all the plans. For anyone signing up now with any of its three plans can actually save 25%. Apart from it, you can check us for the IPVanish lifetime deal or IPvanish 70 OFF discount in 2019.

I'm a current IPVanish user and truly recommend the Best VPN for 2019.

NordVPN Black Friday 2019 Deal & Sale

If you don't want your IP address to be seen and messed with by any creepy hackers, NordVPN is the perfect VPN to go with. It offers great device compatibility and a user can actually secure up to 6 devices at the same time.

Besides, it is absolutely easy to install and use. Also, it offers unimaginably fast browsing.

It has an exclusive ongoing deal, one can save 77% on a 3-year, save 72% on a 2-year and save 52% on a 1-year plan.

Perfect Privacy Black Friday

Do you ever imagine how our online activities are being monitored by the ISPs and government? Do we have complete online freedom? The answer is no. In fact, our privacy is at a constant risk every time we access the internet for something really important.

The Perfect Privacy just as the name sounds would help you break out of all this with its features comprising no logging, high device compatibility, multiple VPN servers, truckstop, Stealth VPN technology and more.

Also, it has amazing deals for you. You can save 7% on a 3-month, save 15% on a 6-month, save 23% on a 12-month and save 31% on a 24-month plan.

CyberGhost VPN Black Friday Sale 2019

CyberGhost is not exactly a new name and in fact, it is one of the most trusted VPNs. With 1300 servers worldwide, CyberGhost helps you enjoy exclusive online freedom from hiding your IP, accessing restricted websites, keeping your online transactions safe, and blocking malicious content to using fully encrypted internet with 256-AES bit technology.

Also, it has the ability to protect as many as 7 devices simultaneously.

There's an ongoing limited offer on a 1-year plan wherein you can save 77% and also, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hurry up and grab this excellent offer before it's too late.

VyprVPN Black Friday

VyprVPN is one of those VPNs that offer a great performance in terms of speed, privacy, and security. Also, it is pretty easy to use. In fact, it has been extensively used by users from all over the world over the years which clearly reflects the role it played so far in ensuring their online freedom.

VyprVPN comes with an outstanding discount of 25% on its basic as well as it's a premium plan. Hence, users can certainly save a great amount of money by signing up and of course, attain online freedom using VyprVPN.

Zenmate Black Friday 2019

Zenmate is undoubtedly one of the most trusted Black Friday VPN Deals and it is because of its consistent performance over the years. Protecting your privacy is pretty easy with Zenmate VPN. Also, it helps you completely overcome geo-restrictions.

You can now browse the internet on any Wifi connection securely without having to worry a bit about your online security.

Zenmate has a good deal to save 40% on the one year plan of $5.99/month. Also, it provides a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 14 days of the service which pretty much reflects the kind of commitment it has towards its customers.

VirtualShield Black Friday

Internet users can now feel absolutely secure as well as free of any unnecessary worry about online security as they can pretty conveniently use VirtualShield VPN. It helps you protect your data from hackers and third parties using 256-bit encryption.

You can now use any public hotspot without having to worry about security as everything will be just taken well care of by VirtualShield VPN. Most importantly, it protects your browsing history, emails, conversations, passwords, and online banking.

The maximum 20% off on all its services and a user can avail it by simply entering the promo code NEXTNEWS. Besides, there would be entirely no payment required for the first 30 days.

FastestVPN Black Friday

FastestVPN is an amazing VPN with several integrated services to ensure maximum online protection and optimized performance. It not only helps you hide your IP but also, elevated levels of security and protection from malicious content. Apart from this, it provides with an unimaginably fast browsing speed.

FastestVPN has 83.3% off on its 2-year and 70% off on a 1-year plan. Most importantly, all the plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Also, there is an ongoing offer wherein a user can get the VPN for $1/month on signing up with a 5-year.

Watch out here to get some awesome FastestVPN Black Friday Discounts.

SwitchVPN Black Friday 2019 Deals

With SwitchVPN, you can rest assured of the best online experience in terms of security and performance. Most importantly, the Black Friday VPN Deals 2019 uses a cutting-edge technology that comprises Up-to 256-bit SSL encryption and virtual firewall, International network of servers active 24/7

IP switching to access your favorite websites, Multi-gigabit speeds for gaming and streaming, etc. Most importantly, it continually delivered at its best over the years which led to its worldwide popularity.

SwitchVPN has an excellent offer wherein a user can get a discount of 33% on its 12 months.

SaferVPN Black Friday Deals

With over 700 high-speed servers located in over 35 worldwide locations, SaferVPN has attained a pretty reliable position over the years and it offers features such as easy to use apps for every device, auto wifi security with 256-bit encryption, unlimited speed and bandwidth, 24X7 live chat and email support and more.

SaferVPN has offers with discount of 77% on a 3-year, a discount of 70% on a 2-year and a discount of 50% on a 1-year which comes a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its plans.

TorGuard VPN Black Friday 2019

With over 3000 servers in over 55 countries, TorGuard has a range of online security products and plans. It offers unlimited speeds and unlimited bandwidth with 24×7 support.

Most importantly, it gets the users completely anonymous without any logs. On top of that, there are no server overloads and one can get a fresh dedicated IP address. TorGuard protects users against identity theft and ISP's monitoring.

Currently, it has two ongoing deals. Users can get a discount if 40% on VPN and proxy bundle and 10% off on VPN Router by using the promo code TGVPN.

VPN.AC Black Friday Deal

If you want to get serious about your online security, VPN.AC is the ultimate VPN to consider. It secures your connection with strong encryption and it protects its online identity from being tracked by hiding your real IP address.

Also, it improves the speed to a massive extent. On top of that, it largely helps you in unblocking restrictions many websites and saying goodbye to censorship.

VPN.AC has an excellent offer for its users with a discount of 46% on its 1-year plan of $58/month.

Ivacy VPN Black Friday Deal

Keep your online presence entirely private and secure with Ivacy. With over 100 server locations in over 50 countries, Ivacy protects your data with 256-bit encryption. It helps you attain zero logs and total anonymity which eventually helps you break out of third party spying and ISP tracking.

Apart from this, the major features are unlimited bandwidth and unlimited speed, multiple protocols, and the Internet kill switch.

Ivacy user can save 77% on a 2-year and save 66% on a 1-year. Also, a user can get Ivacy VPN for $1/month on choosing a 5-year.

Besides, all the plans come with 30 days money-back guarantee except for the 1-month which comes up with a 7 days money-back guarantee.

Private internet access Black Friday Deal & Sale

With over 3062 servers in 28 countries, private internet access has features that can really worth your while. The P2P support, encrypted Wifi, multiple VPN gateways, and Unlimited bandwidth comes handy with PIA.

Also, it blocks ads, trackers, and malware. Most importantly, it’s unimaginably easy to set up and can be used for 5 devices simultaneously without having to worry about IP leak or any online threat.

The PIA Black Friday Sale has some great deal where signing up with a 2-year plan, a user can save 58% and by signing up with a 1-year plan, a user can save 58%.

Buffered VPN Black Friday Offer

Buffered Black Friday offer can greatly help you rise up from all your online privacy-related issues in just a few minutes. Furthermore with excellent device compatibility and high-speed connections.

Also, it offers tight security to ensure that your data is protected on a consistent basis. On top of that, you have by your side its 24×7 customer support and also, it offers a 30-day refund policy.

With Buffered, you have some of the most exciting deal waiting for you. You can get a discount of 41% with a free extra month of use if you sign up for the 12-month and a discount of 23% on its Bi-Annual Plan.

Private VPN Black Friday Deal

With 100 servers in over 56 countries, the PrivateVPN has turned out to be one of the most trusted VPN over the years and it has certainly brought about a huge difference in the online freedom of the users by allowing them to access restricted websites and applications, hiding the real IPs and offering military-grade encryption.

You can save up to 73% by signing up with PrivateVPN. However, this is a limited offer which is why to waste no time and grab it before its late.

Le VPN Black Friday

LeVPN has been increasingly growing its customer base from all over the world because of its amazing features to ensure perfect online freedom . It is unimaginably easy to set up.

It can greatly help you browse anonymously with your IP completely hidden from hackers and third parties. Also, it allows you to use various restricted websites and applications. On top of that, the brilliant online security to protect your data consistently.

LeVPN has an amazing offer of 50% off on its 12-month and 25% off on its 6-month. Furthermore, all the plans are covered with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Froot VPN Black Friday Deals

How does it feel to access the internet under constant surveillance of the ISPs and government? You don’t feel quite secure, right? In fact, there’s a constant feeling of privacy being at a risk.

The FrootVPN is not only easy to use but can help you break out of these online privacy issues in just a few minutes. On top of that with brilliant speed, helps you unblock restricted content and also, ensures a constant uptime and several other benefits.

Users can save 20% on the 3-month, 40% on the 12-month and most importantly, all the plans are available at 30-day money-back guarantee.


I spent nearly 72 hours to check each above VPN companies and collected the list of  2019 Best Black Friday VPN Deals one should definitely avail to save money.

Do I leave any Black Friday VPN Deals 2019? If yes do let me know in comments.

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