13 Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 (Max. 95% OFF)

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Black Friday is here, and it’s time to purchase the Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 to scale up your projects. The Black Friday Hosting Deals starts from November 21, 2019, and lasts till November 30, 2019, though most companies are planning to list deals between 24th to 27th 2019.

Though I have posted deals about many companies, I recommend SiteGround for any type of customer. I use SiteGround for Webcrazies for the past five years, so I'm not recommending them just by words by with the experiences.

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019


List of Black Friday Hosting Deals in 2019

  • HostGator Black Friday Hosting Deal
  • BlueHost Black Friday Hosting Deal 2019
  • A2 Hosting Black Friday Hosting Deals 2019
  • GreenGeeks Black Friday Web Hosting Deals
  • FastComet Black Friday
  • WPX Hosting Black Friday
  • WPEngine Black Friday Deals
  • SiteGround Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019

1. HostGator Black Friday Hosting Deal

HostGator offering 75% OFF on shared hosting plans and its one of the oldest web company serving more than 9000000 websites on their servers. Though there are few downsides with them, they upgraded the infrastructure for lesser downtime and offering fast loading websites through HostGator cloud which offers great value for money and you can more details on Hostgator Black Friday deals here.

13 Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 (Max. 95% OFF) 1

Apart from Shared, HostGator also offers discounts on Cloud, VPS hosting and Dedicated Server in 2019. Every year, the deals come from HostGator due to their limited 80% OFF plans by which you can get an account for less than $2/month.

HostGator offers a variety of solutions from small business to enterprise customers which include shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated.

All the hosting comes with 24×7 customer support and HostGator website builder. There was a 45 days money-back guarantee and also leads with 99.99% uptime.

2. BlueHost Black Friday Hosting Deal 2019

BlueHost, the company recommended by the official WordPress team serving over millions of sites since its inception in 2000. They offer versatile services including shared, and VPS. BlueHost Black Friday 2019 offers 60% OFF on all plans including shared and cloud hosting.

13 Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 (Max. 95% OFF) 2

BlueHost did something spectacular in 2017 improving their infrastructure which resulted in lower response time and minimal downtimes. BlueHost offers Free SSL, 24×7 customer support and the plans come with unlimited email hosting which is suitable for bloggers doing a lot of outreachs.

3. iPage Black Friday Hosting Deals

I never included iPage Black Friday Cyber Monday deal last year but to my surprise, a lot of people asked about iPage Black Friday in forums, so I put up the information here at Webcrazies. You can also learn more about iPage Black Friday Hosting Deals in the above link.

iPage Black Friday

iPage is getting some serious improvements in the past few months, and recently iPage started offering Free SSL for its existing and new customers for the lowest price of $1.99/month.

4. A2 Hosting Black Friday Hosting Deals 2019

A2Hosting Black Friday offering 67% OFF on all packages including Shared, managed VPS and Sprint dedicated server. A2 is truly the fastest company listed in our 2019 Deals for Black Friday which is operating with private data center since 2001 and

Based on various reports, A2 seems to rank faster achieving the status of the fastest WordPress company in the world which is truly mesmerizing.

13 Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 (Max. 95% OFF) 3

5. GreenGeeks Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

GreenGeeks is the #1 green energy hosting company in the world with private datacenters operating since 2008. The best thing I love about them is their plans. There is only one shared plan which no limitations on pricing. You will get the maximum resources for the money what you paid.

13 Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 (Max. 95% OFF) 4

Another great thing, they won't oversell their servers. That mean, only a limited set of websites gets hosted on their servers gives an excellent balance between other websites hosted on the same server. I already bought an account with GreenGeeks this black Friday hosting deals 2019.

6. FastComet Black Friday Deals

FastComet, one of the hottest find in recent times offering complete solutions with no upsells and everything comes inclusive of bills. FastComet offers free SSD powered by free SSL and 24×7 customer support. The major advantage of FastComet is the free domain name and flat renewal price for the lifetime.

FastComet is the only service in our list of Black Friday Hosting Deals 2019 that offers free domain name like.COM, .NET,.ORG for a lifetime and also charges same renewal pricing for a lifetime.

You can also check our FastComet review over here – https://webcrazies.com/fastcomet-reviews/

13 Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 (Max. 95% OFF) 5

FastComet also has seven data center locations, so you can choose a data center location close to your location to server faster web pages to your site visitors. FastComet comes up with some exciting Black Friday deals for this year.

7. WPX Hosting Black Friday

WPX Hosting, the affordable managed WordPress is here. WPX is the only managed solution I'm recommending for my visitors. Right from the beginning, the company is consumer-focused and to prove you can connect with a customer executive is less than a second at any time. The support folks are extremely knowledgeable towards WordPress.

WPX takes part in our Black Friday Deals list, thanks to its superior and affordable managed WordPress solutions.

13 Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 (Max. 95% OFF) 6

The best thing I love about WPX is an allowance for Email hosting. Every other managed to host companies never allows email through their platform but WPX is generous enough to support this which saves a few dollars every month for me.

Overall, WPX starter plan supports 5 websites which is a great thing, you can host multiple websites from the same account while the most company and their starter plan only allow single website hosting plan.

8. WP Engine Black Friday Deals

Founded in 2010, WP Engine had a brilliant track record so far and it is ranked among one of the finest web hosting companies when it comes to cutting edge technology and the right mix of advanced features. For anyone looking forward to buying hosting from WP Engine, this Best Black Friday presents you an excellent chance to save 30% on all the WP Engine plans. 

This should really get you really excited and in fact, there are many eagerly waiting for the offer to go live so that they could be the first to grab it. If you are a WP Engine fan too, you should make the most out of this opportunity too.

9. InMotion Black Friday Deals

Founded in the year 2001, InMotion has definitely come a long way and over the years, it has been largely able to win the confidence of the users by its excellent performance. If we consider the aspect of security, it offers an exceptional mix of advanced security features. In addition to this, it also has the best Customer Support team. 

For anyone eagerly waiting to buy InMotion hosting, this Black Friday brings to you a brilliant chance to save 55% OFF on all InMotion plans. 

10. Hostinger Black Friday Deals

Hostinger started back in 2004 and it is one of those companies that offer the most affordable pricing. As far as the performance is concerned, it has persistently delivered good performance over the years. Most importantly, it has a very dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts to keep things exceptionally organized and functional 24×7. 

If you are wondering as to what Hostinger stores for you one this Black Friday, you certainly have a lot to rejoice for you can enjoy a discount of up to 90% on Hostinger products on this Black Friday. This certainly can’t get any better than this and you should certainly try to capitalize on this golden opportunity.

11. Interserver Black Friday Deals

Interserver was established in the year 1999 and the company has been largely able to win the confidence of a large number of users from all over the world by having been able to offer the right mix of advanced features at a pretty reasonable price over the years. Also, it offers an exceptionally secure environment.

If you want to buy Interserver Hosting, this Black Friday gives you an amazing chance to save up to 50% on all Interserver plans. One wise thing you could do is try to buy a plan for as many years as possible as that way you can have more benefits from the offer.

12. Cloudways Black Friday Deals

Cloudways had a brilliant journey so far and had a huge contribution in the field of cloud hosting. Over the years, it has been largely successful in providing users with an excellent mix of stability, performance, and security. 

Are you wondering as to what deals does Cloudways have for you on this Black Friday? If you are looking forward to buying Cloudways hosting, there can’t be a better time than this Black Friday as it offers you an amazing opportunity to save 30% on all Cloudways plans.

13. SiteGround Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

SiteGround offering 70% off on all their plans for Black Friday 2019. There are three web hosting plans with SiteGround and they are Startup, Growbig, and GoGeeek. SiteGround offering a superior caching mechanism, SSD with 24×7 customer support via email, chat, and telephone.

siteground black friday deals

SiteGround started back in 2004 serving over millions of site till now, and I didn't hear any negative comments from 120+ people who bought SiteGround based on our recommendations.

Check more info on SiteGround Black Friday on our individual blog post where we posted more things that make you simpler for getting started.

What's my pick on Black Friday Hosting Deals?

Many companies offer you big discounts but they are applicable only to 36 months plans. HostGator offers 65% OFF, BlueHost comes with $2.65/month (only for 36 months plans). But SiteGround is the real company to offer 70% OFF even on 12 months packages. If you calculate, SiteGround offers for $2.95/month on 12 months basis.

Webcrazies got hosted on SiteGround, so I absolutely recommend it. Apart from it, WPX offers some cool black Friday deals offering double the RAM and bandwidth. So If you're looking for WordPress with DDOS protection, I recommend WPX Hosting.

So I put up a list of Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 for any type of needs and hope you found the best deals based on your need.

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