Bluehost VPS Review: Justifies The Tagline Next Gen Hosting?

VPS Hosting is increasingly getting popular among the users and one of the important reasons behind this trend is stability. Over the years, many users have switched to VPS Hosting from shared hosting and experienced a huge difference in service quality. Unlike shared hosting, you can rest assured of dedicated resources with VPS. 

As far as choosing a good VPS hosting provider is concerned, it can be a little difficult for anyone to make a perfect choice considering the large number of providers these days. 

Bluehost VPS Review

Why Bluehost VPS?

Bluehost stands first in line when it comes to VPS hosting because of its brilliant track record in VPS hosting so far. On top of that, Bluehost VPS hosting has some exceptional features that one can’t afford to find with any other provider.

Before you actually decide on buying any VPS, you should first go through the important Bluehost VPS features and try to comprehend them fully. 

Bluehost VPS Review

No matter if your completely new to hosting or an expert, this post is a perfect guide to all the important features of Bluehost VPS service.With every new Bluehost VPS plan, one gets a domain absolutely free for the first one year and thereafter, one can renew it.

Bluehost offers a free SSL Certificate with every new VPS plan to have a secure connection and added security on your website and e-commerce store. Setting up Bluehost VPS is extremely fast and takes merely a few seconds to activate and run as Bluehost servers are designed for instant provisioning

Managing your Bluehost VPS account is pretty smooth with the enhanced control panel and includes various special tools in addition to the tools you find in shared solution.The advanced cPanel in Bluehost offers complete control to CentOS for you to have full control of the server and configurations. With the help of KVM hypervisor, it ensures that all the available resources and high performance components are dedicated to your website’s performance. This helps your website to run at optimal levels.

If ever you are not happy with your Bluehost VPS plan within the first 30 days, one can cancel it and have one's full hosting fees refunded back within the first 30 days. With Bluehost VPS hosting, users can always rest assured of an extremely fast page loading of your website backed by the best open source technologies such as OpenStack, KVM, etc. and servers with high performance components.

Adding additional storage is extremely simple with the Bluehost VPS service and a user can do it from the cPanel itself without having to take much time. Also, additional resources are reasonably priced. With Bluehost, you have an extremely dedicated support to address your technical queries and issues in no time via phone, chat, and tickets. Over the years, it has done a remarkable job in assisting users. 

Bluehost allows you to add multiple servers to your account and it can be VPS, Shared and Dedicated hosting services. This gives you the ease of managing them all from a single point of control. You can keep the various aspects of your account perfectly safe and secure with the help of Access Control Management in Bluehost. For instance, you can have one password solely for ownership information, or one for server administration and if you want, you can have a master password created for keeping the entire account secure.

Use file transfer protocol (FTP) to upload, download, or modify files on your virtual server. Create as many FTP accounts as you'd like. Uploading, downloading and modifying your files on the virtual server is ridiculously simple with Bluehost File Management and it allows to do all these using FTP or file transfer protocol. With Bluehost VPS service, scaling up your resources or adding extra storage is exceptionally easy and fast. On top of that, users can rest assured of every bit of help relating to it from the Bluehost experts.

With Bluehost’s Domain Privacy, all your personal information related to your domain name will be masked and kept perfectly private. By enabling this feature, one can receive SMS alerts for every change made to your domain. Apart from that, it can largely help you in avoiding domain blacklists. Enabling Bluehost SiteLock can largely help you keep your website safe against malware and other online threats as this will detect and fix all the vulnerabilities in real time.

Bluehost VPS Pricing 2019

Though we compared Bluehost along with HostGator and SiteGround based on shared hosting, I'm not familiar with their VPS hosting. If we consider Bluehost VPS plans and pricing, you have 3 VPS plans to choose from; the Standard, the Enhanced and the Ultimate. 

The Standard plan costs $19.99/mo and it comprises 2 Cores, 30 GB SSD Storage, 2 GB RAM, 1 TB Bandwidth and 1 IP Address. The Enhanced plan costs $29.99/mo and it includes 2 Cores, 60 GB SSD Storage, 4 GB RAM, 2 TB Bandwidth and 2 IP Addresses. The Ultimate plan costs $59.99/mo and it consists of 4 Cores, 120 GB SSD Storage, 8 GB RAM, 3 TB Bandwidth and 2 IP Addresses. There are some times like Bluehost Black Friday Sale where you can get discount on VPS plans too, but I'm not sure, you can check for it on November 2019.

Concluding Bluehost VPS Review

This pretty much brings us to the end of this post. However, we are pretty much sure that you have a perfectly clear picture of Bluehost VPS hosting after having gone through this post since we made sure that we cover all the important aspects of Bluehost VPS service.

If you are planning to switch over to VPS hosting, it is a really wise decision and in order to ensure that the VPS plan you choose perfectly suit your purpose, you should check the configuration of all the three VPS plans carefully. This should help you make a perfect choice.

As far as Bluehost VPS service is concerned, it is certainly reliable and has the right mix of advanced features. Most importantly, you have an exceptionally dedicated support team to always help you as long as you choose Bluehost VPS service.

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