6 Cheapest VPS Hosting with cPanel WHM in 2021

If you are looking for the cheapest VPS Hosting with cPanel, this is the ultimate post for you to go through. In this post, I have covered 6 brilliant yet cheapest VPS hosting services with cPanel for you to select from.

As you read this post till the end, you would certainly be able to choose a suitable service for your purpose.

1. Liquid Web

Liquid Web offers cheapest VPS plan at $15/month with premium features which you don't find with any other hosts listed here. Considering the unique license model, I never found any other as cheap as Liquid Web.

Started in 1997, Liquid Web is a very one of the most reliable names in the entire industry. The company offers fully managed VPS with high performance at the cheapest prices.

Further, Liquid Web has always been able to keep things pretty easy-to-use for the customers and the same holds true for Liquid Web VPS.


Liquid Web VPS hosting offers extremely reliable performance with 100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs, and incredibly fast speeds by Gigabit Transfer and Cloudflare CDN. Infact, Independent test conclude Liquid Web is faster than AWS, Digital Ocean etc.

The service is extremely secure by 24×7 server monitoring, DDoS Protection, Integrated Firewall, Server Secure Advanced Security, Dedicated IP, and Local Backups.

It offers an excellent easy-of-use with control panel options such as cPanel, WHM, and Plesk. Further, customers can use root access to configure things on their own.

Another great feature is the option to easily upgrade or downgrade resources as per your requirement. Scalability is unimaginably easy with Liquid Web VPS hosting.

Liquid Web has undoubtedly got one of the finest customer support teams and it assists customers through Tickets, live chat, and Phone.


It is time to look at the Liquid Web VPS hosting plans now and you have as many as 4 plans to choose from. 2GB RAM for $15/mo includes 2 vCPU, 40GB SSD,10 TB Transfer, Linux Only, Interworx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Pro, + Free 100GB Backup.

4GB RAM for $25 includes 4 vCPU, and 100GB SSD plus the other features of the former plan.

8GB RAM for $45 comprises 8 vCPU, and 150GB SSD alongside the other important features.

16GB RAM for $95 comes with 8 vCPU, and 200GB SSD besides all the important features included in the former plans.

2. Hostwinds

Hostwinds offers cheap cpanel VPS hosting even after cPanel price hike.

Hostwinds started in 2010 and is a good yet cheapest Linux VPS hosting service provider. Hostwinds Linux VPS hosting includes dedicated CPU Cores, Dedicated RAM and Disk Space, and Port Speeds. Most importantly, it is highly scalable and offers rock-solid security.


With Hostwinds Linux VPS hosting, customers have the benefit of dedicated resources in terms of CPU, RAM, and Disk Space. This means users would have a constantly brilliant performance.

Hostwinds provides users with a 99.9999% uptime guarantee backed by a redundant network which means there is no single point of failure ever.

Linux VPS hosting allows you to add resources to the Hostwinds Cloud Control anytime you like as per your requirement. This makes things a lot affordable than reseller plans like HostGator and convenient for the customers.

Another great advantage customers would have is high levels of security characterized by constant server monitoring and Firewall protection with custom rules for traffic.

It includes Nightly Backups to ensure that your valuable website data is backed up safely and you can restore it with the greatest ease anytime you like.

Hostwinds Linux VPS hosting also comprises a brilliant customer support service that comprises very reliable assistance through Tickets, Phone, and Live Chat alongside a very powerful Knowledge Base.


Hostwinds provides customers with 4 cheapest managed VPS hosting plans to pick from. The lowest tier comprises $5.17/mo and includes 1 CPU Core, 1GB RAM, 30GB SSD, and 1TB Data Transfer. $10.34/mo consists of 1 CPU Core, 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD.

$18.80/mo for 2 CPU Cores, 4GB RAM, 75GB SSD, 2TB Data Transfer. $23.97/mo comprises 2 CPU Cores, 6GB RAM, 100GB SSD, and 2TB Data Transfer.

You need to get cPanel license separately within the order portal.

3. ScalaHosting

ScalaHosting is based on spanel similar to cPanel. The interesting thing, you can get an managed VPS for $12/month.

Established in 2007, ScalaHosting is a leading provider of Managed Cloud VPS Hosting. At the same time, the service is pretty reliable at the cheapest price. Over the years, it has done a commendable job in pleasing its customers.

The service comprises brilliant features such as SPanel Control Panel, Free Migration for Unlimited Websites, Dedicated IP, Dedicated Resources, Real-time Protection, and Fully Managed Environment.


ScalaHosting offers a user-friendly control panel called SPanel which comes with a brilliant graphical interface of all the services. Further, the control panel is also compatible with cPanel.

It offers you a high availability assurance backed by advanced server technologies such as SSD cloud server and self-healing infrastructure that can perform complex repair and auto task maintenance.

Scala offers excellent speed since it is based on SSD & HDD Disk Space in conjunction with a fully managed hosting environment and dedicated resources.

ScalaHosting provides users with robust security against hackers and malware characterized by an isolated environment, and SShield Cybersecurity System.

Another cool feature is the FREE Migration of Unlimited websites with professional assistance by the ScalaHosting experts. The experts will assist you to transfer your website from its old hosting platform to ScalaHosting perfectly without any downtime.

ScalaHosting has a reliable support team in place to assist the customers 24×7 via Tickets and Live Chat.


ScalaHosting Cloud VPS hosting comprises 4 different cheapest plans; Start for $12/mo, Advanced for $24/mo, Business for $44/mo, and Enterprise $66/mo.

Start includes 1 CPU Core, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD, Optional HDD Disk, SPanel Control Panel, Daily Remote Backups, Free Snapshots, Fully Managed, Free Migration, SShield Security Protection, Dedicated IP Address, Guaranteed Resources, and Better Google Rankings. Advanced includes 2 CPU Cores, 4GB RAM, 30GB SSD plus all important features.

Business consists of 4 CPU Cores, 6GB RAM, 50GB SSD, and all other important features. Enterprise comprises 6 CPU Cores, 8GB RAM, 80GB SSD, and all other important features.

4. KnownHost

Knownhost is another cheapest cPanel VPS in our list.

KnowHost was founded in 2005 and over the years, the company has emerged as a good VPS hosting provider. The company offers fully managed VPS hosting that is based on SSD Drives, excellent uptime, and reliable security.

KnowHost offers many other advanced features that you would possibly need from a good VPS Hosting service and despite the fact, it offers its service at an affordable price.


KnowHost Managed VPS hosting is extremely easy to set up as you have the advantage of a fully managed environment. Once you sign up, the server will be automatically configured for you.

It offers you an unimaginably high performance based on SSD Drives, premium networking, multiple RAID SSDs, LiteSpeed & LSCache.

KnowHost has 3 data center locations comprising Seattle in WA, Atlanta in GA, and Amsterdam in NL. This helps you to choose the nearest server location to your audience to serve them better.

Customers have a lot of control panel options to select from including direct admin and cPanel. This makes things a lot convenient for users.

You can't imagine running a VPS hosting with no proper backups and this is the reason that KnowHost gets you the best setup for backups right from the beginning. Further, it is extremely easy and fast to restore any saved copy from the backup.

As far as security goes, the VPS hosting service comes with reliable security backed by Free SSL, DDoS protection and constant server monitoring by experts. Most importantly, customers can have it for no additional charges.

Apart from that, it comprises an amazing Support service that includes assistance through Live Chats and Tickets.


KnowHost provides customers with as many as 4 different packs to select from; Basic for $28/mo, Standard for $49/mo, Professional for $69/mo, Premium for $80.50/mo.

Basic comes with 2 Core CPU Processor, 2GB Guaranteed RAM, 50GB RAID-10 SSD Storage, 2 TB Premium Bandwidth, 2 IP Addresses, and DirectAdmin or cPanel/WHM.

Standard comprises 2 Core CPU Processor, 4GB Guaranteed RAM, 100GB RAID-10 SSD Storage, 3 TB Premium Bandwidth and other basic features.

Professional consists of 4 Core CPU Processor, 6GB Guaranteed RAM, 150 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage, 4 TB Premium Bandwidth and other basic features.

Premium consists of 6 Core CPU Processor, 8GB Guaranteed RAM, 200GB RAID-10 SSD Storage, 5 TB Premium Bandwidth and other basic features.

5. InterServer

Started in 1999, InterServer has been around for the past 21 years now. InterServer cPanel VPS hosting is pretty popular among users from all over the world.

The service comprises Powerful cPanel tools, unlimited space & traffic, dedicated resources, fast speeds, self-healing hardware, high uptime, and high security. InterServer VPS hosting is certainly one of the cheapest yet good options available in the market.


With Cloud VPS hosting, you can have a lightning-fast loading speed as the service gives you the benefit of dedicated resources, SSD storage, and other advanced server technologies.

It offers you a 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by self-healing hardware, dedicated backup solution, and constant server monitoring.

It includes a dedicated support service to assist the customers 24×7 through phone, live chat, and ticket. Over the years, it has maintained a steady good track record in pleasing the customers.

Customers also have the advantage of top-notch security with Cloud VPS hosting and it is characterized by the usage of KVM, Openvz, Virtuozzo and Hyper-v virtualization platforms, and other security practices such as using an isolated environment to place the virtual machine containers.

The fact that users can scale up or scale down the cloud resources as per your requirement makes the service pretty affordable. Further, scaling up cloud resources is extremely a simple and fast process.


Customers can have a wide range of plan configurations to choose from with InterServer Cloud VPS hosting. The lowest tier plan starts for as low as 1 CPU Core, 2048 MB, 30GB SSD Storage, and 1 TB Transfer for $6/mo.

You can have up to 16 CPU Cores, 32768 MB Memory, 480GB SSD, and 16 TB Transfer for $96/mo.

6. InMotion VPS

InMotion Hosting started back in 2004 and has delivered a reliable service for many years now. InMotion VPS Hosting service is pretty popular too.

The VPS hosting is characterized by lightning fast speed, reliable uptime, robust security, and Linux SSD VPS hosting servers, cloud-powered infrastructure, server management, and cPanel.


The InMotion VPS hosting offers you unimaginably high performance and high availability by advanced caching controls, PHP support, Brotli compression, and 20x faster SSD Storage.

InMotion VPS hosting is also extremely secure backed by custom advanced policy firewall, Free SSL, and DDoS Protection.

It also offers users a lot of control through root access, SSH access, Reseller access with WHM, Command line tools, and Resource Monitoring Dashboard.

InMotion has a dedicated US-Based customer support service in place to address the technical difficulties of the customers 24×7 through Tickets, Live Chat, and Phone.

Another salient feature of this service is the FREE Website Transfers with assistance from the experts to transfer your website from its old hosting platform to the InMotion platform as fast as it can be and without any downtime.


InMotion offers you 3 Managed VPS hosting plans to choose from; VPS-1000HA-S for $29.99/mo, VPS-2000HA-S for $49.99/mo, and VPS-3000HA-S for $83.99/mo.

VPS-1000HA-S includes unlimited website support, 4GB RAM, 75GB Disk Space, 4TB Monthly Premium Transfer, and 3 dedicated IP Addresses.

VPS-2000HA-S includes unlimited website support, 6GB RAM, 150GB Disk Space, 5TB Monthly Premium Transfer, and 4 dedicated IP Addresses.

VPS-3000HA-S includes unlimited website support, 8GB RAM, 260GB Disk Space, 6TB Monthly Premium Transfer, and 5 dedicated IP Addresses.

All plans are covered by 90 days money-back guarantee too and Free Advertising Credits of $150.


This pretty much brings us to the end of this post but if you have read this post carefully so far, you must have already noticed the various differences among them. Though I have reviewed Bluehost VPS in the past, the pricing are not affordable, so I left companies like it.

I have described the important aspects of these services to present a transparent picture in front of you. I have compared aspects such as pricing, support, performance, and more to give you a clear understanding of the hosting services.

As far as pricing goes, I found Hostwinds to be the cheapest option when it comes to short billing. For the long term, Liquid Web hosting can be a perfect cheapest option to go with. Scala Hosting VPS hosting is also a good service at the cheapest price.

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