Best ClickFunnels Alternatives For 2021

The ClickFunnels Alternatives is certainly the first name to cross one’s mind when it comes to sales funnel and this clearly reflects its popularity among the users. As a matter of fact, ClickFunnels offer the most comprehensive funnel solution for leads, sales, and events.

Although a lot of ClickFunnels users from all over the world have already experienced stunning progress in the conversion, there are others who are not too comfortable with it. This is the reason that we thought of actually publishing this post to help such users find better alternatives to ClickFunnels.

Honestly, it was not easy to find conversion tools as good as ClickFunnels considering its comprehensive and it took us many hours of hard work to actually test several lead conversion tools and come up with our final list of the best 5 ClickFunnels Alternatives…

Here are the ClickFunnels Alternatives For 2021

Instapage – #1 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives 

Instapage is one of the leading landing pages solutions available in the market.

The pretty advanced and in fact, it has the right mix of the various essential that you might need to create excellent Landing pages.

Users from all over the world have been using it for the past many years and the response has been simply outstanding.


  • Scalable Designs
  • Easy to collaborate with team
  • Page loads pretty fast
  • Analytics is pretty powerful and accurate
  • Heatmaps & A/B Testing are pretty handy


You can buy the Instapage Core plan for $99/mo (billed annually) and for more resources you could consider contacting the sales team and requesting for a customized plan.

Leadpages – #2 ClickFunnels Alternatives

Leadpages is yet another brilliant tool used by many marketers and entrepreneurs to build ClickFunnels excellent landing pages.

If we consider its services, it offers a pretty powerful and comprehensive range of services.

It is extensively used by many small businesses and as a matter of fact, many businesses already benefited a lot from it.


  • Mobile responsive designs
  • A/B Testing is pretty much advanced
  • All designs are optimized for better conversion
  • Lots of Professional templates
  • Analytics is pretty powerful


As far as the pricing and plans are concerned, you have three different plans to choose from. You can either have the Standard plan for $25/mo or the Pro plan for $48/mo. In case you need even better and resources, you can even opt for the Advanced plan of $199/mo.

Thrive Membership – #3 Another ClickFunnels Alternatives

Thrive Membership is a combination of different online conversion tools.  

Basically, it helps businesses improve conversion by using a combination of various strategies of ClickFunnels such as popup forms, countdown timers, commenting system and more.

Needless to say, when all of these work in perfect sync, nothing can stop your conversion rate from going higher.


  • Create webpages using drag and drop
  • No coding required
  • Excellent options for Scarcity Marketing
  • Easy yet powerful A/B Testing
  • Commenting System is unimaginably engaging


The Thrive Membership is available in two different pricing. You can either have the Thrive Membership for $19/mo or have the Agency Membership for $49/mo. The former plan is better for individuals and the latter is ideal for Agencies.

Unbounce – #4 ClickFunnels Alternatives

Unbounce offers a very simple interface to create stunning designs with simple drag and drop technique without having to touch a single line of code.

It offers users a lot of professional templates to build fast designs.

Most importantly, it helps users create designs that are conversion optimized.


  • Stunning designs
  • Conversion Optimized ClickFunnels
  • Over 100 professional templates
  • Design using simple drag and drop technique
  • Fast Page Loading
  • Parallax scrolling


As far as the Unbounce Plans are concerned, there are 3 different plans you can select from; Essential for $79/mo, the Premium for $159/mo, and the Enterprise for $399/mo

OptimizePress – Affordable ClickFunnels Alternatives For 2021

OptimizePress is one of the extensively used sales page builders. It is pretty simple to use and it merely takes about 15 minutes to get used to it even if one is totally new to the concept of landing pages.

If we consider the features, it offers a perfect mix of the various essential unlike the other page builders that are cluttered with various unnecessary in addition to the useful ones. This makes things pretty simple for the users of ClickFunnels.


  • Designs are Mobile responsive
  • Powerful Analytics and A/B Testing
  • Create sales pages really fast
  • Email Marketing Integrations
  • Customizing the pages is ridiculously easy


OptimizePress offers users 3 different plans to choose from. If you need for just individual purpose of ClickFunnels, the Core plan of $97 will be more than enough to start with.

For a growing business, there is nothing better than the Publisher plan which costs $197 and if you are an advanced marketer, we suggest you choose the Pro plan of $297. Also, note that all the three prices are one time prices.

Find the Best ClickFunnels Alternatives?

If you are finding it difficult to use ClickFunnels Alternatives and looking forward to finding better solution, it is absolutely normal. In fact, there are many like you. You can use any of the 5 mentioned in the post. However, read the over and over again. If possible visit their official websites too.

Make a decision only after you fully comprehend the all of the 5 alternatives as that will help you determine as to which alternative will work the best for your purpose.

Apart from this, you have to consider your comfort level too and we suggest you choose the one that you are most comfortable with. In fact, this is even important than the pricing aspect and this is the reason that once you find any of these up to your expectation, get it right away even if it might be a little expensive.

As far as selecting a plan is concerned, it is important to always keep in the mind your purpose and also, the resources that will be required. It is not wise to get something more than what you require and at the same time, be careful of not choosing a plan that does not meet your requirement.

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