CyberGhost Black Friday Deals 2021 – 79% OFF

CyberGhost Black Friday Deals

On this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, CyberGhost is offering a maximum of 79% OFF discount on their VPN plans.

Black Friday is coming, just like every year, on the fourth Friday of November. The most awaited CyberGhost Black Friday is finally here! It comes with a grand surprise for you this year.

Through the CyberGhost VPN, you can obtain the best protection and build a secure environment. You can make sure your internet connection is safe and secured from hackers with the best VPN.

CyberGhost Black Friday Sale

  • Deal: 79% Off
  • Promo Code: Not Needed

This Black Friday, CyberGhost is offering an exclusive discount of 79% off. CyberGhost Black Friday Deal is jaw-dropping that allows you to get a reduced price for the best VPN on your device. Moreover, CyberGhost comes with additional surprises that we will discuss later on.

CyberGhost Black Friday Pricing

CyberGhost VPN is on Black Friday from 27 November only for a limited time so that you can get up to 79% off for CyberGhost VPN annual plans like the same limited duration of the year. That means you will be able to subscribe at a significantly reduced price and includes free months.

CyberGhost 3 Year Plan – 79% off

  • Regular price – $7.99 per month
  • Black Friday Price – $2.99 per month

The promo includes two months of trials and six months free.

CyberGhost 6 Month Plan – 38% off

  • Regular Price – 17.99 per month
  • Black Friday Price -$5.95 per month

CyberGhost 1 Month Plan – 0% off

  • Regular price – $12.99 per month
  • Black Friday Price – $12.99 per month

There are three distinct varieties of CyberGhost VPN Plans & Pricing. The short term plan is the monthly payment package, available at $12.99 ($155.88 a year) a month. 

Second is the one-year subscription plan available at $5.95 ($71.4 per year) per month. Finally, a 3-year payment plan, open at $2.99 per month ($107.64 every three years), is the most extended-term plan.

If you want to save money, then we highly recommend that you prefer long-term choices. You will get 73% off and get an additional two months trial and six months free of subscription with the CyberGhost Black Friday offer only.

CyberGhost Features

CyberGhost was created in 2011 in Romania and is one of the best-secured VPNs available on the market. It comes from Bucharest, Romania, and is the first transparency study to be released in the sector. This VPN offers online anonymity to all its users and firmly promotes the uncensored culture of the Internet.

CyberGhost comes with an excellent user interface that allows every user to understand and operate it quickly. It gives video streaming more meaning and offers a good feature set. Using software that can not be intercepted or hacked, CyberGhost VPN carefully encrypts the link between your computer and one of its servers.

  • Easily hide your IP – You can easily mask your location and make monitoring your online activity impossible for websites.
  • Unblock streaming services – you can enjoy your favorite video content without any restrictions; no geo-blocking, no network limitations, no buffering, only unlimited streaming possibilities.
  • Access restricted content You can use our VPN apps to easily bypass any geo-restrictions and access blocked websites no matter where in the world you are.
  • Torrent anonymously – CyberGhost VPN apps allow you to find servers optimized for torrenting. 

How to Claim CyberGhost Black Friday Deals

CyberGhost Black Friday deals are easy to claim and automatically get our voucher by checking out during the limited time offer. Select the official link of CyberGhost to redirect in purchasing your preferred Black Friday VPN deals 2021.

Get as much as 79% off of their subscription plans on Black Friday and also claim additional surprises such as two months free trial and six months free.

Here are detailed explanation to get CyberGhost Black Friday deals: 

  1. Choose Your Plan – You can choose your preferred plan that you think works the best for you. Select whether you want 18 Months, 6 Months, or 1 Month plan with different discounts for each subscription.
  2. Select Your Payment Method – You may choose a variety of payment method that applies such as Credit Card, PayPal, and Bitcoin.
  3. Review Your Billing Plan – After choosing the right mode of payment for you, you will then see your billing or receipt.  Verify if the CyberGhost Black Friday deal is automatically applied.
  4. Boost Your Security Online (Optional) – In this section, you can upgrade your CyberGhost VPN service to boost your security online. The additional services are:
  • 1 Year Premium Password Manager – $9.99 (limited offer)
  • Dedicated IP – $5 per month
  1. Enter Your Email Address – Make sure to enter the email address you will use for your CyberGhost VPN service. This requires an account activation to be sent in your email address.

Finally, complete your purchase. You wouldn’t have to worry because CyberGhost guarantees you a 100% money-back guarantee within 45 days. 

Hurry now and get the deals for yourself before the limited offer expires. Since deals are time limited, check for other live deals including ExpressVPN Black Friday and NordVPN Black Friday deals.

CyberGhost Support

Check out the CyberGhost section for FAQs if you want to have changed or upgraded the features. Just contact the Customer Service team for more guidance. They will be happy to address any of your queries in different languages such as English, German, French, and Romanian.

They are available 24/7 and ready to address any concerns you need via live chat or email. You may also visit their product guides on the CyberGhost official support page or contact them via social media accounts that can easily be found on their website.

CyberGhost VPN – FAQ

What is CyberGhost?

With CyberGhost VPN, you can establish a virtual point-to-point connection between your device and the online world. In other words, you would be transmitting your data via an encrypted tunnel. CyberGhost VPN is the safest way to be online from unsecured networks. Your IP address stays masked, and you would be safe from the prying eyes of hackers. And as the VPN hides your IP, the sites can no longer keep track of you.

CyberGhost also assists you with protecting your digital identity and helps to block various types of websites. You can also access torrent anonymously with the help of CyberGhost.  

How to check if CyberGhost works?

It is pretty simple to find out how CyberGhost works. In case you are not sure how CyberGhost has changed your IP address, you have to connect to CyberGhost at first. The home screen of the CyberGhost application depicts the first sign that a successful and encrypted VPN connection has been established.

Ensure that the connection is configured correctly or not. In case you are connected to one of the servers, and the status says exposed, make sure that the connection is secure. You can also disable IPv6 to enhance the overall security of the VPN connection. 

Why should you trust CyberGhost?

To be frank, CyberGhost is one of those VPN services which always take your security very seriously. Moreover, it is a VPN service that has many users from across the world. They always keep the dealing process transparent so that the users don’t face any type of issue. At CyberGhost, you would come across a highly motivated VPN service, which always gives due priority to the user’s safety. CyberGhost is probably the only VPN service provider out there that publishes its transparency reports. They also have a strict no-logs policy, which makes sure that user data is not stored.  

Where is CyberGhost VPN based?

CyberGhost is based in Romania and specializes in providing high-quality VPN services and network security services. And as they are found in Romania, your activities would be safe.

CyberGhost doesn’t have to report its user logs to intelligence agencies, which is an excellent aspect of their network security. You also get the hide IP and kill switch options to ensure no one is prying on your connection. 

How to use CyberGhost?

Note that using CyberGhost is pretty simple and straightforward. You have to start the CyberGhost VPN client by clicking on the desktop symbol or the start menu entry. The app would open and take you to its home page depicting the message that you are not protected yet.

To activate secure tunneling or VPN, you have to click on the yellow power button. If you don’t want CyberGhost to connect you automatically to the best server, select a server or country by clicking on the connection line. You can also take a glance at the list of servers available for you to access. 

How many devices can be used with CyberGhost?

To be precise, you can use CyberGhost to connect with seven devices simultaneously. But make sure that your email ID is linked to iTunes or Google Play Store so that you can use CyberGhost on the seven devices. You can also remove the devices as per your preferences in any given amount of time. CyberGhost works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. So there are no issues whatsoever to facilitate a safe connection.  

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