Quick and Passive Ways to Earn Money Online [2021 Updated]

Howdy guys, Everyone loves to earn money online. Do you know anything which never get out of the fashion. I’m sure you knew, It’s Money. Who don’t like to have some handsome amount in their pocket.

Money is important and I think it’s the only thing which can never make you bore. Even if you’ve lot of money in your bank but it’s a hunger which is not ready to fill up.

There is one thing about money which is nowadays in trend. It’s online money, every other internet user want to earn from internet and want to use his/her time for some extra bucks.

There are a lot of ways to earn money from internet. I’ve mention all of the possible legal ways to earn money from Internet World.

Also, here are all ways including quick ways as well as long ways (but big amount).

Let see what are the ways which probably not going to make you a millionaire. But surely give you an idea of the internet income.

Quick Ways to Earn Money Online

Let first talk about quick one, because some people might be in hurry:


It’s very simple and one of the quick way to earn some extra income. There are companies who are willing to pay you amount, just by making you a part of their survey.

These types of companies are always in the look of people who can tell them about their existing product. To make things easy there are some websites which can make your work more easy by becoming immediate between company and you.

Through it you can earn anything between $1 to $50. Very depending on type of surveys and company you making survey for.

2. Dropshipping

Easy way to earn an easy profit, you just have to select a niche, perform a thorough competition and market search, found the best supplier for the goods you are willing to sell and that's pretty much it now what's left is to build your store. Your store should look and perform good, therefore, you have to pick the best e-commerce platform. And then there is only making money part that is left.

3.Sell yourself on Fiverr

Don’t misunderstand me by headline. Here it only mean selling your talent or work to someone. Fiverr is great way to get some quick bucks in your pocket. On Fiverr you can sell any of your work for 5$. It’s good if you work for 1 person per day it means you can earn $150 per month through it.

But remember even to earn that $5 you need to be good in service which you’re offering. You don’t need to be an expert but it needed for you to be good in your thing. You can offer logo design or 500 words article writing or anything. In fact you’ll laugh when you see people are offering very silly types of things.

4.PTC sites

It’s a good way to earn some bucks but it limit you to some hundred dollars. Still if you want to earn money like pocket-money then try PTC sites. There are a lot of sites over the Internet which can help you in this.

In these types of sites you need to view advertisements for certain seconds and after that you’ll be paid for those ads. Thing which is good about these types of site is that you’ll be paid for each and every ad you view. You can get few cents for every ad you view.

5.GPT sites

GPT sites are friends of PTC sites. But GPT sites are capable of offering more opportunities than  PTC sites. Mean GPT sites offer you to earn from more fun activities like from playing games, watching videos, small surveys and many other activities. There are a lot of GPT sites which are showing as they are good. But few of them are real genuine websites, so choosing them is little difficult and risky.

You can earn same as PTC sites or might be more.

6.Sell Photos

This one is interesting and best if you love to take photos. As you might already got idea by heading that selling photos can earn you some amount. There are hundreds of websites which can help you in selling your pictures. These websites will only take small fee as an immediate.

What you need is a camera and your love or greediness of earning money. Just take some random but beautiful photos and post them on sites such Photobucket, Shutterstock or iStockPhoto and earn big money when someone like your photo and buy it from these websites.

7. Sell Your Old Stuffs

Hey, want to earn some money then try selling some unused items from you home. Yeah! It make sense to sell your unused or old items over the Internet. There are number of sites such as eBay where you can post ad and sell it to make some profit. I’m sure you have such types of stuffs which you want to get rid from. So try selling them online.

Earn Passive and Huge Money

1.Earn Money as a FreeLancer

This is a most common but famous way to earn passive money from Internet. If you’ve some quality such as Writing, Designing. Then Nothing can be better than as a freelancer. You can earn huge amount anything from $100 to 20000$ per month. Maybe you get big project where you need to work with big companies.

Many people outsource seo projects and if you learn SEO you can make big bucks for lifetime.

But As a freelancer you can surely earn big bucks. Like everything it takes time to good on your subject and also you needed some experience which you can easily get if you continue your work as a freelancer for years.

Where after some certain years you can definitely earning something big.

There are some sites I like to suggest you: Freelancer.in, Truelancer.com, Upwork, Peopleperhour, Elance, Guru are some of the leading freelancing sites.

You can see I'm doing blogging since 2015 and this theme is powered by MyThemeShop. You can work as freelancer theme devleoper and make such themes and make money on your own.

2. Earn Through YouTube Videos

Ever wonder why YouTube is so popular? and why it has millions of millions of videos?, Yeah may be saying because people like to share their videos but this is only half truth. The main reason people are heading towards YouTube is its earning potential. Yes! You can earn through YouTube videos.

You: How can I earn from YouTube videos?

Me: Using ads.

Yes! This is very right you can earn a good amount of money from YouTube videos. In fact some YouTube stars are earning millions of dollars through it.

Here what you needed to start earning from YouTube. First create YouTube Channel then Create some fantastic videos and upload it over YouTube. Then enable Monetization on your videos that’s it. Now you need to wait and hope to get maximum views over your videos. Maximum ads views mean maximum dollars.

But there are some limitation or restriction of YouTube and they are like you can’t earn from videos of others. Mean you need your own video to earn from YouTube. Everything should be of yours.

In short: You can’t earn money from YouTube. if you’d download video of Michael Jackson and upload it on YouTube. You needed to have copyrights and other permission from original video owner if you want to earn from YouTube and it’s should be paper written.

So, it’s better to create your own video instead of copying it from another part of internet.

3. Earn as a Blogger

This one is my favorite because I’m a blogger and love to talk about blogging stuffs. If you’re a blogger then you might already knew about below ways but if you’re not then continue reading.

To be a blogger you need a blog. You can set up one if you don’t have. But remember you need some money to invest in hosting and in buying domain name.

Just pickup domain name and hosting providers. I recommend to use Bluehost because of their performance. Also they are offering free domain mean you don’t need to worry about purchasing a domain name from another site. It’ll be free till you hosting your blog on Bluehost. Don’t worry you can transfer your domain if you want it to be on separate site.

Ways of Monetization or Setup your blog for earning:

Advertisements: Google is earning about 80% of their income from advertisement. It mean you can’t ignore power of advertisement. Companies are willing to pay millions or even billions of dollar on ads. Which make it most powerful way of earning.

You can use this guide to increase your site CTR and you can use Google’s official monetization ad network AdSense. Which offer you pay-per-click or pay per impression. You just need a lot of traffic which can automatically turn into your revenue.

Affiliate Marketing: Most powerful method of earning for any blogger. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income is earning hundred of thousand of dollars from affiliate marketing per month. This number is enough to motivate anyone for turning toward blogging. There are thousands of companies who are offering affiliate programs. Which make your work easy there are also some websites which make it more easy.

Websites like Commission Junction, ClickBank and ShareaSale are most popular websites where you can get affiliate programs for any niche (subject of your blog).

Services: There is one more thing which we’d already mention above but it’s also fit in blogging world. You can earn by providing services from your blog. Services which is related to your blog is best choice. Like your blog is about Health then consulting with your client about his health problem as a service with some bucks is a good thing.

You can see list of blogging services I'm using to run Webcrazies.

Mean here you’re also earning some bucks and your client is also getting help from you.

Now, I also want to know from you about ways of earning which people can use to earn from online.

As soon as I get more proven ways of earning, I’ll update this post. Actually i always try methods and then post. It makes me believe that the method has potential of earning.

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