What Is An Espressif Inc Device On My Network?

This dedicated article focuses on the “Espressif Inc device on my network” issue and gives you good clarity on it.

Did you know that many people reported seeing the “Espressif Inc device on my network” and wondered if their network was compromised? If you are also one of them, keep reading the post.

Espressif Inc Device On My Network – The Short Answer

Espressif Systems is a company that manufactures WiFi modules for various smart devices. Hence, when you see “an Espressif inc device on my network,” there is a possibility that you use a smart device that uses an Espressif Inc WiFi module, or perhaps, a user connected to your network has a smart device with the WiFi module. You can find out which user is using an Espressif device by logging into your router. Besides, you can scan the network with an Antivirus.

What Is Espressif Inc?

Espressif Systems is a multinational and high-tech semiconductor company that started in 2008. Moreover, the company has offices globally in China, the Czech Republic, India, Singapore, and Brazil. Espressif Systems consists of a focused and passionate team including engineers and scientists from all over the world, and they mainly concentrate on wireless communication, low power, and IoT solutions.

What Devices Does Espressif Inc Company Make?

Espressif is a company that manufactures cost-effective, power-efficient chips, wireless modules, and development boards for different smart devices. The company has been around since 2008.

Espressif Inc Device On My Network company

The Espressif Inc devices are labeled ESP32, ESP32-S, and ESP8266. Most importantly, the company is popularly known for its IoT solutions.

Why Does An Espressif Inc Device Appear On My Network?

Like many others, you must be curiously waiting to find the answer to this question. If you see an “Espressif Inc device on my network,” it simply means that one or more devices on the network are using the Espressif Inc module. 

If you aren't using any such devices, any other user on the network must be using an Espressif Inc device. For example, you might share your WiFi with your roommate or neighbor using an Espressif Inc device. Interestingly, sometimes the user isn't even aware that one is using an Espressif device. Hence, you must consider this before your network is compromised or hacked.

Understanding Espressif Inc Device On My Network

One good practice is using software like Netscanner or Nmap. You can detect the devices connected to your WiFi using one such software. However, to use Netscanner, you must ensure that your Port 80 is accessible. Besides, you can log into your router's IP address and remove unknown devices if you find anything suspicious.

Make Use Of An Antivirus

Another excellent way of ensuring good network security is by using an antivirus. If you are using Windows, you can count on Windows Defender; all you have to do is turn on the Virus and Threat Protection. Avast Antivirus also comes with a network scanner, which does a decent job.

Make Use Of An Antivirus to fix Espressif Inc Device On My Network

How To Troubleshoot?

Further, you can change the WiFi password if you ever sense anything suspicious on your network. Besides, you can consider using a VPN to prevent any Man in the Middle attack. A VPN encrypts information shared on your browser or any online app, which can sometimes be as critical as net banking credentials. 

However, it would be best if you chose a reliable VPN only. Some reliable VPNs are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, and Private Internet Access VPN. If you don't plan on spending on a VPN, you can try the ProtonVPN free version. The ProtonVPN free plan does a decent job and comes with advanced options like killswitch, 2fa, and multiple servers.

Do The Espressif Inc Devices On My Network Mean My Network Is Compromised?

If you see an Espressif Inc device on your network, it doesn't necessarily mean your network is compromised. It can be either you or any other user on the network. Before jumping to any such conclusion, you must consider the devices you are using and the users currently connected to your network. In most cases, Espressif Inc devices appear out of any of the devices used by the users on the network. 

You must first try to spot which user on the network is using the Espressif inc devices. Another way to go about it is removing the users one by one temporarily, and this will give you an idea regarding which user is using the Espressif device. However, in most cases seeing the Espressif device on your network doesn't mean your network is compromised.

How To Keep My Network Secure?

It's always wise to be concerned about your network security. To ensure better network security, you must scan your network at regular intervals or set automatic network scanning on your Antivirus software. Besides, you can scan your network using a software scanner such as a Network scanner or Nmap. 

Another important thing you can do about your network security is to use a reliable VPN while doing critical online activities. A VPN will keep you anonymous, hide your IP address, and, most importantly, encrypt the information you share on different online apps, including your browser. A reliable VPN can prevent you from the man in the middle attacks.

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Wrapping Up “Espressif Inc Device On My Network”

I am sure you are a lot relieved after reading this post. The “Espressif device on my network” thing isn't really an issue. However, there is no denying that it does appear a little intimidating. In this post, I have provided you with excellent clarity on Espressif devices on the network. 

Besides, I have explained how you can find who among the network users is using an Espressif device. Most importantly, I have shared some important ways by which you can ensure enhanced network security.

Espressif Inc Device Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Espressif device on a network mean?

An Espressif device on a network doesn't necessarily mean the network is compromised. In most cases, you see an Espressif device on your network if any of the users connected to the network is using a smart device, which uses an Espressif WiFi module. It can be either you or any of the users you have shared your WiFi with using an Espresso WiFi module-enabled smart device.

What is Espressif Inc.?

Espressif is a company that has been around since 2008. The company manufactures cutting-edge, power-efficient, cost-effective chips and wireless modules for Smart devices. The company has offices in China, Singapore, Brazil, the Czech Republic, and India.

What can I do about the “Espressif device on my network” issue?

When you see an Espressif device on your network, you must not immediately start thinking that your network is compromised. Before jumping to conclusions, you must log into your router to check the users and devices on the network. Next, you can remove the users temporarily from the network.

If you are sure you aren't using any Espressif device, removing the users one by one should remove the Espressif device from the network. It will clarify which user on the network is using an Espressif device.

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