ExpressVPN Black Friday Deals 2021 – 49% Off

ExpressVPN Black Friday

In this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ExpressVPN offers a massive deal of 49% OFF discount on their VPN plans for a limited time.

ExpressVPN truly honors Black Friday by giving its clients some pretty amazing discounts. Let us dig deeper into what, how, when, and which ExpressVPN Black Friday is all about this year 2021. We will take through a more detailed explanation that you should know before anything else.

ExpressVPN Black Friday Deals 2021

  • Deal: 49% OFF
  • Price: $6.67 per month
  • Sale: Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • Site:
ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal 2020

ExpressVPN Black Friday offers a 49% flat discount this year and an additional three months on a one-year subscription. It ensures that by just paying for 12 months of subscription, you will get 15 months.

ExpressVPN will guarantee you a more long term experience using the best VPN provider with exclusive features and benefits.

Get your VPN account on ExpressVPN without missing out on their best Black Friday deals in 2021 to save more up to 49% for only $6.67 per month for the rest of your plan. Hurry and grab this offer in a limited time of ExpressVPN Black Friday deals.

ExpressVPN Black Friday Pricing 

ExpressVPN is one of the leading British Virgin Island-based VPN providers on the market. ExpressVPN has received a lot of prestige for providing robust security, good privacy, and quality services since its inception in 2009.

ExpressVPN Black Friday honors the deal by supplying their clients with the most significant discounts happening once a year.

ExpressVPN Black Friday pricing is something that you shouldn’t miss because they offer a much more significant discount with an additional free three months subscription to their best value plan for very affordable pricing in the VPN market and guarantee you the quality security more than what you paid for.

ExpressVPN Black Friday Plans
  1. ExpressVPN 12 + 3 Month Plan – 49% off
  • Regular Price – $12.95 per month
  • Black Friday Price – $6.67 per month

ExpressVPN, 15 Month plan, is the most popular among other plans. It is a long term plan offered by ExpressVPN with an actual 12 months of services in regular pricing for $12.95 per month.

However, during the Black Friday deals, you can subscribe to the ExpressVPN 12 Month plan with three months subscription free with a total of 15 months for just $6.67 per month.

It is usually billed at $194.20, but you can get this for $99.95 with your first 15 months and 12 months after that. Grab the deals during Black Friday and receive as much as a 49% discount with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  1. ExpressVPN 1 Month Plan – 0% off
  • Regular Price – $12.95 per month 
  • Black Friday Price – $12.95 per month

ExpressVPN 1 Month Plan is billed at $12.95 per month. It is the shortest term offered by ExpressVPN and suits more for starters. Unfortunately, the ExpressVPN 1 Month Plan is not included in Black Friday deals, so it is highly recommended to go for a 15 Month plan for a longer subscription time and more significant savings. The one month is also fully refundable within 30 days of purchase.

  1. ExpressVPN 6 Month Plan – 0% off
  • Regular price – $9.99 per month
  • Black Friday Price – $9.99 per month 

ExpressVPN 6 Month Plan is billed at $9.99 per month or $59.95 every six months. It is also not included in ExpressVPN Black Friday deals, and a 15-month plan is highly recommended to maximize the services of ExpressVPN and get bigger discounts using its 49% off.

If ExperssVPN is out of your budget, check for all Black Friday VPN Deals to get cheap VPN deals. However, if you wish to avail of the ExpressVPN 6 Month Plan, they also guarantee excellent services with exclusive features and users’0-day money-back guarantee. 

ExpressVPN Features 


ExpressVPN has established its reputation in the VPN industry by offering outstanding VPN services that best suit users' needs. Through this ExpressVPN review, apart from providing high-speed performance and ultra-secure connectivity, here are the highlights the unique features offered by ExpressVPN.

  • Auto Connect
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Dynamic Shared IPs
  • SmartDNS service
  • Zero logging policy
  • Security and Privacy

Moreover, here are the other features that will excite you more and give you the best experience.

  • Powerful online protection – Defeat hackers and spies with best-in-class encryption and leak proofing.
  • Internet without borders – Access any content, no matter your location. Say goodbye to geo-blocks.
  • Supercharged VPN – Connect to any of ExpressVPN ‘s unlimited-bandwidth, ultra-fast VPN servers.
  • VPN split tunneling – Split tunneling lets you route some device traffic through a VPN while the rest accesses the internet directly.
  • Trusted server technology – ExpressVPN groundbreaking approach to running VPN servers ensures no data is ever written to a hard drive, keeping you secure.
  • Network Lock kill switch – Network Lock keeps your data safe if your VPN connection drops, blocking all internet traffic until protection is restored.

ExpressVPN works tirelessly to protect your privacy, and ExpressVPN will never log your information or exchange data with someone else, regardless of where you are. WiFi hotspots are most fully unsecured and are especially vulnerable to hackers. Therefore, ExpressVPN works to take care of your privacy. 

ExpressVPN Black Friday Network

The best value and most popular plan from ExpressVPN is the 12-month plan that gives you unrestricted access to all the ultra-secure ExpressVPN high-speed servers and an additional three months of free access. That would be an incredible 49% discount on the standard monthly price that you usually pay for.

ExpressVPN Support

The ExpressVPN customer support is indeed very responsive and receptive, particularly their support for “Live chat” available 24/7. Also, ExpressVPN has extensive tutorials for manually setting up VPN clients on almost every handheld device and great OS and thorough “FAQ” portion.

You may also contact ExpressVPN using their “Contact Form” and will respond within 24 hours. You can write your query and send them via Email, Live Chat, and Ticket Email System.

How to Claim ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal?

It is effortless to claim the ExpressVPN Black Friday deals, and it will just take a few minutes. Since ExpressVPN only offers a discount to its 15-month plan, the focus is to claim the deals. Here are the easy steps to claim ExpressVPN 15 Month Plan:

ExpressVPN Black Friday Payment
  1. Select a Plan – You must select a plan that works for you, whether it is the one month plan, six-month plan, or the 15-month plan. It is recommended to avail of the 15-month plan to continue claiming the deals.
  2. Enter your Email Address – Enter the email address that you will use for your VPN Account. ExpressVPN guarantees your Privacy. ExpressVPNdo does not share your information and will contact you only as needed to provide its service.
  3. Select your Preferred Method of Payment – You can select your mode of payment according to your convenience. You can choose with a variety of choices such as Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, or continue with another method of payment using PaymentWall.

Then review your billing and confirm your payment. Once you submit your payment, the ExpressVPN Black Friday deal will be automatically applied. Finally, you are done and wholly subscribed to ExpressVPN.

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