How To Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote Picture?

Hisense Smart TV gives an enhanced viewing experience. It has impressive screen quality, clear audio, and a sleek design. Plus, all these features are available at a price everyone can afford.

Nevertheless, Hisense TV can also have some issues, like Hisense playing sound but showing no picture or it shows no picture but moving images and sound. You have lost your Hisense TV remote to make the situation more miserable.

In this scenario, you need a method for How to Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote Picture. To save the day, we are writing this article so that even if your Hisense TV has no remote and picture, you may still perform Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote Picture.

But before that, let's discuss the situation and its cause because the troubleshooting methods you must apply will depend on the problem you are dealing with.

Causes Of Hisense TV Has No Picture

When Hisense TV has no picture but has sound, this indicates a software glitch. To confirm you are having this issue, switch on your TV and play something on your Roku or through Blu-ray. When you could hear the sound, it sets a seal on the matter that your TV has a software glitch.

Another case is Hisense TV, with no pictures but moving images and audio. You will need a flashlight to confirm that your TV suffers from this glitch. Turn on your TV and switch off all the lights in the TV room. Now stand two inches away from the TV and use your flashlight on it.

If you see any moving image without a clear picture on the TV screen, it means the TV backlight is having some issues and will require repair money. However, performing a reset is a safe bet before calling customer support. Hence, we have listed all the methods to Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote Picture.

How To Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote Picture?

Hisense TV black screen problems are more common than you expect. Many people have reported that their Hisense TV has no picture but sound. This problem is relatively easy to solve when you have a remote. 

You can find many troubleshooting methods on the internet which require a remote. But we are not expecting everyone to have their Hisense TV remote. Losing the remote is more common than having a blank screen on your Hisense TV.

Therefore, you must know how to Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote Picture, even if your TV is working correctly because this will prepare you for the worst. Here are some methods by which you can resolve Hisense TV no-picture issues without a remote.

1. Power Cycling Your Hisense TV

Wiping the memory and function settings of the TV should be the last option when you cannot settle the problem with the quick-fix method.

Sometimes simply turning on and off your TV will do the trick. Similar to when we refresh our smartphones. When there is no major issue, this method is best to solve any glitch. Go ahead and try.

  • Pull your power plug directly from the wall socket when your TV is turned on.
  • Leave your TV for 5 minutes.
  • When 5 minutes is up, head over to your Hisense TV and press the power button for 60 seconds to obliterate the power from the device.
  • After 60 seconds, plug back the power plug into the wall socket and turn on the TV to see if the issue is clear.

Suppose your Hisense TV Wont Come On; here is how to resolve.

2. Perform Soft Reset On Hisense TV Without Remote And Picture

You should not head straight for Factory Reset when Hisense TV has issues. Usually, a minor glitch in software can give you such an issue, or on starting the TV, the process is disrupted.

This issue can simply be resolved by pressing a combination of a button. On your Hisense TV panel, you will see some buttons. Usually, these buttons are situated underneath the logo or side panel. You have to use these button combinations for a soft reset.

Follow these instructions to see if you require a factory reset.

  • Press together and hold the “Volume UP” and the “Menu or Input ” buttons.”
  • While holding these buttons, press the “Power” button and hold it till the light turns blue and stays on.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and release all the buttons from the panel.
  • Your issue is cleared if your TV shows the picture after a few seconds of reset completion.
  • Note, in some Hisense TVs, this method works with the “ Volume Down” button instead of “Volume Up.” Hence, you must follow the same procedure with the ‘Volume Down” button.

Sometimes the Hisense software can acquire a corrupt file or bug, or it is just some glitch that stops your TV from functioning correctly. Doing a Factory Reset in such a scenario is the best solution if power cycling and the soft reset do not work for your TV.

However, you must remember that doing Factory Reset will restore the original factory setting of your TV and will delete all the files from it. We have provided a step-by-step guide below for your convenience.

3. Factory Reset By Using the Button

Some Hisense TV models, for user convenience, come with a reset button on the back panel of the TV. Some even put a label on it so you can find it easily if you can see a small circular button on the back or bottom of the TV.

  • Take a paper clip or pen that you can use to insert and hold the Reset button.
  • Use it on the Reset button and press it for 15 seconds.
  • After a few seconds, your Hisense TV will restart.

However, due to the lack of the “Reset” button in the Hisense TV model, This method does not apply to each. That is why we have an alternative way to Factory Reset Hisense TV without a remote and picture.

4. Factory Reset on Hisense TV Through App

Using this method, you can do Factory Reset even when you have lost the remote. The process is simple and quick and works in the same manner as the TV remote. Using a mobile app to control the TV function will give you some freedom to use all features you have with the remote. The process is as follows.

Steps to Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote Picture
  • Turn On your TV and ensure you use the same Wi-Fi network for your TV and smartphone.
  • If you are using an android device, go to the Google Play store and for iOS, visit the App store to download the “Hisense Remote Now” app. It is an app provided by a manufacturer that will work as a digital remote.
  • Open the app on your smartphone and follow the process shown on the screen to set it up.
  • After the setup, you must choose the correct model number and tap “Select.”
  • Now select the “Control” button to operate your TV through the app.
  • Use the arrow button to scroll to “Menu” and choose “Settings” from it.
  • Navigate to the “Support” option.
  • Now choose “Storage and Reset Option.” Then select “Factory Data Reset.”
  • Enter the password you have set. Otherwise, enter the default password “0000”.
  • Now your TV will start the resetting process.
Steps to Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote Picture?

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Wrapping Up Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote Picture

From our perspective, these are the best method for factory resetting Hisense TV without a remote and picture. With the help of the Factory Reset Hisense TV Without Remote Picture, your software glitch can quickly be resolved because resetting will delete the bugs, clear your cache, and reboot the TV system.

However, Factory Reset can not solve the hardware problem. Sometimes Hisense TV has no picture due to a faulty backlight or other TV part failure. In such a situation, you must enlist help from manufacturer customer support. They are experienced in handling such matters and will only provide this service for a fee if your Hisense TV is under warranty.

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