FastComet Reviews: Reliable Hosting in 2021?

The FastComet reviews 2021 is written upon request by one of our visitors.

Though this post is started as FastComet Vs. SiteGround type content since I use SiteGround to host this blog but ended up with a complete FastComet review 2021 simply because they are outstanding. Let's have a look and what FastComet will provide for its customers.

FastComet Reviews

Do you know? FastComet is a hosting provider that looks into the people's needs rather than following the industry standards.

Some of the best things to prove the above statements are

FastComet Features

1. Same renewal pricing

While every hosting company has a 4x renewal pricing standard (First billing costs $2.95/month and renewal costs $9.95/month), FastComet came up with the same renewal price for a lifetime.

We also added a link to Hosting Deals, where you can get fastcomet with 75% off for your yearly renewals.

How good is it for the online community? 

2. Free domain forever

When some companies started offering the free domain for the first year (the second year, you need to pay like $10-$15), FastComet offers free domain forever.

Guys, are you serious? The standard domain pricing costs $10 for.COM

3. Free Daily and Weekly Backups

Some hosting companies are like, let us charge for backup options, put them $19/month.

FastComet be like, give them weekly backups up to 30 days for free.

4. SSD Powered Hosting

It's mid of 2021, some companies offering to host with traditional hard drives while they came up with SSD hosting with terms increase page load speed upto 20X times.

5. Free GlobalSign SSL

Some companies advertise as they are providing SSL certificates for free of cost. But the reality is that the company provides SSL for free of cost, and every hosting company is utilizing it.

As usual, FastComet comes one level above other hosting companies. They are offering GlobalSign SSL free of cost, which usually costs $249. Don't worry; you can get it for free forever.

This above feature is unique, and the following features are mostly general with most companies.

6. Free website transfer

You can transfer your site free of cost, and mostly our sites are transferred around 3 hours.

7. 24×7 customer support

we talked more about customer support in the below contents.

8. Google PageSpeed optimizations.

Google gives ranking priorities for sites following the guidelines, and FastComet helps you achieve greater results with it.

9. Unlimited Addon Domains

Apart from the basic plan, you can use the other two plans to host unlimited websites under a single account.

10. 1-Click Restore Manager

I discussed free backups, and one needs to restore it to make the site live. There is a one-click restore option which does the work without any ease.

11. Free Private DNS

Branding is much important, and private DNS plays a vital role in it. If your site name is, you can ask for a private DNS like

12. Free Dynamic SSL seal

This is the use of SSL certificates.

13. Fewer sites per server

The more the sites per server, the more the loading speed. They are aware of it and allows only a few sites per server.

14. Unmetered bandwidth

Hosting companies like WPEngine offers low bandwidth and charges for additional usage. Here it comes unmetered one.

15.Varnish Cache & WAF

The fastest caching mechanism so that your website faster by at least 10%

16.LiteSpeed LSAPI

Litespeed is known for caching objects faster than ever.

17.APC & OPcode Cache

The kind of caching mechanism is not used in most hosting companies, glad they use it.


Caching mechanism used at Wikipedia to serve websites faster for global visitors.

19.Patchman Security

This one safeguards your site from thousands of general hacks that happen every day.

20. Spam experts powered Email Hosting.

99.99% of spam emails will be deleted before reaching our inbox.

21. Free CDN Provider

They tied up with CloudFare for free CDN support and can find other free CDN providers list here.


When this FastComet review post was in draft, there are three other plans, and now they changed it to newer plans for 2021.

FastComet Vs. Competitors

Here's a comparison is taken from the official website

Control Panel

Customer support

Customer support, as said by Amazon CEO, they are the king of business. Nothing wrong; I can see their support team is the king of business.

I will try to update this FastComet reviews with more screenshots shortly, but most of the positive thoughts praise their customer support greatly, and I hope they will do the best in the upcoming days.


I don't give so much importance to data centers since I host most of my blogs on US-based data centers. Anyway, some of their top data centers are

Apart from these four data centers, there are three other data center locations available for hosting.

Pros and cons


  • Same renewal price
  • Free domain forever
  • Free SSL
  • SSD Hosting
  • Free email hosting


  • Basic package not faster than expected but faster than other hosting company starter plans.
  • Setup fees for one-month billing plans.

Wrap Up

From these FastComet reviews, we are happy with its performance, and if you're starting your online business, I recommend you use them.

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