Flywheel VS SiteGround 2021: Here is the BEST!

When it comes to Managed WordPress Hosting, both Flywheel and SiteGround have done a remarkable job for the past many years. Even though Flywheel started much later than SiteGround, the company quickly emerged as a promising company in the industry. 

SiteGround, on the other hand, continues to be the favorite of many users from all over the world even though SiteGround is pretty much an old company and many new promising companies have come up over the years. 

Flywheel VS SiteGround

This is the reason that it is not really easy to choose between these two companies and eventually, a lot of people often get caught up with the Flywheel vs SiteGround dilemma. We have received many emails from users wherein they urged us to cover this topic and help them break out of the Flywheel vs SiteGround confusion.

Flywheel: Easy & Creative Hosting

Flywheel entered the industry back in 2012 and since then, it helped many web designers and developers build amazing WordPress sites. Flywheel has an excellent team of proficient developers and server technicians. 

Ever since its inception, it constantly tried to make things exceptionally simple for the users and it largely succeeded in pleasing all categories of users over the years. It helped freelancers easily create sites and offload them to clients. It helped high-traffic sites to easily and quickly scale up their resources. 

If we consider the service of Flywheel so far, it has been pretty reliable and it also has the right mix of features. Most importantly, Flywheel being a Managed WordPress Hosting Platform similar to WP Engine, users hardly have to worry about any technicalities on this platform and all the technicalities are skillfully handled by the experts.

Most importantly, with Flywheel, users have the advantage of a scalable, resilient and faster platform created in collaboration with Google Cloud.

Pricing & Plans 

When it comes to pricing, Flywheel provides users with 3 great plans to choose from. The Starter is an ideal option for anyone who is looking forward to hosting just one small-sized website with monthly traffic of up to 25,000. 

The Freelance offers comparatively more resources than the former and is a pretty good option for anyone with a growing client list with monthly traffic of 100,000 and site support up to 10. The Agency is a good option for users that are looking for site support up to 30 sites and have monthly visits of 500,000.

Flywheel also gives you one extra month for FREE as you choose Annual billing. In case you ever feel that you need more than what is offered by the 3 available plans, you can have a customized plan created for your purpose by contacting the sales team.

If pricing is something you're concerned about, you can try WPX Hosting which is basically cheapest Manged Hosting for WordPress.

Data center Locations

It is important to offer your target audience with a brilliant service in terms of loading times alongside content and this is where data center locations play a major role. 

You can set any region of the world as your target audience and at the same time, you must choose the closest data center locations to that region. This will help your website load faster to your target audience. 

Flywheel as of now offers users 5 different data center locations to select from; Iowa (US), Montreal (Canada), London (UK), Belgium (Europe), and Sydney (Australia)

Speed And Uptime 

Needless to say, the success of a website is largely based on its speed and uptime. This is certainly a very important factor and can help you decide over the Flywheel vs SiteGround dilemma. While a site struggles with the uptime, chances are that it will miss out on various good sales opportunities, slow speed will drive away your visitors. 

However, Flywheel sites have performed brilliantly in terms of speed and uptime for many years now. We tested the uptime and speed of our Flywheel demo site and the results were amazing. Our site showed up an uptime of 99.97% and a speed of 400ms. 

Customer Support

We are no stranger to the role that Customer Support plays in hosting. It is pretty normal to encounter Technical difficulty but what really matters is how fast you break out of it. This is where Support can play a major role. 

If we consider the Flywheel Support track record so far, it has been impressive and with Flywheel Support, you can rest assured a brilliant 24×7 technical assistance via chat and ticket alongside in-depth documentation.

SiteGround: Advanced Hosting with Super Easy Management

Company History

The USA based company, SiteGround started in the year 2004 and back then, hosting was presumed to be something that could only be handled and managed by the web designers and developers. However, SiteGround has largely helped people break out of this frame of mind and helped them in believing that anyone could host a website as well as manage it without having to touch a single line of code. 

SiteGround offered a perfect blend of advanced features and easy management. A lot of credit goes to its team of developers for having such a deep understanding of the user's convenience and having been able to keep things extremely simple for the users. This has helped it in largely drawing the attention of users for the past many years now. On top of that, SiteGround has the finest technical support team and it also largely proved it for many years now. 

Pricing & Plans 

SiteGround presents you with 3 different plans to select from. The StartUp is good for anyone who is looking forward to hosting not more than one site and that too, of small size with monthly traffic of not more than 10,000. The GrowBig is an ideal option for anyone with a Growing site and monthly traffic of up to 25,000. It also supports unlimited sites. 

For a site that expects high traffic, one can choose the GoGeek as it lets your website have up to 100,000 monthly visits and supports unlimited sites. If you are looking forward to starting an online store, it is always wise to choose a plan with the maximum resources.

Data Center Locations

Needless to say, data center location plays a massive role in hosting and you can always look for the closest data center to your target audience. What this does is help your website load at a blazing fast speed to your audience which means helping your website perform brilliantly. 

As far as the SiteGround data center locations are concerned, you have 5 data centers to choose from; Iowa (US), Chicago (US), London (UK), Eemshaven (NL), and last but not least, Singapore (SG)

Speed And Uptime 

Even though you have the best website or blog site in terms of content, you can never make it to the top of the SERPs unless your website has a lightning-fast speed and an exceptionally stable uptime. As far as the SiteGround service is concerned, it has been pretty reliable in terms of speed and uptime over the past many years now. 

However, we neither believe in the promising words of any company nor do we just say anything without testing a service. As a matter of fact, we bought a SiteGround hosting, hosted a demo site and checked its performance constantly over 6 months. We found it to have a speed of 344ms and an uptime of 99.99% which is certainly great. This is certainly a crucial factor that can help you decide over the Flywheel vs SiteGround confusion.

SiteGround Black Friday Chat

Customer Support

Customer Support is the essential backbone of a company in this industry. Users on and often need to contact the support with technical queries and issues. For a good hosting company, it is important to ensure that users get the right assistance without having to spend time waiting in the queue. 

SiteGround has realized this point ever since its inception and this is the reason that it has been able to provide users with the best technical support for many years now. With 24×7 SiteGround Technical Support via phone, chat, and ticket, you will hardly have any possibility to ever get locked away with any technical difficulty.


We tried to cover the most we could about both the companies to help you break out of the Flywheel vs SiteGround 2021 dilemma. As we got deeper into every aspect of both the companies, we realized both the companies have a certain leading-edge over each other. 

The best way to go about the Flywheel vs SiteGround dilemma is by going through the various aspects of both the companies and see which one provides you with the best for your purpose. Most importantly, you have to consider the aspect of pricing and resources too. As far as the aspect of security and stability is concerned, both the companies are extremely reliable. 

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