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In the book of SEO, backlinks have an important part till today. Well, maybe in the future they would not be so important but for now we know that Google and other search engines utilize a website’s backlink profile to understand the relevancy of a particular website, and rank them according.

And as we all know that how difficult it is to get high-quality backlinks to our site. But luckily, there are website submission directories that helps us to get free backlinks from them.

In case, you’re confused or don’t know what we’re talking about, then check out this video.

What is Directory Submission?

I got the idea to write this article, when I searched for the same and got many non-sense lists. Although I got impressed when I saw their names like; list of 100 sites, list of 500+ sites but the reality shocked me. Because when I checked the sites then most of them were either of low quality or just spammy kind.

So, I thought to filter out them and created a list of my own. And I’ve created a short list because we’re looking for high quality and not quantity. The website submission directories that you’re going to see below are all of high quality, and I’ve personally checked them one-by-one.

I’ve checked their alexa rankings to know if the sites are dead or alive in terms of traffic, their backlink profiles, and their Domain Authority.

I’ve listed the directories with their Domain Authority (DA) because as we know that PR is dead (at least for us). And now we need a metric that can help us to measure their relevancy. So, this is the only reason I’m listing them with their DA.

Benefits of quality directory submission sites:

  • Faster indexing
  • Better rankings
  • High page rank
  • Quality directory traffic
  • Brand building
  • And many more.

You can read the more benefits here.

Here is the high quality submission directory sites list of 2016.

Directory Submission Sites Status DA (Domain Authority) Active 94 Active 91 Active 54 Active 45 Active 54 Active 53 Active 64 Active 41 Active 26 Active 59 Active 51 Active 51 Active 48 Active 49 Active 34 Active 43 Active 39 Active 75 Active 62 Active 35

Remember that some of the directories could take a long time, but not always. It usually because of a huge number of submissions or any other reason. Generally, it takes time in days but can go up to weeks or months too. So just submit your site once (and not repeatedly) and if you get the approval then there is nothing to say.

However, if you don’t, then don’t be sad.

I’ll keep checking this list time to time and will also keep updating it with time. And if you know any such sites then let us know in the comments.

However you can actually do SEO outsourcing to do things better.

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