Hisense TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi: How To Fix?

If you are the owner of a Hisense Smart TV and facing the same problem where your Hisense TV keeps disconnecting from wifi, then you are at the right place. We have put together all the troubleshooting methods required to fix this Hisense TV keeps disconnecting from wifi. Let’s jump straight into it.

Troubleshooting Steps For Hisense TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi

There are a few fixes that you can apply to get rid of connecting issues from your TV. You can try firmware updates, power cycling, or check connectivity issues.

All troubleshooting methods are explained in detail below:

Rebooting TV

Start your troubleshooting methods by rebooting your Hisense TV. It is a simple and quick solution that many people have found useful. If your TV keeps disconnecting from wi-fi, this could be because of a minor glitch or software underperformance.

You can easily fix it by turning off your TV and waiting for a second before turning it on again. If this solves your connectivity problem, then you are luckier to find a solution on the first try. However, this may only work for some. Worry not; we have many other solutions.

Try Power cycling your TV.

The second step to fixing the “Hisense TV keeps disconnecting from wifi” is power cycling the TV. This step can resolve random glitches, bugs, or software issues due to which your TV can not maintain a connection to your wi-fi network. This step does not only work for Hisense TV but on any other brand of TV.

To power cycle the TV, follow the:

  • Directly unplug your TV from the socket on the wall.
  • Wait for 5 minutes and leave the TV alone.
  • Plug back the power supply cord into the outlet.
  • When TV is ON, try connecting to it with a wi-fi network.

Check Your wi-fi Network.

Sometimes you face this Hisense tv keeps disconnecting from wifi issue, not because of your TV but your internet connection. Your router or modem may give you a slow speed that your TV interprets as having no network. And giving rise to this issue. So you need to check your wi-fi network so that it provides you with proper internet speed and does not fluctuate randomly.

However, if you find your wi-fi signal fluctuating, it may be why your Hisense tv keeps disconnecting from wifi. To test your wi-fi signal, you can use the internet website or any other device that requires the internet. If another device also could not connect and ask them to solve this issue

Using Wired Connection For Hisense TV

Using a wired connection is another way to overcome this Hisense TV keeps disconnecting from wifi. With this, you can do two things simultaneously. First, you can get your internet on TV and check your TV wi-fi adapter.

The first case helps you cope with the duration until you find a solution, and the second tells whether the hardware is faulty. To join Hisense TV to a wired connection required an ethernet cable, ethernet port, and router.

Connect one end of the ethernet cable in the router and the other in your TV ethernet port. If this works, there is no problem with your WI-FI network, and your Hisense TV works except for its wi-fi. It concludes their problem lies in your TV wi-fi Adapter. It may be defective, and you might be required to replace it for the wi-fi network to work.

Erase Data with a Hard Reset of the TV

Suppose you did not find your solution till now. The reason might be the internal space being full. Nowadays, Smart TVs can store many data and settings. Hisense TV is also similar in this regard, but there is a limitation on the data you can keep.

Another internal space issue is storing files corrupted and disrupting the functionality or loss of wi-fi Internet in your Hisense TV. Doing Hard Reset on the TV will ease all data and erase the corrupted file, bugs, or glitches from your TV.

Although it also erases your custom setting, it is worth doing when it fixes your problem. Fortunately, nowadays, most Hisense TV comes with a reset button that you can find on the back of your TV. It will be labeled as reset. 

Troubleshooting Steps For Hisense TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi

Follow these steps to Hard reset on TV:

  • Locate the power button that is generally found on the bottom of Hisense TV and press it
  • Find the reset button pinhole at the backside of your TV
  • You can use a toothpick or paperclip to press and hold the reset button for over 20 seconds
  • Hold it till your TV restart
  • When you turn the TV On again. It is the factory default.

Place the Router Closer to the TV

In case you are still stuck on this Hisense tv keeps disconnecting from wifi, it is advisable to check the distance between your router and TV, and this resulted in a weak or loss of internet signal for the television.

Aside from this issue, check that there are not many obstacles between the two devices. You have to ensure that the distance between your router and TV is within the range of 10 meters.

Once you have placed your router closer to the TV, determine whether it can access the wi-fi network now. If it can, do not move your router from its new place or avoid placing it at a larger distance.

Disconnect other Devices on the Router

When you are using multiple devices simultaneously with your network, it can cause delay or interference in the wi-fi signal. Plus, a few tasks require more bandwidth in comparison to other jobs.

Take the example of Video streaming which takes much more bandwidth than surfing the internet. Therefore when you try to connect your Hisense TV to wi-fi when multiple devices are connected to your network, it leads to a delay or the TV not connecting to the internet.

To resolve this, Hisense TV keeps disconnecting from wifi; you need to disconnect all devices and then try connecting your Hisense TV to a wi-fi network. Now you can connect to your internet.

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Erase data from the Cache of Your TV

You have tried all the solutions mentioned above, but unfortunately, you are still facing the Hisense TV keeps disconnecting from wifi due to the large amount of data stored on your TV.

Many data require more memory space, delaying the TV's working and causing the TV to malfunction. Hence you must erase data from the cache of your Hisense TV. To remove data from the cache, follow the:

  • Go to the Home button and Press it.
  • On the TV remote control, choose the Network button and Clear Cache Cata.
  • Select Clear Internet Memory to clear the internet cache.
  • Remember doing this will set your app to its default setting.

Try Updating the Firmware of the TV

Hisense TV that uses the Internet is Smart TV, which is rapidly developing and needs more updates than your standard television. Rather than TV, it is more similar to your Smartphone in this regard, where smooth functions and updates go hand in hand.

When you leave a large gap in updates, your TV can stop supporting the wi-fi, which causes the loss of internet. The most frustrating thing is a reminder for updates, which all happen on the internet.

Doing this step requires an internet connection through wired internet, as explained earlier in the article. Once you get the internet, follow this step to update the software of Hisense TV:

Troubleshooting Steps For Hisense TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi

Go to Home> Enter the Settings> Select General > Locate About the TV/ About the device> Select Check For Update> If available, click on it to start updating> On completing it will notify you with a prompt.

More to consider

Contact Hisense Support

If nothing works for you, then one option remains Hisense Support, which offers the best customer service. So why not take advantage of it?

They are professional and knowledgeable to solve your missed error due to a hidden technical issue. If your TV is under warranty, they will repair it or replace it if it has some significant problem. So call your Hisense Support team to request their service now!

Conclusion For Hisense TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi

Hisense is becoming the leading brand in the electronic category. It offers a wide range of products but is mainly famous for its TVs. It has a premium range of TVs from LED TVs to 4K, but if you ask anyone for their favorite Hisense TV, it will be its Smart TV range. 

It offers a high-quality picture display within your budget. Any Smart TV to work efficiently requires a robust wi-fi network. You can connect to the internet and enjoy various streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, etc.

In addition, it lets you control the TV from your mobile app, RemoteNow, which is essential if you lose your remote. All these fantastic features can only be available if your Hisense TV is connected to wi-fi. But what if your Hisense tv keeps disconnecting from wifi? This issue is now common in Hisense TV, but the exact reason behind this error has yet to be discovered.

However, you do not have to worry about this issue because it’s easy to solve. 

These are the processes to resolve the Hisense TV keeps disconnecting from wifi. We hope one of these solutions mentioned in the article has helped you eliminate your issue.

Most of the time, the connectivity issue results from software malfunction, but in rare cases, it can happen due to hardware failure. If this happens to you, please do not try to solve it yourself, especially if your TV is under warranty, because it can make your warranty null.

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