Hisense TV Keeps Going To Energy Saving Mode: How To Fix?

The major attraction of Hisense TV is its vivid picture quality and vibrant color and watching a show in it look like it comes to life. However, even this incredible TV set has rare issues that annoy you. One such issue is Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode.

This problem can happen anytime and mainly at the most frustrating time, like right in the middle of your favorite TV show. When we started having this problem, we also searched the internet and found others also have the same issue. After that, we started applying the troubleshooting method and discovered the best solutions to fix Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode. 

So if you are facing the same issue, take advantage of our experience and eliminate your Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode. We have written down the best troubleshooting method in this article and why you might be experiencing the issue, so keep reading to find a solution for yourself.

Why Does My Hisense TV Keep Going To Energy Saving Mode?

Are you curious why your Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode? There could be several reasons for your TV to keep going in energy-saving mode. Hence knowing the cause is as important as fixing the issue.

Because when you know the root cause, you will be able to prevent Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode in the future. One of the major causes for your TV to go into energy-saving mode is the power cord being loose or a power connection issue.

It can happen due to cable or outlet problems and energy disruption between the primary and power supply boards. Your locality's poor connection can also cause the issue. Another reason for having such a case might be you have accidentally left your TV in power-saving mode, or your TV software is old and still having a glitch. 

Poor internet connection may also be behind this issue. If your Hisense TV has a bug or cache issue or internal memory is full, it increases the power consumption and forces your TV to go into energy-saving mode.

To prevent bugs and cache issues, a simple way to resolve them is to keep internal space clear. Once you have learned the course, start applying the troubleshooting method.

Troubleshooting Steps For Hisense TV Keeps Going To Energy Saving Mode

Make Sure No Button Is Stuck in Remote:

It is the most common reason to send your Hisense TV in energy-saving mode. When you accidentally sit on your remote or your kids play with it, anyway can cause the remote button to be pressed and set your TV in energy-saving mode.

Therefore, turn off the TV, take your Hisense remote, and carefully inspect that no button is getting pressed or stuck. If you find it, try releasing it from the stuck state. You can do it with your hand or a small tweezer.

While using a tool, you must remain careful so it does not damage your remote. This work does not require strength, so even if you are using your hand, make sure you are gently handling it.

To prevent this issue from happening in the future, put your remote in a safe place where there is no chance of the button getting stuck. After completing the check, turn on your TV.

Switch off Energy Saving Mode:

If you are experiencing a Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode problem, it is the right thing to check whether your TV energy-saving mode is on. If someone accidentally puts your TV into energy-saving mode without your knowledge.

You may feel that your TV is having an issue. So it would be best to ensure that your energy-saving mode is off. For it follows:

  • Take your remote and find the Menu on your TV
  • Inside the Menu option, locate Setting and select it.
  • Now Choose Energy Saving inside Settings.
  • Then check whether it is on and, if it is On, turns it completely off.

If you do not want to shut it completely off, adjust your energy mode setting to a minimum. It will prevent your screen from going dark. Note that setting your energy-saving mode off is advisable to resolve the Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode. 

Once you are done, switch off your TV and switch it back on. Check your TV to see if the Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode issue is solved. If it does not, check out the next solution. Learn about how to resolve Hisense TV Keeps Going To Store Mode here!

Turn off Sleep Time Setting:

Another reason Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode is the wrong Setting of the ‘Sleep Time' function in your TV. When you doubt your Sleep Time setting, put your TV in energy-saving mode, especially when your High sense TV remote has a Sleep Time button. You must change this setting because you may have accidentally pressed the Sleep Time button in your remote, which leads to this problem.

If this is the cause, solve it quite easily. Look for your remote and check your sleep button. Press it repeatedly until the sleep window on the screen completely disappears. After it, close your TV and power it On to test the issue.

If your Hisense TV remote does not come with a sleep button, there is an alternate method to check your sleep setting. As follow:

Troubleshooting Steps For Hisense TV Keeps Going To Energy Saving Mode
  • Take your remote and press on the Quick Menu of your Hisense TV remote.
  • Navigate to Settings and select it.
  • In Setting, go to System and press ok.
  • You can see the Timer Setting and select it.
  • Now go to Sleep Time and press ok.
  • Ensure that it is off, then press OK.

After making these changes, turn off your TV and turn it On again and check whether the issue persists. If yes, move on to the next step. Experiencing your Hisense TV Wont Come On? Don't worry. We've got you covered!

Try Power Cycle in Your Hisense TV:

If you are still stuck on the Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode issue, you should consider following this method to involve power cycling the TV. When you power cycle your TV, it solves temporary glitches and screen dimming issues.

Follow these steps to power cycle your Hisense TV

  • Turn off your TV set by using the remote control
  • Unplug the TV power cord from the electric outlet
  • After unplugging, leave your TV for 10-15 minutes
  • Plug back the power cord into the power socket and Switch on your Hisense TV

Once you are done with the process, check the TV to see if it still has the issue of going into power-saving mode.

Check Your Cable is Connected:

We have already mentioned that not correctly connecting your cable can lead to this issue. If your Hisense TV keeps going into energy-saving mode, you must inspect your cable connection from the TV to the TV.

  • Find all the cables and power cords in an electric socket and correctly connect them to the TV without any mistakes.
  • You should turn off your Hisense TV and unplug all the wires connected from the TV to the outlet and any other cables.
  • Ensure all connecting points are clean and no dust is present.
  • Also, ensure no damage to your cable or its connecting point.
  • Once you are certain that the cable is damage free and working perfectly, plug back all the wires into their respective place.
  • Double-check that the cables are securely and correctly plugged.

Plugging the wire at the wrong destination can cause a disturbance in power distribution and can cause the TV to go into energy-saving mode. Aside from this issue, you can experience pixel issues, also. The loose cable needs to be fixed if the TV keeps turning off by itself.

Once you secure all cables in their respective places. Turn on your TV to see the issue status. You should change your cable if there is wear and tear present on it or if it has any other issues. 

Old wires are prone to easy damage and create a loosening effect when connecting. Therefore, proper cable maintenance is required to avoid problems with your Hisense TV. Damage or malfunctioning components can automatically send your TV to energy-saving mode.

Do a factory reset for your Hisense TV:

If your Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode problem persists, doing a Factory Reset for your Hisense TV is a good option. By doing this step, you will return your TV setting to its default factory setting, which means it will erase all the cache and internal storage of the TV and make it the before when you purchased it. Generally, performing Factory Reset fixes, bugs, glitches, or any other corrupted file.

To perform a factory reset, follow the instructions given below:

  • Go to the Menu option provided in your Hisense TV remote
  • Choose Support by pressing Enter or Ok.
  • Navigate to Self-Diagnosis and select it by pressing Enter
  • Last, select Reset.
  • You will be asked to enter your security PIN. If you have yet to change it, then usually it is 0000. Press Confirm
  • Now your TV is reset to the factory Setting.
  • Remember doing this will erase all settings and data present on the TV.

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Final Note On Hisense TV Keeps Going To Energy Saving Mode

The Hisense TV brand has been growing popular at an increasing pace. Under Hisense flagship, you can get different TV models at different price ranges. It is known to offer a high-quality product at a budget price. These qualities make it the biggest competition to big brands like Sony and Samsung. 

Even though you tried your best, the Hisense TV keeps going to energy saving mode is not solved. There are instances when the problem is not in the software but in the hardware component. Your Hisense TV has a three-year warranty period. Take advantage of that and replace it or repair your faulty TV.

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