Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds: How To Fix?

Hisense is a Chinese brand that manufactures TVs and other electronic items at affordable and budget-friendly prices. The quality of their TV is undoubtedly top-notch. However, there has been a constant problem that the users who operate Hisense TV face. The issue is that the Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds, a common glitch that can be easily rectified. 

If you are among those who are troubled because of this Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds, let me tell you that the problem exists due to a broken power cable, damage in the internal hardware of the TV, or the TV might not be updated to the latest version. However, this article will discuss how you can permanently fix this “Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds” issue.

Why My Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds?

It is a common glitch that the Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds, and at times it might even get restarted. The following reasons may be responsible for such a scenario.

1. Multifunctional Power Supply Or Power Cord

The prime reason behind the Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds is the power supply or cord malfunctioning. If the power supply is disrupted at any end, it might not reach the TV (or the source) properly. Hence, in such a case, the TV continues to get off on its own after 30 seconds or after a particular period. 

2. The Issue With TV's Internal Hardware Or Software

The problem may persist due to your Hisense TV's internal hardware or software. This might include disruptions with the remote. At times, the batteries are drained out of life, and thus the TV does not gain a connection to work seamlessly. 

Not only this, but there is also a possibility that your Hisense TV might need to be updated to the latest versions. If pending updates are required to be completed, your TV will automatically shut down after a few minutes until you update so that the TV can function smoothly. 

3. Problem With TV's Power Settings Or Energy-Saving Features

The initial power settings of your Hisense TV might be saved so that the energy-saving features might be enabled in the TV. It includes the “Sleep Timer” that automatically shuts a TV after a particular time. 

To ensure that your Hisense TV does not get shut off after 30 seconds, you are required to change the internal settings of your TV by going into the settings menu and turning off the sleep timer. Doing so might resolve the issue. 

How To Troubleshoot Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds? 

Suppose your Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds, and you are troubled by the problem. In that case, you must try the below-given methods to find a quick and easy solution to the existing problem.

1. Check The Power Cord And Power Supply

First and foremost, you should check the power and power supply to ensure no loose connections in the cables.

At times, the cables are loosely connected to the main outlet or each other, resulting in a sudden turn-off of the TV. Also, check that the power cord should not be damaged and the power supply is not erratic. 

2. Reset The TV 

The most effective method to get rid of the Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds issue is to factory reset your Hisense TV, and when you turn on the TV again, the problem will likely be solved.

To factory reset your Hisense TV-

  • Click on the “Menu” button visible on your Hisense TV screen.
  • Then move to “Settings” and further click on OK.
  • Doing so, you would see an option of “Storage and Reset.” 
  • Click on the option and then go to “Factory Settings.”

It would factory reset your TV. However, the data saved on your Hisense TV might get lost, but on the positive side, your TV will start working smoothly again.

3. Check The TV's Power Settings

Your Hisense TV might be on a “Sleep Timer” mode wherein it has already been instructed to get turned off after a certain period (30 seconds). Therefore, check in the settings if the Auto Shutoff mode is enabled. If so, turn it off, and the Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds issue might resolve quickly. 

Advanced Troubleshooting Methods

Even after trying all the troubleshooting techniques mentioned above, you might acknowledge that the Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds problem is not yet solved. If such is the case with you, you should try the following methods to ensure that your Hisense TV starts working correctly. 

1. Replace The Power Cord Or Power Supply

Now that none of the methods work for Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds, you are always advised to replace the power cord or power supply if it is highly damaged. Not only is there a risk in operating the TV with a broken or damaged power cord or power supply, but there are also high chances of getting an electric shock. Thus, replace the power cord and the power supply and try restarting your TV again.

2. Update The TV's Firmware 

Your Hisense TV might be asking for an update to which you need to pay attention.

If it has been continuously in the same scenario for a prolonged period, your TV is likely to get turned off automatically after 30 seconds. To prevent any such thing from happening, you are required to constantly keep a check on the fact that whether or not your Hisense TV requires an update. 

3. Adjust The TV's Power Settings

Hisense TV has certain energy-saving features that might be causing the issue. As per the energy-saving features, the Hisense TV will automatically turn off after a certain period as it undergoes the “Sleep Timer” mode.

As a user, you must check if the mode is enabled on your Hisense TV and turn it off immediately. 

4. Contact Hisense Customer Support

Lastly, you can always rely on Hisense customer support to rectify the issue. Customer service support is available 24 by 7, and they help instantly try to help you with the problem and resolve it for you.

In case of internal damages caused to the hardware or software of your Hisense TV, you can always ask for a warranty repair if your TV is still under the warranty period.

In Summary: Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds

Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds is one of the most common glitches in most Hisense TV models. Undoubtedly, Hisense's TV sets are efficient and budget-friendly, but these problems can worry the user a lot. However, you need to be reassured as the troubleshooting methods are pretty convenient and can be easily carried out by you.

First, check if the power cables are correctly installed and connected. Most of the time, the loose connection is the primary reason behind immediately shutting off the TV. Further, you can let your TV undergo a hard reset process. It would factory reset the TV, and your Hisense TV would start working again.

If none works, you can always look for any updates your TV might require. If there are any updates to be done, you must do that to ensure that your TV works appropriately. Lastly, adjust the power settings that might have a Sleep Timer limit set to 30 seconds, which could be why Hisense TV Will Turn Off In 30 Seconds. You can always change it in the settings.

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