How Do I Get Paramount Plus On Older Samsung TV?

Smart TV is our favorite because of its facility to provide numerous streaming services by pressing the button of your remote. Samsung Smart TV is the most famous brand and also offers a massive number of popular streaming applications. 

But as everyone has their favorite streaming service, the fans of Paramount Plus must be wondering why their streaming service is unavailable on Samsung TVs and How Do I Get Paramount Plus On Older Samsung TVs.

Although Samsung TV comes with multiple pre-downloaded apps and streaming services, Paramount Plus is not one of them. So, How Do I Get Paramount Plus On Older Samsung TVs or new ones?

Can You Get Paramount Plus On Samsung TV?

There is no suspicion that Samsung is the leading brand in manufacturing Smart TV that sets the standards in the industry. It has numerous features and high picture quality that you will not get in any other brand.

Steps On How Do I Get Paramount Plus On Older Samsung TV?

On the other hand, Paramount Plus is a streaming platform launched in 2014 by Viacom CBS Streaming. It was first known as CBS All Access before it merged with Viacom. It is available in countries besides the US, where its monthly plan is $ 4.99 with ads and $9.99 without ads.

Even being one of the most popular streaming services, Paramount does not come pre-installed on Samsung TVs. But the good news is that Paramount can be easily downloaded on Samsung TVs released in 2017 or later.

How To Get Paramount Plus On New Samsung TV (Released After 2017)?

If you are not a subscribed member of this streaming service, you can start with a seven-day free trial by signing up on its website.

Follow the instructions to download Paramount Plus on your Samsung TV.

  • Turn On your Samsung TV.
  • Go to Smart Hub by pressing the Menu button on your TV remote.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Apps’ from the Smart Hub menu.
  • Go to the search bar functionality and search for Paramount Plus.
  • Select it to open, and you can see an app overview.
  • Now select ‘Install' or ‘Add to Home.' The app will start downloading.
  • Go back to the Smart Hub app section, and now you can see your newly installed Paramount app. Click on it to open.
  • You will get a prompt to sign up. If you are new, sign up from here, or if you already have an account, you can log in by pressing the login button.
Steps On How Do I Get Paramount Plus On Older Samsung TV?

Aside from this, there is another more straightforward and faster method of downloading it on your Samsung TV. You can read it below.

Another Method

In this method, you do not need to install Paramount Plus on your Samsung TV on the condition your TV comes with Apple TV pre-installed. You can quickly get Apple TV in the latest version of the Samsung TV released after 2019. Even selected 2018 models have Apple TV pre-installed.

  • To access Paramount streaming service with the Apple TV app. Start your app and sign into your account.
  • Now go to the Watch Now Tab, and you will see a list of numerous channels.
  • Scroll down to locate the Paramount Plus channel.
  • Start with a free trial or log in if you have an account to start watching your favorite shows.

Remember, Paramount Plus is a paid streaming service. Hence, once your free trial expires, you must purchase a subscription. Also, you are required to verify your account on Paramount’s official website to create a verified username and password.

How Do I Get Paramount Plus On Older Samsung TV?

Till now, you must have already understood how easy it is to get Paramount streaming service on your Samsung TV, but unfortunately, everyone does not have the latest model of Samsung TV in their homes.

After all, the television set is different from what you can buy daily as new updates come. So now, how can those who have earlier TV models watch their favorite streaming service on their TVs?

There is nothing to worry about “How Do I Get Paramount Plus On Older Samsung TV? You can enjoy Paramount Plus on your older Samsung TVs in many ways, like using Chromecast, TV stick, Roku TV, and Apple TV. Let’s look at all of them in detail.

Access Paramount Plus With Chromecast

You can use Google Chromecast to cast the Paramount plus channel on your Samsung TV screen. You can cast pictures on the screen from an iOS or Android device and your laptop. But first, you need to install it on your device. To learn more, follow the below procedure.

To Set Up Chromecast on an iOS Device.

  • To stream on TV, first, you need to download the Paramount Plus app on your iOS device, whether smartphone or tablet.
  • Ensure that your Chromecast and your device, the Paramount app, are running on the same WI-FI network.
  • Launch the Paramount app on your device and tap the ‘Cast’ icon.
  • Play a video of your choosing.

To Set Up Chromecast from Android Device

  • Similarly, to iOS, you have to first download the Paramount app on your android device from the Google Play store.
  • Ensure both your TV and android devices are on the same network.
  • Now you can launch the Paramount app, select a video to play, and tap on the Cast icon. You can tap on the cast icon first and then play a video.

Casting on a TV screen from Computer or Laptop

  • Open your Chrome browser that comes with built-in cast functionality. To make things easier, you can pin Cast on the toolbar.
  • You can select Cast from the Chrome Tool menu (three dots on the top right side of the screen).
  • Now go to the paramount app on your device, choose the video you want to cast using the Cast icon, and select the TV to screencast.

These were the methods to use Chromecast for watching Paramount streaming service. Similarly, you can use Apple's Airplay to cast the picture on your TV screen if you do not have Chromecast.

Here is how to troubleshoot if Paramount Plus Keeps Buffering On Samsung Smart TV.

Using PlayStation Or Xbox One For Paramount Service

PlayStation 4 or 5  and Xbox have special offers by which you can access Apple TV on any TV. We have already mentioned the procedure to access Paramount Plus through Apple TV on your Samsung TV, but if your TV does not have Apple TV.

You can still use it by going to the video section of your PlayStation 4 or 5 and Xbox One.

1. Using PlayStation

Before starting the procedure, you require an Apple TV ID and an account on the PlayStation network. Now follow the process.

  • Go to your PS console and open the TV and Video section.
  • Locate the Apple TV app and click on it to download.
  • Follow the instructions written on your screen.
  • Now Sign-in with your Apple ID. You can create it from the sign-up page if you don't have one.
  • Now you can watch your favorite streaming service.

2. Through Xbox One

You can hook up your Apple TV and Xbox using an HDMI port to watch Paramount Plus channels. You need to switch off your TV and Xbox One and Connect HDMI cable to one end of the TV’s HDMI port and another to the Xbox. And switch on your TV.

Now open the OneGuide app on your Xbox, and it will launch the setup for the first time. Now you can use Apple TV, and through it, you can access Paramount Plus on your Samsung Device.

Bottom Line Of How Do I Get Paramount Plus On Older Samsung TV

These were some of the easiest methods to get Paramount Plus on your older Samsung TVs. Aside from it, Paramount Plus is also accessible from some Roku TV devices and Fire TV.

You can also use a compatible streaming stick to get Paramount, and it is also readily available to download on Android TV from the Play store. So, it's up to you to choose a method that will be convenient for you.

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