The Importance of Email Design For Business Successes

Email marketing is a popular medium to be used and is accepted as an affirmative tool  by marketers to reach out to their target audience.

There are  some hacks to make your email marketing successful promotional tool when combined with the usage of landing page tools like Clickfunnels. The amount of email circulations happening over the internet only requires a marketer to get more creative & inventive with their email design.

Of the parameters that command a successful email campaign, Design trumps the list as one of the key factors that influence email conversion rates. A well-designed email is also a key to creating a distinguishing factor in brands effort from the ongoing competitions in the market.

Here are a few important points to consider if you want to master the craft of designing good email campaigns:

  • Brand Recall: Well designed email, provides recognition. The communication accompanied by a well-crafted design layout reflects the values of the brand. An email design must be synonymous with all aspects of Branding right from the logo to visiting card and any other communication template that a brand uses to get in touch with its consumers.
  • Responsive Design: It’s important that the marketer deliver the essence of the brand across all communication. Responsive design template is being adopted as a  trending format since the experience of opening emails seamlessly must be uniform across the different format of technology devices and mobiles used by consumers. Navigation on a small screen can be a hurdle. Good design and Experience delivery must work within the boundaries set by technology. A responsive design template ensures seamless Call to Action and scrolling through communication.
  • Color Palette, Powerful Imagery & Short Scripts can  influence interest: Eye-Popping Colors or Neon Colors enables active interest in a reader as opposed to pastel shades that have found to elicit a passive response. In addition to this powerful prove to be elements of great eye-catching design. Creative placement  & Minimum content on such templates must be ensured to get this email campaign working for you. Colors invoke emotions. There is a whole lot of research on Color Psychology is being conducted to understand the association between color & the response it creates from a consumer. Understanding the link to emotion will give a better understanding of the customer’s response and maybe even his behavior. Color Psychology is also one of the aspects of Sentiment Marketing. Another good way to make a decision on this is to collate all the email templates used by competitors and choose a striking color palette relevant to the brand personality. A systematic effort in this direction will help you set your brand communication apart and enhance the appeal.
  • Dynamic elements like Animation: An email can be made more memorable& relatable  with Animation & GIF elements. These dynamic elements can attract a reader to engage with the brand immediately.
  • A Playful Balance of Good design & Content: Selective arrangement of content & iconic image relevant to the communication can be done using better toos like Instapage (Check Review)
  • Actionable Link or Button:  The actionable link must be tested well before sending out the campaign.

After all, all successful campaigns must result in engagement from a consumer in the form of translatable interest & finally a sale.

The design creates a perception in the recipient’s mind. A fine play of good design, content & integration of trending elements in the industry can help a Brand reach its purpose of being more engaging with consumers. Amongst the trending elements is a new age set of automation tools that help in seamless Email delivery.

Clearout is one such powerful yet simplified tool that uses automation practices to verify real-time email address verification& validate newly acquired email address and remove unengaged subscribers. Deployment of such software ensures smooth delivery of efforts and successful landing of the emails for the desired engagement.

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