Inc Authority Reviews – Is it Really 100% Free?

Inc Authority is one of the oldest LLC formation groups around. Inc Authority has helped open more than a hundred thousand limited liability companies or LLCs since the company was formed in 1989. The simplicity of the service Inc Authority offers provides an ideal opportunity for you to consider when getting your business ready.

But the most intriguing part of the business is that it provides some of the most affordable LLC formation services around. You can even qualify for free support in some cases. Even the works that you would pay for will prove to be more affordable than you might expect. This review will help you see what makes it stand out.

Inc Authority – About

Inc Authority is a company based out of Reno, NV. The group places an emphasis on how well people can get their LLC plans up and running.

The main goal that the firm has is to give businesses extra help, especially when they're trying to start things up. It's all about getting a singular location on hand for all the services you might require.

A Free LLC Service

The most noteworthy part of Inc Authority to see involves how it's a free service. You can use the basic plan on the site to get everything up and running.

The company will waive the labor costs, overhead, service charges, and other basic costs associated. Much of this is thanks to the partnerships that Inc Authority uses for handling its finances, as you will read about later.

The team prides itself on offering helpful support, especially with employees that are respectful of what people want. The people here operate completely out of Nevada and works to identify plans that businesses want to use. People can check on the website at to find a full picture of what they offer.

Inc Authority Services

The services that you can utilize out of your free LLC service include the following:

  • You'll get a business name check to confirm that the name you wish to use for your entity is open.
  • You'll also receive help with preparing and filing your entity. The experts will share details on how to plan your documents ready and what you must fill in.
  • The workers will share digital copies of your documents, including your start-up papers. All the information involved confirms what works for your site.
  • You will receive access to a business checking account with Bank of America. You can enjoy exclusive services and incentives for service. The bank will also share access to quality credit cards for your business use.
  • Tax planning reports and business funding assistance are also available through the company's providers.

All of these services work for free. You'll enjoy the personal touch that Inc Authority provides for your work needs.

The Application Process

It only takes a few moments for you to plan your LLC. The work includes the following points:

  1. You'll start by choosing the state you will plan your LLC ready in.
  2. Enter the business name that you wish to use. You'll receive a report that shows you can use that name, or a statement saying that you need something else.
  3. The proper form will be planned out based on the state you are in.
  4. You'll also be given the choice to utilize optional functions. These do cost extra in most cases, but the website will guide you through it all.

The timing needed for getting your effort ready will vary based on the information you have and the complexity of the application. You shouldn't have much time getting a profile ready though.

Registered Agent Service

You will receive free registered agent services for a year after signing up for your LLC position. Your agent will assist you in meeting all your deadlines and ensuring you stay compliant. The work also helps you learn about the newest details on how to stay active. The information an agent will share will see you have the necessary help you deserve.

The most important part here is that the team will file your documents as soon as possible. Your documents can go through in a few business days. You can talk with your professional about whatever might work here. You'll be provided the utmost attention to what's suitable.

Strong Partnerships

One of the most positive parts of Inc Authority is that it works with many prominent companies to support its operation. The group has partnerships with such entities as Bank of America, Intuit QuickBooks, PayPal, GoDaddy,, and ADP. The strong support that the group holds ensures that a customer can trust what is being offered.

Inc Authority Packages

The Inc Authority reviews that you might have found online do say that the company's services are available for free. While it is true that the application process is free, there are a few expenses to note.

Some of the additional things to hire for an LLC will cost extra money. You have to spend extra on an employer identification number or EIN, or extra for a website you may form for your business. It also costs extra for an operating agreement and other things of note.

It is estimated that you could spend up to $200 on other things that Inc Authority provides which is on par with North West Agent. In addition, you would have to spend more money if you want to use a registered agent for more than a year. The registered agent cost would be at least $100 per year, although the cost varies.

Of course, you would also have to pay off the state fees in your area. Every person who forms an LLC has to pay the appropriate fees to the Secretary of State in an area, regardless of the specific spot. For similar alternatives, check our ZenBusiness Reviews or Incfile Reviews to learn more about them.

Customer Service

You cannot talk about what the team has without mentioning the customer service offerings. Inc Authority provides regular information to people over what is open and how they can use what is available to them.

You can also contact the people here by phone or online. The group is open on weekdays, so you'll always have enough time to hear an answer. The advice you receive will be thorough and specific.

Inc Authority Customer Reviews

Inc Authority prides itself on having a positive customer experience. The reviews that people have left in the past are proof of what is available. The responses that the firm is getting include hundreds of five-star reviews on Trustpilot.

Some of the things people are leaving in their reviews include the following:

  • They're happy that they don't have to spend as much money as what they would expect.
  • The information provided by the experts are thorough.
  • The website provides a comprehensive approach to work. The experts there share information on what people need to do when setting up their work.
  • The customer service team is thorough and direct, and they're always there during the hours when people need them the most.


The Inc Authority LLC service that you'll enjoy will do more for your business than what you might expect. The free setup helps you plan out an LLC and make it work. You can contact the team to learn more about what's right for your business today. You may find the program offered to be helpful for your use.

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