Incfile Review 2021- Is It Good To Get Started?

IncFile Review

Before getting into the IncFile Review, let us warm with the choice you have made. I want to say that you are on the right track to choosing the right LLC service.

IncFile Review

IncFile first opened its doors in 2004 and became one of the most popular LLC formation websites since it has established more than 250,000 businesses. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, IncFile has established a reputation for providing top-notch service for a lower cost than the competition. To be precise, there are lots of LLC formation services you can opt for. 

However, IncFile has bypassed all of these services to establish its name as one of the most popular ones for LLC formations. Are you on the lookout to register a company, and you preferred to have a professional service handle the paperwork on your behalf? The company is one of the several companies out there which can accomplish this task for you. 

For only $0, the company will help you form your business while also providing a full year of registered agent service. Note that you have to renew the registered agent for $119 per year once the first year is over. It is important to note here that it is a very competitive price and exudes practicality to the users. 

This IncFile review outlines all the key factors which make this LLC formation service such a popular one nowadays. But before delving deeper into the other aspects, let’s take a look at the pros and cons.     


  • Starting at just $0 along with the state fees, IncFile is undoubtedly one of the cost-effective LLC formation services ever available. This is quite impressive considering LegalZoom, another well-known LLC formation service that charges $99 along with the state fees to form an LLC. 
  • IncFile has more than a decade of experience as it has been able to form more than 250,000 businesses since its establishment in 2004. 
  • Even though the prices are lower than all the competitors, you would avail of a full year of registered agent service and comes with an LLC formation package. So as you can see, this is one of the key advantages. 
  • If you opt IncFile to start your LLC, they will provide you with lifetime company alerts that would send you emails whenever there is a deadline for business licenses, annual reports, and more. Without this feature, you will have to keep a tab on all these things yourself, which can be a real hassle. 
  • Compared to the other LLC formation services, IncFile enjoys decent reviews on how good it is in customer service. The support representatives are knowledgeable and would assist you with effective solutions. 
  • Also, IncFile enjoys fantastic customer feedback. Not only do they maintain high average rating scores, but they have tons and thousands of positive reviews available online. 


  • In the past also, the customer support department has been difficult to reach at times. While it is certainly not the way they function, respondents have to wait more than 24 hours to get a suitable reply. On the other hand, northwest is one LLC service that has got faster response times. 
  • Even though the LLC formation fee is quite enticing, you have to deal with many upsells, which can spoil your overall experience. So as you can see, IncFile has its fair share of disadvantages.    

Formation Packages you should be aware of 

Well, by going through the above-mentioned disadvantages, you might feel that the LL formation packages are not that effective. However, in reality, IncFile offers you a great deal of value in the realm of LLC formation. Nowadays, IncFile is offering a new and discounted rate which goes a long way in inspiring the entrepreneurs. 

The prospect of getting a free agent is what makes IncFile popular. It is important here to note that IncFile has three LLC formation packages. Each of these packages has its own combination of features and pricing. So here is the list and details of the packages of IncFile which you should be aware of. 

Silver Package 

Well, the silver package comes with $0 along with state fees. Under this package, the user is entitled to prepare and file the organization's articles. Note that the articles of the organizations are the documents that are required to form a new LLC. Under this package, it is the responsibility to draft these documents and file them with your state to create your business officially. 

If you opt for the silver package, IncFile would also search for your establishment's available names. In other words, they would search your organization’s state business database to ensure that another party doesn’t already take your desired business name. And as customary with all their packages, the silver package entitles you to avail of the services of a registered agent for free for a full year. 

It is worth noting that a registered agent accepts important documents on behalf of your business and then forwards them to you. Note that an agent like this ensures full privacy and helps you through forming an LLC. If you need the agent's services for another year, you have to renew for $119. 

However, you are not obliged at any cost to renew the services of the agent. With the silver package, you would also get unlimited email support and phone support. If any question or doubt concerns you, the representatives would always be there to assist you. Another key feature of the silver package is that you would be entitled to avail of business tax consultation for 30 minutes with a certified tax professional. 

You can ask them any question you have about the tax rules and regulations. IncFile would also provide you with lifetime alerts related to your organization. They would send you email notifications throughout the lifecycle of your LLC Company to inform you about the upcoming filing deadlines for documents like business licenses. 

You can access important organizational documents online when you opt for this package. As soon as your state of formation returns your filed documents, they would post them to your online client dashboard. Moreover, they would also notify you that these documents are ready to be downloaded.   

Gold Package 

By opting for the Gold Package, you have to pay $149 along with the state fees. Note that the Gold package includes everything from the silver package along with other extras. For instance, with the gold package, you would avail the Employee Identification Number, also abbreviated as EIN. 

It is a nine-digit number that also doubles up as a social security number for your business. With an EIN, you can open a business bank account, file taxes, hire employees, etc. With the help of the IRS, you can get your own EIN. However, IncFile, with its dedicated services, can save a lot of time for you. 

The gold package also entitles you to avail of the custom operating agreement. It is an operating document that outlines your business's ownership structure along with laying the rules based on which your LLC organization would operate. Note that IncFile would prepare this custom document for you. 

It is also important to note that IncFile would ship a hard copy of all the filed documents to your address with express shipping. IncFile, with its gold package, will also help with baking resolution. This document will help you open a business bank account. The gold package would also help with the preparation of S Corporation Tax. 

This feature at current applies to very few LLCs. However, if you want to have your business taxed like that of S Corporation, IncFile will prepare and file the IRS's relevant documents.  

Platinum Package 

By paying $299 and the state fees, you can avail of the platinum package from IncFile. Note that the platinum package includes everything from the gold package and few extras, which all business owners would love to have. The platinum package comes with expedited document filing. 

If your state of formation provides this option, IncFile will select this option. Depending on which state you form your business in, this feature can drastically reduce the turnaround time from weeks to days. So if you are in a real hurry to form your company, this feature would be handy. 

Another key feature of the platinum package is that it offers you a sample document library. In other words, you would gain access to IncFile and its legal contract templates. This library comprises more than twenty-five commonly implemented business firms written by an expert attorney which you can personalize your needs. 

On the other hand, if you want to take your business to the online world, which you should, IncFile and its platinum package is the best deal you would ever get. IncFile has partnered with a web development service called SnapWeb. With their professional services, you would receive a professionally designed website for your LLC. However, note that you have to pay $20 per month as hosting fees to SnapWeb. Also, the free domain applies only when you sign up for their annual subscription. 

Why should you start an LLC with IncFile?

When the context is about making a choice, IncFile has a greater number of advantages when compared to the disadvantages. 

  • An affordable solution to form an LLC 

When you are on a budget and want to form an LLC, IncFile is one of the top LLC formation services out there. You can select from their entirely free LLC service or the premium paid packages. 

  • Ease of Use 

Another key highlight is that it facilitates ease of use when working with business information. Are you having severe shortages of time to complete the order in one sitting? IncFile helps you save your progress which you can pick up later as per your convenience. 

  • Ships your Company’s Papers 

This takes place when the LLC formation processes through your state. After processing, you can also log into the website to track your order status. You would have access to an intuitive dashboard that acts as a central repository for all your important documents. With this interactive dashboard, you can view and download digital copies of your documents. You can even obtain company information and keep a tab on the upcoming filing deadlines. 

  • Certificate of Good Standing 

At times, investors and lenders would ask you to furnish documents that show your LLC in a positive light. In case you have none, IncFile would help you file one. 

And, we are at the urge of IncFile review. Why not look at the FAQs and get enough information other than the things mentioned here in the IncFile review article.

Final Verdict  

So after going through the IncFile review, it is evident that this LLC formation service is one of the best for entrepreneurs. So far, the silver package is one of the most popular packages for company formation. With this package, you can form a company for free. But have you also gone through the other best LLC services available online? If not, spare a while to look at it. I am damn sure you will get enough information from the IncFile review. Cheers!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IncFile legit?

Well, IncFile is definitely legit. It has got very positive reviews. What’s more, the company has an A+ rating in Better Business Bureau. So there is no doubt that it is very legit. 

Is IncFile worth it?

Well, IncFile is definitely worth it. As you can see from the above features, you can form an LLC for free. So if you are starting a business on a tight budget, IncFile should be your go-to option. 

What does IncFile do?

One of the primary functions is to help you with company formation. In addition to the $0 business formation, IncFile also offers a complete and easy-to-use agent service for any business incorporated in any state in the US. You can renew the registered agent service for $119 if you ever feel the need. 

Is IncFile a legitimate company?

Since its formation, IncFile has been involved in numerous company formation services. Because of its stature as an LLC formation service, IncFile is one of the most trustworthy names among modern-day entrepreneurs. So as you can see, it is definitely a legitimate company because thousands of users trust it.


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