Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself: How To Fix?

Insignia TVs are cost-effective and quality-oriented for the users. The picture and color quality that a user experiences with Insignia TVs is top-notch. But, at certain times, it is the case that Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself could be highly troublesome, especially when planning to watch a movie or your favorite show. 

Not to worry, as it is a common issue that can easily be rectified manually, and the problem might be caused due to overheating of your Insignia TV or some electrical issue or damaged power cables. This article will help you troubleshoot and fix your Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself.

Causes Of An Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself

Insignia TV can turn on and off by itself for several reasons. Most of the time, it is because of an electrical issue or when the wires connected to your Insignia TV are old, damaged, or fried.

The most common causes of an Insignia TV turning on and off by itself are as follows-

Power Surge Or Electrical Issue

Electrical issues could be one of the prime causes of your Insignia TV turning on and off by itself. If the main outlet is not transferring power continuously and the power supply is erratic, your Insignia TV is likely to turn on and off by itself.

Firmware Or Software Issue

If your Insignia TV is old and the hardware of your TV is damaged, it will automatically get on and off, which might cause trouble for you. Also, the software might need an update, and the pending update might be causing the issue.


Overheating can be caused if you leave your Insignia TV on for quite an extended period. It will eventually lead to unnecessary heating of the TV, and the TV will turn on and off to prevent any further damage. 

Not only this, but improper ventilation is also one of the causes of overheating your Insignia TV. If your TV is placed near the fireplace or in an area under direct contact with sunlight, your TV might experience overheating. 

Loose Or Damaged Cables

Another cause of your Insignia TV turning on and off by itself is loose or damaged cables. The power cables connected to your TV might be old, damaged, or fried out, which would ultimately result in your TV turning on and off by itself. The power outlet or the main supply should have damaged power cables, and it could be a significant reason for your Insignia TV turning on and off by itself. 

Step-By-Step Troubleshooting Guide For An Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself

Once you know the possible causes that might have resulted in your Insignia TV turning off and on by itself, you must go through the manual troubleshooting methods that you should try with your Insignia TV to rectify the issue once and for all. 

Check For Any Visible Damage

 First, you must check the TV for any visible damage. If you find any TV parts damaged, you must repair or replace them as soon as possible. The damaged parts could be responsible for the sudden Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself. Also, check if the power cables are damaged and replace them.

Check For Any Power Surges 

Check for electrical issues or power surges in the power source or the main outlet. If any of it is damaged or needs replacement, ensure to do that immediately. Replacing the power outlet or the primary power supply source with a better and more efficient one can rectify the problem of your Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself immediately. 

Check The TV's Firmware And Software For Updates

The next troubleshooting method is to check if the TV has pending updates. If any updates remain in the TV, you should instantly grant permission to update the TV's software. It can be done with the following steps-

  • Press “Home” on your Insignia TV remote and navigate to “Settings.”
  • In the Settings menu, locate “Support.”
  • Click on it, and you will see an option for “System Software.”
  • Select “System Software,” and then you can easily locate “Update.”
  • Beneath it will be an option of “Update Now.”
  • Select it, and your work will be done.

But remember that you need a stable wifi connection during the update process, and learn how to troubleshoot if your Insignia TV Not Connecting to WiFi.

Make Sure The TV Is Not Overheating

The primary troubleshooting step involves checking if your TV is overheating. It could be due to improper TV ventilation or your Insignia TV being under direct contact with sunlight. Moreover, if you keep your Insignia TV on for extended hours, it will result in overheating. Ensure not to do this and locate your TV in a well-ventilated area.

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for an Insignia TV Turning On and Off by Itself

At times, a user might not get the desired results by the basic troubleshooting techniques, and then they are supposed to try the advanced troubleshooting techniques that are likely to resolve the issue. Some of the efficient advanced troubleshooting methods are as follows-

Reset The TV To Its Factory Settings

When none of the basic troubleshooting techniques work on your Insignia TV and the issue of it turning on and off suddenly continues to bother you, you must choose to factory reset your Insignia TV.

Step-By-Step Troubleshooting Guide For An Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself

Doing so might help you quickly resolve and rectify the issues like Insignia TV Green Screen and black screen and watch your favorite shows easily. Insignia TV can get a factory reset by going to Settings>Device and Software>Reset to Factory Defaults.

Disconnect And Reconnect The TV's Power Source

You can power cycle your TV. You can press the power button for a few seconds while the TV is on and then wait for it to get restarted. If the issue is not rectified, you must disconnect your Insignia TV from its power source while it is on and then replug it after a few seconds to check if it persists. If so, contact the customer service support team. 

Check For Any Loose Connections Inside The TV

Also, you should check if there are any loose connections inside the TV. It is better advised that you do not do this step alone; instead, contact a professional technician to get the work done more efficiently and effectively. If any loose connections are inside the TV, resolve the problem then and there. Click here if your Insignia TV Inputs Not Working.

Wrapping Up Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself

Users mostly choose Insignia TVs because they offer a fantastic picture and sound quality experience and the advantage of being pocket-friendly. However, Insignia TV might turn on and off by itself at times, which is a common problem acknowledged by users.

Primarily, if your Insignia TV Turning On And Off By Itself, you should check for power surges and electrical issues with the wiring at your place. In most cases, the power cables are fried and damaged, or the power outlets are broken. This results in the Insignia TV turning on and off by itself. 

Also, if your Insignia TV requires an update or has a pending update, it might cause the TV to turn on and off by itself. Overheating could be another reason that you should be checking if the problem continues to persist. You should simply reset your Insignia TV to factory settings if nothing works.

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