Instapage Pricing Plans 2021

Instapage Pricing: Instapage is a useful service to consider when aiming to market your business online. You'll have to look at how much it would cost to use Instapage. The great news is that it won't be hard for you to afford what Instapage offers.

What is Instapage?

With Instapage, you can produce attention-grabbing landing pages. The features provided by Instapage include the following:

  • A drag and drop setup helps you move the content you want to highlight.
  • AB testing helps you review how well your edits work. You'll also find out which pages are more responsive. The review includes a note of what people interact with the most.
  • Instapage helps you run multiple campaigns.
  • Analytics features help you review the conversion rates.
  • Support is available for mobile landing pages.

There are two Instapage pricing plans to get started. They are Business and Enterprise plans.

Instapage Business Pricing

There are two account options to use when hiring Instapage when creating landing pages. The first is a standard Business account. The pricing varies based on whether you pay for it by the month or year.

The standard Instapage monthly pricing  is $199.

Meanwhile, you can spend $149 per month when you order a year-long contract with Instapage. The value is a 25-percent discount off of the regular price which is considered great as compared to the new Instapage Pricing.

What's Included?

A Business account with Instapage provides support for many things:

  • You'll receive access to all the necessary services you need for producing landing pages. These include the page creation and A B testing tools.
  • The Thor Render Engine system provides a speed boost that works when you're trying to create a faster site.
  • The Instablocks system lets you adjust the blocks and other features you're incorporating in your work.
  • The heatmap system helps you monitor customer behavior on your landing pages. By testing heatmaps, you will identify what interests your visitors.
  • Dynamic text replacement provides a system where you'll replace bits of content on a page based on the search results.
  • The Postclick Score can identify the page's relevancy. The score readout lets you know what to expect out of your site and how it works.

Instapage Enterprise Pricing

The other choice to see for Instapage pricing entails the Enterprise account. The option is for high-end businesses that need more support for their landing pages. The design is ideal for those trying to find unique visitors and details on specific things surrounding how these pages work.

The pricing for an Enterprise account will be customized based on your needs. You'll spend a specific total depending on the professional services you hire. It can cost at least $300 a month to get some of the more high-end packages ready.

What's Included?

An Enterprise account will provide you with the same landing page builder features you'd get out of a Business account. The plan includes support for many landing page templates and heat maps, among other things. The things that you can use include:

  • Ad-to-page personalization is a part of the Enterprise program. The feature produces more relevant post-click page experiences. The effort increases the possibility of you getting more conversions from unique visitors.
  • A real-time collaboration feature works here. You and other members of your team can check on the landing page you're creating.
  • Editable global blocks work as well. You will edit a block once, and the changes will appear on every page that the block is on. The feature works with as many blocks as necessary.
  • Google AMP support is available for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The design lets you adjust the content based on the mobile devices the pages will appear on.

Special Enterprise Support

All people who use Instapage can get quality support services off of the setup. But some new features make the Enterprise account level more appealing. These customer service points for Enterprise plan members include the following:

  • A dedicated launch specialist will help you with the setup effort. The expert will help you with managing all the unique concerns you have when starting. The effort is essentially an introduction of sorts to the landing page platform.
  • A customer success manager will provide personalized details on how to use Instapage for your business plan. The additional training will provide a further understanding of how easy to use the Instapage system is.
  • Page migration services will identify your current pages and adjust them for mobile devices or other campaigns. The integrations involved can work for many different needs.
  • The amount of money you could spend on ads for conversion purposes can be analyzed in your Enterprise system. Instapage helps you review the cost of conversion based on the experiences your visitors have. The review also works based on the A B testing results you come across.

What Option Should You Consider?

The key when figuring out what is right for use is to look at what you need out of your landing pages. A smaller or newer team would benefit from a standard Instapage plan. Meanwhile, an Enterprise account is better for larger businesses or those who have more campaigns to run. Each of these options will work for your customer success needs, although you should look at your capacity for work at the start.

An idea to see involves how many people might get on your site. You would be recommended to use the Enterprise option if you have more than 30,000 unique people on your page on average.

What About the Trial?

You can use the 14-day free trial to see how the setup works. You do not require a credit card for the trial. You will not be charged if you aren't satisfied with what you are using.

The free trial provides access to the Business plan and up to 2,500 unique visitors. A visitor would be interpreted as an individual who visits your page. A cookie will track each person.

You will be automatically upgraded to a paid subscription if you go past the visitor threshold in your demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy for you to use Instapage even if you don't know how to code things?

The ease of use is one of the most popular parts of the system. You do not need to know how to code to use the drag and drop feature and other customization features.

Is it possible to integrate your page with other programs?

Multiple third party integrations are available for your convenience. You can link your page up to WordPress, Salesforce, and other solutions. The work also provides integrations with social media and various email marketing solutions.

What does the customer service system feature?

You can use the phone and email contacts to get information on any queries you have. The help center also provides a full review of what's open.

What if you need a better idea of how the setup works?

You can request a free demo before signing up for a trial. The demo gives you a better look at how the setup works.

Be sure to look at the Instapage pricing plans available. You can benefit from using Instapage for your landing page builder needs, but it helps to see what you are capable of using at a time. The offerings provided through the system are helpful, but you should look at what's available.

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