Instapage Review: The Pros and Cons and MUCH More (2021)

Instapage Review

This post is a dedicated Instapage Review 2021, the builder I'm using extensively for the last few months and here we go straight into what I planned to share about the brand “Instapage”.

Over the years, Instapage has been largely able to prove its excellence over the other landing page platforms and no wonder, now its more than that, an active post click optimization software which takes care for converting leads right from their first click to your drag and drop landing page templates.

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Instapage Review

1. Advanced Design Functionality

Instapage features you to create the most pixel-perfect pages for your brand’s promotion. You can create the most stunning designs with the help of inline CSS editor and alignment, grouping and distribution.

Instapage gives you the advantage of migrating your landing page faster alongside excellent customization and implementation.

Most importantly, as long as you use Instapage you have a hole, not a professional services to select from for much faster and accurate creation of landing pages using drag and drop options. IT services comprise landing page creation, custom functionality, design services, managed optimization services, and more.

Instapage allows you to verify trusted users it is a simple and reliable way through the use of Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta and OneLogin.

2. Robust Heatmaps Visualizer

While reading this, Instapage did something better, so you no longer have to depend on third-party applications for heatmaps tracking the visitor’s behavior. Instapage offers you valuable visitors’ insights comprising track mouse movement, clicks, and scroll depth.

The post click optimization determines heatmaps throughout the sales funnels thus gives you an clear vision on where people struggles to make the purchase

3. Real-time Collaboration

With Instapage, you can actually get your landing pages reviewed anytime by the stakeholders in the most secure manner and also, get feedbacks. This will certainly accelerate the process to a large extent.

4. Subaccount Permissions & Privacy

It is ridiculously simple to maintain the various subaccounts of both marketing teams and clients. Most importantly, one can maintain them in the most organized and private way.

This eventually helps you stay out of any unnecessary worries concerning the various subaccounts and stay focused at your work.

5. Customer Support

Instapage ranked as the top support team from G2 Crowd and Capterra comprising chat, email and if your plan supports, you can even get a phone support. This is certainly one of the reasons for its brilliant popularity. I'll update this Instapage Reviews for more info regarding support later.

6. High Reliability & Security

Instapage offers brilliant reliability and security with 5 geolocated servers, a dedicated security team, automatic SSL, and above all, 99.99% server uptime.

Besides, one can have an Excellent Guaranteed Uptime Enterprise as long as they use Instapage. as I checked the page application and landing page builder service offer period of 30 days I found the uptime to be 100%.

Another cool feature is the direct lead by pass wherein you can bypass the Instapage service and have the leads sent to your CRM or other email marketing automation platforms. Above all, no data will be collected Instapage in this process.

Last but not least, Custom fonts is another salient feature that you can have using Instapage enterprise solution. Custom Fonts are available in Google and TypeKit. This can largely help you accentuate your brand identity with more than 5000 premium Google and Typekit web fonts to choose from.

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How Instapage Helps You To Maximize Conversion Rates?

You might be still wondering as to how Instapage can really help you maximize your conversion rates, Instapage actually offers you enormous ways to achieve this.

In fact, in Instapage, everything has been deliberately put into a perfect mix to help you have more conversions. It offers the right mix of advanced page builder, collaboration, and optimization.

Page Builder

Instapage offers the most comprehensive page builder with loads of advanced functionalities such as Instablocks+Global blocks, Customizable landing page templates, AMP Landing Pages,Drag and drop Robust Forms, Pixel-Perfect Design Features, Native integrations.

The “instablocks” comes with a number of stunning landing pages using drag and drop modules without having to hire a developer where you can create global brands templates in just a single click of the mouse.


Instapage allows users to split testing on various aspects and optimize to increase ROI. Instapage lets you comprehend the visitor’s behavior with ultra-specific insights. Also, it allows you to address your audience with personalized messaging based on location, intent, and more.

Also, you can know what works the best with the A/B and multivariate split testing. Features like these make things a lot better and largely save you from going wrong. In fact, these are a few of the features that have largely helped Instapage win the confidence over the past some time.


Admap is yet another powerful feature that Instapage offers and what it does is actually allow customers to connect your ads to the most suitable post-click landing pages in an effortless and effective manner. At the same time, it lets customers to show ads in a personalized way to your visitors. To be precise, Admap comprises functionalities such as publishing real-time updates automatic push connection updates between Instapage and ad platforms, analyze the post-click stage, and more.

There are excellent benefits to Ad Mapping.

It lets users visualize and manage all ads and matching post-click from one point of control. Further, it gives you excellent insights on a campaign and at the same time, helps customers give your visitors brilliant experience through personalized pages. Using the ad map it is unbelievably convenient to link relevant landing pages to every ad.

Above all, this lets improve your ROI and decrease your cost per acquisition by making the one to one ad to page personalization better.

Post click Dashboard

Post click dashboard is a pretty new development of Instapage and it can be used with Google ads. The feature has been introduced to boost conversions by being more relevant. Post click dashboard has been designed to help you visualize your post click score which is the percentage of unique experiences the number of AD groups and other ads. In simple words, it helps you in understanding how close you are to reaching a 1:1 ad-to-page personalization.

Experimentation 2.0

Recently, the product has got a lot better and innovative. What made it so better is the fact that now, it has become even easier and faster to deploy experiments. Most importantly, one can do it from a dedicated dashboard, separate from the process of landing page creation. Further, one can use a centralized dashboard creating managing and measuring the impact that your testing initiatives have on your conversions.

New User Experience

Instapage is constantly getting better and with the recent changes in the user interface, things are definitely going to be a lot more convenient and effective for the users. Now, you have the product navigation, collaboration inbox and the admin controls on the left and on the right, you have a primary workspace for all your product workflows comprising Post click Dashboard, AdMap, Landing Pages, Experimentation, Personalization, & Analytics Monitoring.


Instapage is available in two plans; the Core plan for $129/mo (if billed monthly) and $99/mo (if billed annually) and of course, the Enterprise plan which can be customized as per your requirement.

From the price point of view, I think, it is a pretty reasonable price considering the tons of features that it offers and every single penny you spend on it is really worth it.

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Instapage Enterprise Pricing & Benefits

Instapage helps you manage any campaign at an enterprise level with the perfect blend of all the powerful features such as AMP landing pages, seamless integrations for all your email marketing software like OptinMonster, Real-time collaboration, all-inclusive support, advanced analytics and testing and above all, enterprise enterprise-level.

Now, let's try to find out what the Instapage Enterprise solution offers:

Global blocks help you build pages with the most professional design with excellent on brand Instablocks to select from such as header, footer, and product blocks. one excellent advantage it offers is the fact that one can edit a block on one page and have it applied on every page. This certainly helps users save time alongside making the process unimaginably effortless.

Creating an amazing 1:1 ad-to-page post-click landing page for your audience is exceptionally easy with the experience manager. In fact, there are many ways you can accentuate the page experiences for your audience and convince them to say a big ‘wow.' This will eventually help you in improving your conversions, ROI and reduce acquisition costs.

AMP landing pages feature is another brilliant feature that the enterprise solution comes with and this lets you to deliver a meaningful browsing experience to the audience and have more conversions. Apart from that, Instapage page builder also so lets you happy test ab testing on your landing pages using the AMP framework without having to need any developer.

The dedicated customer success manager is another salient feature of an enterprise solution and it acts as your team's extension. making the little simple for you to understand each and every Enterprise customer will have a dedicated success manager that will have one with proper training and onboarding alongside offering you services related to conversion rate optimization.

Most importantly, whenever there is a new feature launched your customer success manager will be right by your side to guide you and provide you with the right training

This also provides you with powerful collaboration and lets you collaborate with your teammates in real time you have the best design published in the quickest possible time.

Enterprise solution comes with another use advantage and it lets you connect your sub accounts and creating a landing pages to Google ads and Analytics to monitor the changes in performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Instapage?

Instapage is an post click optimization landing page builder tool that helps anyone to reduce their ads spent cost by 400% yet delivering higher leads.

2. How much does Instapage Cost?

You can get started for free along with 14 days free trial no credit card. Later you can upgrade to premium plans that suits your business.


No matter you are an individual marketer or an agency, you can certainly achieve a lot of conversions from using this excellent landing page platform, Instapage.

I have tried number of softwares to create a landing page platforms over a couple of months and Instapage is by far more powerful in all aspects, thus made to write about Instapage.

What I liked the most about Instapage is the fact that this platform has a very deep understanding of what marketers are actually looking for and also, it fulfills them really well by its unimaginably brilliant features.

If you haven’t tried it yet and want to give it a good try, you can actually signup for a free trial of 14 days which is good enough for you to get completely familiar with this platform.

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