iPage Black Friday Deals 2019 – Low $1.99/month

iPage Black Friday 2019 comes with 70% OFF on all shared hosting plans where you can get an account for $1.99/month thus making it the best offer one can avail right now.

You can’t afford to have a successful website without a powerful hosting. However, it certainly is a bit difficult to make the right choice of web hosting since there is a wide availability of services in the market.

Furthermore, all the hosting companies seem to be equally good. However, the fact of the matter is that only a few of them are actually reliable and iPage Black Friday happens to be one of such companies.

Most importantly, iPage Black Friday Deals has the right mix of excellent features for every category of websites. Now, let us get straight to its features.

iPage Black Friday 2019

This Black Friday, you can actually save 75% on iPage and sign up for as low as $1.99/month with a FREE Domain Registration and all of the other exclusive iPage features.

Also, it offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Hence, this is certainly a golden chance for you to own a powerful hosting like iPage .

iPage Black Friday 2019

iPage certainly offers a pretty dedicated service that comprises powerful features as well as many free benefits such as free marketing tools, free website builder, free SSL and more. This is the reason why this company has been able to catch the attention of people from all over the world in such a short time.

iPage Black Friday Deals

iPage is one of those few companies that have emerged quickly into pretty popular and reliable hosting companies.

Free SSL Certificate

For those who want to run websites based on online businesses, using SSL certificate can help your customers largely rely on you. Customers are most likely to hesitate to make transactions on websites that don’t have SSL Certificates. This is why Google has been emphasizing the importance of using SSL certificates by websites for quite a while.

24X7 Network Monitoring

iPage offers users 24X7 Network Monitoring to ensure that there is not even the slightest hiccup in the performance of the websites. Even if there is any network or hardware related issue, it’s fixed in no time. Also, that way, it assures better network security as well so that the users could entirely focus on their websites without having to worry about any network-related concern.

24/7 ticketing system, phone and chat support

iPage has undoubtedly one of the best customer support teams and over the years, it has been largely able to support its customers at its best. Customers can reach out the support in the shortest possible time with any query or issue.

Most importantly, the support team is extremely friendly in dealing with the users. With iPage customers certainly, don't have to be ever intimidated by any technical complexity since they always have brilliant technical support by their side.

Multiple CMS

It offers multiple CMS to help users manage their content with the greatest ease without having to touch a single line of code unlike in the past. With CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, it is unimaginably easy for the users to manage their content.Also, a user can actually choose the most suitable CMS depending on the category of one’s website.

Professional Email Address

Using an iPage hosting, you can have a professional email address wherein you can check email online with Webmail, use Autoresponders, Customizable spam filters, Virus checking And of course, use POP3/IMAP email accounts.

Concluding iPage Black Friday Offer

iPage from the EIG hosting companies offers one of the lowest price hosting for this Black Friday and along with it, you can also check the other HostGator Black Friday and official WordPress team recommended Bluehost Black Friday Deals which uses the same infrastructure for hosting your websites.

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