LegalZoom Reviews 2021 – How Good to Competitors?

LegalZoom is a choice for you to concern when looking for an effective plan for you to establish your LLC. You can use the services of LegalZoom for many needs, but the best part out of the LegalZoom reviews is that you'll have an easier time operating your setup.

The design of the site lets you know what works for your business. Feel free to look at what works when you're aiming to go further with the work you're planning. You would be happy with what you're getting out of the setup.

Legalzoom Reviews

LegalZoom has been in operation since 2001. The American company focuses on helping people to create legal documents without having to contact legal services for added help. The work that LegalZoom covers involves LLCs, copyright registrations, wills, and other legal documents.

The company has expanded over the years to cover many legal considerations that clients have. It has moved on to where people have given many reviews worth 5 stars.

Is LegalZoom Legitimate?

LegalZoom provides a simplified approach to handling LLC documents and other legal papers. The organization has been heralded by many for its work. The service even holds official recognition from the American Bar Association for what it does when helping people to get their operational documents ready.

LegalZoom Services

The agent service gives you help in setting up your LLC. The services of LegalZoom will assist you in handling your LLC, a corporation, nonprofit, sole proprietorship, or any other business format you're trying to establish. The professional information provided by the group gives you an easier time in getting your entity up and running.

LegalZoom includes guidance in registering business names. A free entity check is available to help you identify if a name you wish to register is available for your use. A trademark search also works for more specific items.

You have the option to apply for all the tax identification points and operational licenses that you might require. These include the EIN necessary for federal taxes, state tax identification numbers, and even a 501(c)(3) application. Business licenses and seller's permits are also available for use. Other document solutions available include getting certified copies of documents, planning a certificate of good standing, and establishing a business advisory legal setup.

Every service LegalZoom offers has the backing of a thorough legal team. The experts on the site ensure that all documents available for use are accurate.

Where Does LegalZoom Works?

The legalization and incorporation solutions LegalZoom offers are available throughout the United States. Various state-specific legal forms are on the site.

The documents are only open for people in the United States. The information database on the website provides points on how to be active in other countries. There are specific LegalZoom Canada or UK services as well, although those would be on the separate Legal Zoom Canadian and British websites. The standards for getting these ready would vary from what you would expect in the United States as well.

Process Steps

There are a few steps that you would have to follow to get the legal help you're looking for:

  1. You'll have to start by searching for a company name. You must ensure your marker of interest is not in use by another party.
  2. Provide a bit of information on your business to LegalZoom. A full review is necessary to see what is working for your entity.
  3. All the formalities you want to incorporate can be specified next. These include points on what documents you want to file and the registered agent support you're aiming to hire.
  4. All of the services you'll looking to hire should be confirmed at the next point.
  5. You will get the incorporation or legal package of value to you at this juncture.

The steps involved with using the website provides a useful approach to work that you'll enjoy.

LegalZoom Pricing

One concern that many people have when they review details on the service involves whether the support is expensive. The good news is that it will not cost as much to use the service as people might expect. Still, the services that one can utilize will vary based on whatever one wishes to spend.

The three LLC package options available through the service are as follows (the prices do not include the state filing fees that vary by each state):

Economy – $49

The standard subscription option, the Economy plan ensures that people can get their LLCs ready with an articles of organization report and a name check and filing.

Standard – $329

The Deluxe Organizer service includes a registered agent that works under the name of your business. Official share certificates and VIP processing are also available.

Express Gold – $349

The shipping effort for the Expres Gold tier works with your order being prioritized. Your order will go through within seven to ten business days.

The website does not appear to have any money back guarantees over what is available. But it should not be hard to take a note of what you're getting out of the setup.

Customer SupportĀ 

The customer service from LegalZoom offers information on your specific needs. The customer service team is available seven days a week to answer your questions. The group takes phone calls and emails alike. You can also schedule a time for them to call back if you have a busy schedule.

You'll also receive a personalized packet that lists information on all the services available to utilize. You will get details on how your documents operate and how the business operates. The points in your setup will help you identify what is working in your setup.

Which Is Better Than LegalZoom?

It might be easier for you to get customized services from a professional attorney. But the paperwork necessary and the contracts involved might be difficult for you to handle. LegalZoom provides a more simplified approach that will make sure you get your account ready.

However, you can also check our other reviews of ZenBusiness, Incfile or Swyft Fillings.

The General Positives of LegalZoom Services

While hiring a legal firm might be a sensible choice for getting an LLC ready, you'll find that LegalZoom may be a better choice even if you have never heard of the company:

  • The brand has been around for a while. The company is always on top of the things that are available for use.
  • The ordering process is straightforward and sensible.
  • Everything is cheaper to use than it would be if you tried to get a lawyer or other outside representative to assist you in the business formation process.
  • The transparency provided over charges and other services is worth noting. You'll never be lost over what you are getting out of the work provided to you.
  • The attorneys that work here are independent and focus on your needs above all else. There are attorneys here in every state to provide the legal assistance necessary for getting your site off of the ground and operational.


LegalZoom will ensure you understand what works when you're aiming to get the services of a law firm ready without having to hire a lawyer. The services that the team provides cover everything necessary for getting your LLC or other business up and running. The formation routine can be frustrating for many, but it doesn't have to be as much of a challenge as you might assume when you have the right help on hand.

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