LG OLED48C1PUB Alexa Built-in C1 Series 48″4K Smart OLED TV

Nobody can forget about LG's products. Their innovative features will ensure that nobody leaves out LG! They design their televisions such that they deliver high resolution with unmatched colors, contrast, and detail. You can revel in an unforgettable viewing experience as the technology used by LG makes everything spectacular! Who doesn't want that?

LG OLED48C1PUB 48″ 4K Smart OLED TV Review


The OLED display uses 8 million pixels that turn on and off independently to bring your content to life. It gives you dark blacks and bright colors. To make images look brilliant, it displays over one billion colors that look real-like and bright.

OLED Motion Pro allows users to watch detailed images of their favorite fast-moving actions as it minimizes blur and produces smooth output. This LG TV puts all other televisions in the backseat with amusing features like sports alerts! It keeps updating all sports fans with scores and start times, even as you continue watching other content. 

Picture Quality

Additionally, it has a near-infinite contrast ratio that produces deep and dark black colors even in a dull room. It upscales all low-quality content to 4K resolution and does not create a blooming effect around the subtitles. The SDR brightness is average and can be optimized by tweaking its settings. However, it is sufficient for everyday watching.

The filmmaker mode of the C1 series displays movies in breathtaking quality so you can experience the scenes exactly how the makers wanted the audience to feel. Dolby Vision makes you feel like you're in the film! 

The self-lit pixels of the c1 series create a spectacular picture quality with cutting-edge technology. With Game Optimizer, you get easy access to all game settings. For fast gaming speeds, it has low input lag and a rapid response rate, the ideal stimuli! The Low Latency Mode and HGiG ensure that you are ahead in the game with swift responses.

It also displays fast-moving sequences in realistic glory and spectacular clarity. The C1 series supports a wide color gamut but does not map the colors very well. Because of its high contrast ratio, it produces dark colors very well to give you an incredible gaming experience. 

Additionally, it has a wide viewing angle, so you can also use it as a PC monitor. You can enjoy watching TV shows, and even when you move off-center, the image will not degrade. It features an excellent grey uniformity which makes it highly suitable for watching sports. It also has a relatively good black uniformity and excellent reflection handling as the screen has a glossy finish. But, it does not have a very good white balance. 


48″ TV has a9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K that adjusts the picture and sound quality on its own to make your content look outstanding. The powerful processor uses a deep-learning algorithm that learns the content being screened and upgrades it to be the best quality. 

Sound Quality

It has excellent sound quality that is capable of delivering clear dialogues and loud music. Dolby Atmos lets you enjoy high-quality surround sound that will impress all users! You can connect external speakers via the four HDMI and three USB ports that the TV features.

It also allows you to connect high-fidelity speakers easily with no wires, thanks to WiSa connectivity. Although the audio tends to distort at a higher volume, not everyone can hear it as it depends mainly on the type of content.  

Smart Features

The Smart TV uses a WebOS interface, which is responsive and easy to use. It has various widgets and apps on its home screen to make navigation easier. LG ThinkQ lets you choose your favorite voice assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant, etc., to let you use voice commands to control the device. LG includes a Magic Remote with the C1 TV that makes it easy for you to point and scroll.

This remote is slim and has a scroll wheel, making it easy for you to explore content. Moreover, with the Magic Tap feature, you can tap your phone to the remote of the TV to stream content or cast pre-stored data through the phone. Magic indeed! 

This LG TV has a unique design and stays secured on wide stands. The sleek body of the TV is well built, making it look premium. Although the thick stand takes quite some space, it makes this C1 TV look different from all the others. If you intend on setting a soundbar in front of the TV, you may block the screen as the stand sits low. Using VESA measurements 300×200, you can mount it on the wall. The razor-thin top half makes it appear sleek. It also has horizontal etchings at the bottom half that add texture. 


Sleek design, ultra-thin top half with horizontal etching textured at the bottom half. 

Self-lit pixels work independently to produce accurate colors. 

With wide viewing angles, the image does not distort images even as you move off-center.


Not so bright in fairly well-lit rooms.

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The C1 LG TV has a high rating and incredible reviews not only on Amazon but on every other site! Buyers love using this TV for gaming and as a PC monitor. And why wouldn't they? It has a low input rate and a quick response time with no lag or blur! Just what every gamer wants!

If you switch to the FilmMaker Mode, you will enjoy breathtaking audio and visual output. Just the way the moviemakers intended! 

You will enjoy a cinematic experience with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. With features like Motion Pro and Sports Alerts, this TV is an absolute favorite among sports lovers! LG makes these TVs in six sizes from 48 inches to 83 inches, and although it falls on the expensive side, all the features make every penny worth it! The C1 series is among LG's most innovative products, and we highly recommend this!

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