How To Blow Your Customers Away with Your Logo

When most companies are building their business from the ground up, they think that designing the logo is one of the easiest parts.

You have already lobbied and scraped together the start-up money, you hired employees, and you projected the overhead. The logo should be a piece of cake, right? Well, think again!

There is a lot more to designing a brand’s visual identity than just placing your company’s name in colorful block letters. It’s for this very reason that logo designers are in high demand. Your logo will be your first introduction to the world, and you certainly want to stand out from the crowd when combined with landing pages.

Not only will your logo help intrigue your customers, but it is also something that your customers will identify with every time they see it.

That being said, you don’t have to run out and drop tons of money on a professional. With the following tips, you shouldn’t have a problem creating a logo that blows the socks off your customers.

You Have to Be Different.

Your logo is what is going to distinguish your brand from your competitors. You’re not the only person in your niche, and it would be better if your company was unique. This is why you have to create something much different than what other companies within your realm are offering.

That being said, it’s highly unlikely that you will create something completely original, but you should aim to be as original as possible. Spend a little time researching the highest ranking competition and see what kind of logo designs they are using. Be sure that you’re different. If you need help with ideas, you can find a number of unique, creative logo design ideas here.

Understand Your Brand.

Most business owners really think that they know what their brand represents. And, this might even be true, but so many of them fail at getting this point across to their customers.

Your logo will be the first introduction to your brand. You’re trying to reach a specific audience with this logo, and this is something that must be held in high esteem. Sit down and think about your brand.

Create a mood board of the emotions and feelings that you want your customers to project when they see your logo for the first time. Do you want to be quirky? Do you want to be sentimental? This is what you need to figure out, and then use unique fonts and colors coupled with images from your DIY logo maker tool to project such feelings and emotions.

The Name Matters.

A logo really boils down to two major components. That is the name and the symbol. Just look at IBM, Cocoa-Cola, and Ray-Ban.

These companies are lucky because they can actually get away with using the name of their business. Unfortunately, this is not the case with a lot of companies.

There are a number of companies out there with generic names. If you fall under these categories, then you’re going to need a unique wordmark that makes you stand out while representing your company to the fullest.

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